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Chapter Two Chess Game
Jane sat down and looked across the table at this girl she seemed only eight-teen years old. That meant she should be in school right now. Maybe she was a dropout and was stupid. It would be an easy game. "Hi, I am Jane. May I play against you?" Jane asked smiling; the girl was looking around with a puzzled look on her face, "what's wrong?" "Yeah, sure my name is Gaia, Who is he?" Gaia said pointing to the figure. Jane finally turned around to see a man in a black cloak standing right behind her. All of a sudden she could hear what her brain had been telling her. He is a killer run is what she heard. She and Gaia jumped up. She was surprised to see this school girl of only eighteen jump up in her defense. She barely knew this girl why in the world would she ever want to do anything for her? Her mind was focused on the man and not Gaia she didn't really care why this girl would want to help her. Did she know her from her past? It was strange, but it might be true she had never had anyone do that for her in her short memory of life. It felt nice. She now switched her brain to the situation to what was in front of her. This guy look very old, he should be easy to knock out that is all she had to do and that was easy enough. She turned her head back to Gaia this girl shouldn't have to be here she kneed to be safe at home where that was for her.

"Get out of here! It isn't safe," Jane called to Gaia who was staring at this Gaia like he had done some type of great injustice.

"No, I can handle it you get out," Gaia stated calmly trying not to draw attention to herself. It seemed like this guy wanted her chess mate Jane. Who ever she was, she was who he wanted. Gaia knew that she could handle herself and maybe Jane would help her if she did faint. Probably wouldn't happen though.

"I am not leaving you here. You need to be in school. Not in a fight it isn't right," Jane said starting to think back to the god and goddess days of ancient Greek. Gaia was a goddess the mother goddess. That meant that this girl had to be a mother or soon to be mother she wasn't any good here with her baby. She had to get her out of here. It was the only way to keep her safe. This girl wasn't ask dumb as she thought she didn't want to guy to here what they where talking about she needed to talk in another language that is probably didn't know. Russian that was it! This girl look Russian she should know this language.