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The night sky gave the ruins of the Hidden Leaf Village a very peaceful look, despite the death battle which just occurred a few hours ago. The public was informed that Danzo, the Sixth Hokage, was dead, and that Tsunade would be reinstated as the Fifth Hokage.

Despite their respect for the sacrifice of the war hawk, no one seemed to be too sad seeing the slug sennin on the Hokage seat yet again. Most people were shocked to see the Yondaime and his wife as well, but a quick explanation took care of that.

The official rebuild would start tomorrow under the supervision of Kakashi and Might Guy. For the start, the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki used his Mokuton to create a simple large, so people would stay save for the night.

On Naruto's behalf, Han and Roshi began to reconstruct the Hokage heads above the village, as a symbol of hope. They actually managed to pull that off quickly, since both were very experienced Doton users.

Then, for the ninja involved with the Akatsuki, and especiall for Konan, a small burial ceremony was held for Nagato. She pierced his Rinnegan eyes with a kunai, destroying the doujutsu forever on behalf of Nagato. He said that if he ever were to die, his eyes needed to be destroyed. She of course didn't think that she would ever need to just that, but it happened anyway, and the last Akatsuki was willing to grant him his final wish.

Naruto, along with the other ninja who participated in the fight, sat in a large circle around a campfire just outside in silence. The Nine Tails Jinchuuriki joined Kankuro and Karin and simply hugged them. The loss of Deidara was still fresh on their minds, and since Nagato couldn't revive him, they had to come to terms with it.

"My son", Minato started, breaking the silence in the space. Naruto, through his slightly glassy eyes, met the Edo Tensei eyes of his father.

"I think it's time for you to spill a few things. Let's start with Konan first, how is she here?", Minato asked, making the last Akatsuki feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Naruto sat down next to his team and started talking. Konan just slid behind him to avoid the curious glances.

"Yes, I suppose I should tell you. Well.."

The group listened closely to the story, as well as anything else that happened to Naruto in the entire time. How Deidara, another Akatsuki member, joined him, how he destroyed the village of Orochimaru, how he freed the Jinchuuriki, saved Gaara, defeated Sasori, brought back the Mizukage and finally subjugated the demon Rhaast from the swords of the First Hokage.

"So, that was you all along? W-why didn't you reach out to us?", Sakura asked.

"Don't you remember the last words I told the teme? At this time, I really meant it. I hated this village, I hated all of you, most importantly, I hated my entire existence. I didn't want to be anywhere near Konoha. Everything was a lie to me. That's why I burned the Team 7 photograph at my grave."

"That was you?", Tsunade asked, remembering the encounter with the foreign ninja.

Naruto winced at the slightly accusing tone, and nodded.

"Tsk, you have a point dobe. We didn't treat you anywhere near how a village should treat its ninja. You were just a pawn in my quest for revenge. Now that...I know why Itachi did the things he did, now that he is dead, that doesn't matter anymore. For all it's worth, I always valued our rivalry.", Sasuke explained to the blonde.

"You did?"

"Yosh, your flames of youth were always inspiring, Naruto-kun!", Lee yelled, getting caught up in yelling Gai's name, while his teacher did the same.

Naruto smiled slightly and talked with the group each. About training with Team 9 and Sasuke, about his past with bascically everyone, but especially with Team 7, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, even Iruka, and his parents, and everything that was on his mind. Now, after he brooded so long for the last years, a feeling of peace finally reclaimed his body, and instead of always looking out for the next threat, for now, he was perfectly fine just enjoying himself for a change.

After some time, most shinobi went to go and sleep, preparing for the rebuilding of the village or their next journeys. Naruto stayed, sitting down on one of the logs scattered around the campfire, and felt a familiar presence sit down next to him.

He turned right to see the gorgeous figure of the Godaime Hokage. The light of the campfire made her even more beautiful than he previously remembered.

The shinobi had to shake his head a bit, while he heard the Kyuubi snicker in his head.

"Hahaha, watch where your mind goes, kit!", it mocked, while Naruto simply ignored him.

"Hey Naruto, how are you doing?", her voice, softer than it ever was, asked.

