The pain stopped. I stop screaming, and for the first time since I was brought here I am able to survey my surroundings. I can see everything in much more detail than I've ever seen. My eyes are like microscopes. I'm in a mostly empty room on a bed. The walls are white, and the floor is dark wood. The only other thing in the room is a mirror. I'm standing in front of the mirror as soon as I see it. I step back, startled by my sudden speed. What I see in the mirror surprises me and I hear myself gasp. My hands go first to my face, where my glasses are no longer. I'm shocked with how clear I can see without them. I've relied on them most of my life. The next thing I notice is how perfect my skin is. Where there used to be freckles, there is nothing. I'm even paler than I was before. My features are perfect, and the proportions of my body are perfect. My hair is a mess, but somehow more shiny than it's ever been. I notice that I still have my feeding tube in my nose. I decide to take it out so that I can get a better look at my face. As I pull it out I am surprised that it isn't uncomfortable, and I'm even more surprised that there is no stomach acid dripping from it. It's completely dry. I drop it at my feet as I notice my eyes. Where they used to be blue, they are now red. I take a deep breath, realizing that I've been holding my breath. As I do I feel a sudden burning in my throat. I hear someone shift their weight at the door. I turn suddenly to look at them. Standing there is the man, the last thing I remember before the pain. There seems to be a curtain over my memory, but I think he bite me. Standing beside him is a woman. They are both beautiful. They have the same pale skin and perfect features as I do, but their eyes are a strange gold colour. They both look concerned. My throat burns, like nothing I've ever felt before. I need something, but I'm not quite sure what. I find myself clutching my throat. "What the hell did you do to me?" I ask the man. It comes out as a his. I'm shocked at the sound of my voice, though laced with confusion and anger, it sounds smooth and sort of like a bell.

""Should we get Jasper?" The woman asks the man is a whisper. "She's clearly terrified." The concern in the woman's voice is obvious, but her voice sounds similar to mine.

"Yes, good idea," the man say. Just as he says it, another, younger man appears in the doorway. He looks at me and flinches, but then a wave of calmness washes over me.

"She needs to get out of those cloths," the younger man says. "The blood is probably making her throat burn." Then a small girl, who looks only a couple of inches taller than me appears holding a bundle of clothes.

"Here Kayla, these will fit you," she says handing me a pair of jeans and a plain black shirt.

"How do you know my name?" I ask. They all look at each other.

"Get changed, then I'll try to explain," the older man says. I nod. I am so confused. They close the door, and I change within a matter of seconds. As soon as I'm dressed the man comes in and takes my old clothes, covered in blood, and hands them to the small girl.

"Go burn these please Alice," he says. Alice winces a bit as she takes the clothes, but she nods and disappears.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"My name is Carlisle Cullen," the man says. "This is my wife Esme," Esme smiles warmly at me. "And this is one of our sons, Jasper," Jasper nods at me. "And that was one of our daughters Alice." They all look at me like they expect me to ask another question.

"What did you do to me?" I ask again, this time it comes out much calmer and less like an accusation.

"We found you dying in the woods," Carlisle starts to explain. I nod, I remember being in the woods. I had been riding my horse. I had gotten off to have some water and to let my horses, Crosby is his name, rest. A moose had come out of nowhere and charged at me, a bull. Crosby ran off and I was left for dead, bleeding in the melting spring snow. I hadn't been able to move, both my legs had been broken, and there was so much blood. I had lain in the snow for over an entire day and night before he found me. I look at myself in the mirror, no signs of any of my injuries, and my only pain is coming from my throat. "There was a lot of blood," Carlisle continues. "Your internal injuries were too sever, you would have died before we could have gotten you to a hospital." I nod, Esme is looking at me sadly. "I changed you into one of us," Carlisle says. "It was the only way to save you."

"One of us?" I ask quietly Carlisle nods.

"A vampire," he says. I look at him, and he looks dead serious, so do Esme and Jasper.

"Seriously?" I ask.

"Yes, that's why your throat is burning, you need blood," Carlisle tells me.

"Blood?" I ask, the thought of it makes my throat burn even more. I grab it again and wince in pain.

"We only kill animals," Esme says.

"Okay," I say, relived. The idea of killing someone makes me sick.

