Jack the Ripper 2003


"I can show you things you have never seen before,"

"Like what,"

"Things that you thought never existed before now,"

"Can you tell me anymore Sir; I don't have enough time for this,"

"But of course. I know you don't have a lot of time. But don't you just wish that you could never grow any older. That you could stay this way for ever. Don't you want that?"

"Sometimes. Oh why am I even talking to you? I don't even know you; I don't even know your name. Mother always said that I should never talk to some one who doesn't pay. Sir I have to go know are you willing to pay for my services or not!"

"I don't want your services. But if you would please follow me I shall pay you and you shall get what you wish for,"

"Fine Sir, would you please tell me your name?"

"Oh yes, I forgot. My name is Jack," Jack said smiling. He pushed the girl into his horse and buggy. She screamed with terror he voice sounded like she was in pain. But he had done this so many times that he knew that it wouldn't hurt her. She was just in shock quite normal for a girl at her age. He didn't even feel bad that she and her whore friends where all going to meet up again. Only this time in death. For her was Jack the Ripper!