"I'm doing fine, Tsunade-chan. How are you holding up?", he asked back.

"I'm..well I'm...", she started, but couldn't proceed from the tears in her vision.

She hugged him tightly all of sudden, nestling her face into his chest.

Naruto was startled, but wrapped his hands around her and rubbed her back affectionately. All the while, he told her 'I'm back' and 'I won't go anywhere' over and over.

"Hey, I know a wonderful place where we can have privacy. Can't let anyone see our Hokage crying, right?", he said with a cheeky grin, to which he received a simple nod.

He stood up, scooped her up in his arms, and ran towards the Hokage monument.

"What are you doing, Naruto? Put me down!", she yelled at him when she realized her predicament.

"Well you see..", he blushed "I always thought you were very pretty, Tsunade-chan, so I wanted to carry you like a princess to cheer you up!", he said, while mentally facepalming himself for his cheesy line.

"Lord, Naruto, I'm almost 3 times your senior, don't say such embarassing stuff.", she replied indignantly, desperately fighting off the blush in her cheeks and the fluttering feeling she had in her stomach.

"Her heartbeat is quickening, kit, and her cheeks are red. She attempts to deceive you!", the demon fox teased, although the information actually was true

"Well, you claim it's embarassing, but you're clinging onto me like you life depended on it."

"Well, because you run at full speed, and god knows where we'll crash into the next moment."

Naruto reached the top of the Hokage monument, and sat down on the head of the Yondaime. He let Tsunade fall down next to him, who glared accusingly as he simply dropped her on her butt. He smiled with his slightly cheeky grin and sat down next to her.

"I always came here when the world became too much.", he started, getting her attention.

"Dad has always been my inspiration, even before I knew who he was. He was so strong and brave, and he kept his watch over the village from up here. I always liked this view, there is simply nothing you can't see."

Tsunade gazed into his dreamy eyes from the side, and was glad to see him.back the way he was. When she realized that the vile ninja who burned down a photograph at a cemetary and annihilated Orochimaru's village was Naruto, she knew that this wasn't the happy ninja she once grew fond of.

But now, with his eyes piercing the horizon like they did back then, a solemn but tranquil smile on his face, she understood that he was back.

She looked over the crater which once was Konoha, and the land surrounding it.

"Yeah, the view is wonderful.", she replied, and stayed silent until she realized whose head they were sitting on.

"Naruto, about your parents...I'm so sorry that I never told you. I should've realized how it must've devastated you. I..."

"It's okay, Tsunade-chan.", he replied while looking into her pretty amber eyes. "I was furious when Hashirama-sensei told me, but I understand you had your reasons now. Dad had so many enemies, I would have been target practice for the entire Shinobi World. I don't blame you for being overwhelmed by that."

"Still, I should've helped, with anything."

"Shh, it's alright.", he said, pulling her head into his shoulder so she could lean into it.

"Jeez, when have you become the one comforting me?", she whispered..

"I'm not a boy anymore, Tsunade-chan. I haven't been for a long time.", he whispered back, looking down to see her marvelous face, while trying to not look lower into her enticing cleavage.

Another snicker annoyed him in his head.

"Yes, I suppose you're right.", she sighed, looking up into his eyes when she noticed him staring down.

His passionate, predatory gaze, switching between her eyes and lips, was sending a slight tingle down her spine.

'Get a grip of yourself, Naruto. This is Tsunade, your baa-chan! Remember how you always made fun of her age? Guess what, she is much older than you! She wouldn't like your thoughts about her! Already forgot what Ero-sennin got for his perverted thoughts?'

"We've been over this, haven't we? You have never only looked at her as your 'baa-chan', and you know that very well."

'Plus she's using a genjutsu on herself! What if I don't think she's pretty without it? I couldn't do that to her!'

"You have nature on your side, remember? Haven't you read about cells when studying Orochimaru's work?"

He realized what the Kyuubi was talking about, and tried to figure out his next move.

Meanwhile, the Godaime's thoughts were similarly polluted as were the ones of the Jinchuuriki.