"But human blood is almost impossible to resist for new vampires," Carlisle say, "So we'll have to keep you away from society for a while."

"What about my parents?" I ask. They all look at me sadly.

"They think your dead," Carlisle says after a moment. "And unfortunately it has to stay that way." I am overwhelmed with sadness, but suddenly a wave of calmness washes over me.

"Why?" I demand to know.

"You would kill them if you tried to get close," Carlisle said gently. "And humans can't know about our kind." I nod silently, confused as to why I am accepting this.

"She's very confused," Jasper tells Carlisle and Esme.

"As she should be," Esme says sympathetically. "We know that this is a lot to take in, but we want to help you, and we hope that you'll come to think of us as family someday," she says. Her voice is kind.

"How did Alice know my name?" I ask.

"Well," Esme says. "We found your missing persons report, and..." she pauses and looks at Carlisle who nods. "Alice can see the future, she knew that we'd find you before we did."

"What?" I ask, as if things couldn't get more ridiculous.

"Some vampires have special abilities," Carlisle explains. "Alice an see the future, our son Edward can read minds, and Jasper can feel everyone's emotions and manipulate them." I look at Jasper.

"Is that's why I feel so calm?" I ask. He nods. I stand looking at them, searching for a clue that they are lying, but my eyes are red, my throat is burning, and I feel so unnaturally calm.

"How is she doing?" Carlisle asks Jasper. Suddenly the calmness is ripped out from under me and I'm full of terror. I want to cry, but nothing comes out of my eyes. I'm about to scream, but the calmness comes back.

"Sorry," Jasper says to me. "Not good," he tells Carlisle.

"What did you just do?" I ask Jasper.

"I let you experience your true emotions for a moment so I could see how you're doing," he explains. I nod. I grab my throat in pain, it really hurts.

"She needs to hunt," Esme says, sounding concerned. Carlisle nods.

"I'll take her," he says, "Jasper, would you come with us, I need you to keep he stabile." Jasper nods. Esme leaves, and Carlisle motions for me to follow. Every moment I make is unnaturally fast. He leads me out of the room, down a hall, and to a door. Jasper follows close behind me. Carlisle opens the door and steps outside. I pause in the doorway, Carlsile looks at me, confused by my sudden pause.

"Do vampires burn in the sun?" I ask.

"No," he tells me. "But our skin does react in such a way that we can't allow humans to see, you'll see why." I'm nervous, but I don't have much of a choice but to trust him. I cautiously take a step outside to where Carlisle is standing in the shadows of the house. "Go ahead," he says and I take a step into the sun. I gasp as my skin sparkles in the sun, like light bouncing off of a thousand diamonds. I can't help but laugh. I turn around to see Carlisle and Jasper smiling. They both step into the sun and their skin reacts in the same way. They take of running, faster than any human possibly could, faster than a car even. I run after them, catching up in just a second. I laugh, discovering that I am faster than them both. I feel like I'm flying, and for a moment I'm actually having fun. Suddenly I hear something, I heartbeat. It's loud and strong, I turn in it's direction and run towards it. Suddenly I'm taking down a moose that's eight feet tall, as if it's nothing. I sink my teeth into it's neck, an the pain in my throat is finally soothed as the warm blood flows down it. I drain the entire creature within a minute. I look at the creature, lying dead at my feet, and I wonder for a moment if it's the same one that almost killed me. I look up and see that Carlisle and Jasper are watching me.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"Iqaluit Nunavut," Jasper says. So I know that it's not the same moose. I was in Ontario. I don't remember how I got to the house. I remember the forest, I remember Carlisle bitting my neck, and then it was just pain. A moose wouldn't travel that far in just a couple of days. I realize that my throat is still burning, I need more blood. I'm shocked, considering the size of the moose I just drained. I close my eyes and listen to the forest. I can faintly hear the sounds of several hearts, and I take off in their direction. Before I know it, I've taken down and drained three deer. Finally my throat stops burning. I look up to see that Carlisle and Jasper followed me again. As soon as I had heard the deers' hearts I had forgotten about the other two vampires.

"Ready to go back?" Carlisle asks. I nod. "The others are eager to meet you." This makes me nervous, I don't really like meeting people, but of course it only takes a second before I feel Jasper make me calm. Jasper sends me a reassuring look, and we all take off back in the direction of the house.

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