'Gosh, look at you, Senju Tsunade! You could quite literally be his baa-chan, and yet you're blushing here like a young maiden in love. This is Naruto. I know what you want to do and it's wrong! He's the hero of Konoha now, young and pretty girls will be all over him to give him love, affection, and children as well. Who are you trying to fool? And even if he was interested in you like that, can your old heart really love once more, even after his death?'

Just then, Naruto held his left hand to her right cheek, and whispered:

"Hey Tsunade-chan."

"Yes?", she replied in a cute whisper.

"I will give you something. Trust me, ok?"


Just then, Naruto closed his eyes and caused the marks of the Wood Sage to appear on his face. Tsunade started feeling more and more vital, yet she couldn't quite understand why. Was he...giving chakra to her?

And then, his marks disappeared. The Godaime, not daring to move anywhere, just looked up in his eyes and asked: "What did you do? I feel...incredible."

"When I read about the Edo Tensei from Orochimaru's books, I read a lot about recreation of cells as well. He wrote about your genjutsu, how it consumed your cells and made your body older than others your age. He thought that maybe this process could be reversed to perfect the Edo Tensei, but chakra from a sage was needed to try that. I don't think I perfected his jutsu, but I replaced the space where you lack cells with nature's chakra, and gave you a small reserve. Without your genjutsu, you should look like any other woman in your age, and your body will gradually deplete my chakra before it starts attacking your cells again."

Her eyes couldn't possibly grow wider. "You did what?"

"I'm sorry, I can't make you younger. I can only help your body stay the way it's supposed to look, but other than that..."

She pounced him to the ground and buried her face into his neck, tears pouring out again.

"I can't believe it. Naruto, you're amazing!"

"Don't just thank me. Kyuubi, heck even Orochimaru did everything."

"No, don't downplay yourself Naruto, enough with that.", she countered, wiping her tears away, sitting up straight and looking down on him, realizing the suggestiveness of their pose.

When the young man noticed she was about to stand up, he grabbed her hips to hold her in place, while his upper body rose up to meet her and his face to stay in front of hers.

"Naruto", she whispered "you don't know what you're doing. Even with natural skin, I'm 55. You're what, barely 18? Don't waste your time on me." The warning was clear, but the way her voice sounded, her hot breath teasing his lips while she stared down at them clearly showed that she was having doubts about that herself.

"Tsunade-chan", he said with half-lidded eyes "I meant what I said today. I love you, and yes, like that. Since the day I met you, especially since you protected me from Orochimaru and Kabuto, whenever you were there for me when I thought no one else would be. I couldn't picture myself with anyone but you."

He leaned closer but stopped, mere centimetres seperating their lips from connecting.

"Why not someone younger? Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, Ino? Even your cute friend from the ramen stand? You must realize that you have no future with me. It's simple maths.", she reasoned, while his hot breath against her inviting cavern made her shiver in sinful anticipation.

"I will find a way to make it happen. I'm not popular for letting life or destiny or anything else walk all over me. I already helped you, and it's only the first day we saw each other. There's no way I'll let you go away.", he finalized, his resolve and passion in his eyes were enough proof of his believe.

When he leaned in, she pulled her head back slowly. Her movement stopped when his left hand cupped her jaw and gently pulled her towards him.

Everything, her resolve, her walls, her defenses. This brat...

No, this man...

...he teared them all down, all by himself. His determination would've been considered cute when he was a child. But to see him, all grown up, strong, mature, handsome, charming, faithful and yet even more determined than before, has made her realize that all of her resistance was futile.

"I love you, too, Naruto-kun. And yes, I mean like that as well."

And with that, she leaned forward, letting the fallen and re-risen hero of Konoha claim his prize with a deep, passionate kiss on her slender lips. She released a sighing noise and breath she didn't notice she held, while her love spun her around, placed her back on the floor and continued to kiss her breath away.

When he leaned back to gaze at her flushed face, her blonde hair sprawling around on the floor like sunrays, he couldn't help himself but immediately lean in again, slowly but deeply moving his lips in clumsy sync with hers. His first kiss and make-out session forever belonged to her now.

Although the couple only resolved to a lengthy make-out session under the stars, it was a night of passion none of them should ever forget.