The Apple Family had finally become truly whole, after Pear Butter and Bright Mac had found their daughter Applejack. With the huge reunion between rand Pear and Granny Smith, life had taken a turn for the best. It still felt like a dream to Applejack - but later on she had understood that this new family dynamic was indeed a happy one. As for Pear and Bright, they had learned everything about Sweet Apple Acres from when they had left, but the one thing they didn't know about was Apple Bloom's true feelings. It had been a week since the reunion and all they could do was talk to Applejack about her new experiences with her friends, and what they had missed out on while they were gone. While Bright Mac still wanted to help Big Mac with his apple picking for the majority of the day, Pear Butter wanted to spend some time with Applejack's sister and to catch up on what she had missed.

The sun rose over Sweet Apple Acres as Apple Bloom woke up from bed in the morning. "Well, time to have breakfast with my parents," she said to herself. She had never been as happy in her life as she had been the past week, when it came to being with her family. Even though she had never gotten the chance to hang out with them, she was relieved that they would never be apart again.

Apple Bloom came out of her room and headed straight to the kitchen where she found Bright Mac talking to both Big Mac and Applejack while they were making breakfast. She could hear Pear Butter giving Winona a bath in the bathroom from down the hall.

"I'm up!" Apple Bloom shouted, as she took a seat at the table.

"How was your bedtime?" Bright Mac asked.

"Good! So what are you going to do today?"

"I'm going to help Big Mac again."

Apple Bloom couldn't help but feel disappointed since she wasn't going to get the chance to hang out with her parents as much as she had hoped. Her face fell as Applejack served herself applesauce and took a seat next to her little sister. Applejack noticed her sister growing sad.

"I know how that feels, sugarcube, but I promise that someday you will get your chance," Applejack said soothingly.

Pear Butter finished washing up Winona and they made their way into the kitchen. She stopped when she saw her youngest daughter looking rather depressed. "Aww, poor Apple Bloom," she said sadly standing near the door with her pet.

Apple Bloom looked from Pear Butter back to Applejack, who was still smiling softly down at her. "But I'll never get that chance," Apple Bloom cried …..

"I guess you do have a point. Ever since our parents came back, they've only wanted to really talk to me, Big Mac and Granny Smith," Applejack replied.

"And all because you did a lot for the Apple family while they were gone. I did great things, but only with my friends. I wonder how they feel about my hobbies being less family related ..." she began before she broke off to continue eating her applesauce. Pear Butter was heartbroken after eavesdropping on this conversation and so finding out how her youngest daughter truly felt. She had been about to hang out with Applejack again but felt as though she had not done enough for her other daughter while being back home.

"I really feel bad for Apple Bloom. There's got to be something I can do for her," she thought. She wondered what she could do for youngest daughter on such a beautiful day blessed with nearly perfect weather. Then she had a magnificent idea! She remembered the cutie mark she had, which was the most unique thing she had seen in her life. Thinking of her own cutie mark, she was curious to hear about Apple Bloom had gotten her own.

After Apple Bloom had finished up her applesauce, her sister took her bowl. "Apple Bloom, I really have to go. We'll talk about this more when the day is almost over." Applejack left the kitchen and met up with Bright Mac who had been already helping Big Mac with apple picking. Apple Bloom stayed in her chair, feeling depressed about the fact that - unlike the rest of her family - she had no plans whatsoever for the entire day. However, Pear Butter walked in with a charming look on her face and sat next to Apple Bloom who had still been resting her face gloomily on the table.

"Apple Bloom, is there something you want to say to me?" Pear said kindly.

Apple Bloom lifted her head up as Pear Butter talked. "I got nothing for today. You always hanging out with Applejack and I'm always all alone, expect when I hang out with my friends."She stopped just short of what she had wanted to say. Pear Butter put her hoof under her chin so she could give her daughter a loving look.

"We should go out together for the whole day. then."

"Really?!" Apple Bloom screamed in excitement.

"I heard what you and Applejack were talking about. I'm sorry for not having focussed as much of my attention on you as I have been on Applejack and Big Mac. Things have been so little rough around that your sister and brother have had to do a lot." She took a look at Apple Bloom's cutie mark. "And I was curious about your cutie mark. Can you tell me how you got it?"

Apple Bloom was delighted! So much so that a flood of ideas came to her regarding what she could do for the rest of the day. "You should meet my friends because they also got their cutie marks the same way I did."

"That's great! And maybe after that, we can go to Twilight's castle."

Apple Bloom quickly jumped up and tightly hugged her mother. "We're really going to love this day."

"You're right," Pear Butter said hugging her back. They both went outside to the barn to begin their full day.

"Hey mom, I thought you were going to help us for today?" Applejack asked.

"Actually, I'm going to take Apple Bloom out for the whole day. I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize, I understand why" Applejack replied, as she looked at Apple Bloom - she couldn't help but giggle.

"Well, we should get going now," finished Pear Butter, taking Apple Bloom's hand as they left Sweet Apple Acres. Today would be the most memorable day of Apple Bloom's life.


Pear Butter and Apple Bloom went to the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse, where Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were playing.

"So you're telling me you and your friends tried your best to get cutie marks, but nothing worked?" Pear asked.

"Trust me, it took us a long time to get our cutie marks," Apple Bloom answered. Once they had both climbed up the steps that lead to the door of the clubhouse, they saw Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo drawing a logo for their new go-kart.

"I'm here!" Apple Bloom shouted as she joined in.

"Hello, Apple Bloom." Sweetie Belle Sweetie Bell screamed in agony.

"Is that your mother, Apple Bloom? Twilight told me about what happened," Scootaloo observed.

Pear Butter slowly made her way inside the clubhouse, staring at the walls that were adorned with tons of photos of Cutie Mark Crusaders past, including the first photo of their new cutie marks.

"My mom wants to know how we got our cutie marks. She's really curious," Apple Bloom commented.

"Well, looks like somepony wants to know our history," Scootaloo boasted.

"It's a really long story but it turned out to be really surprising. We tried to stop Diamond Tiara from making a mistake and we did. And our cutie marks show that we're supposed to help others get their own cutie marks. Yeah, we're like cutie mark helpers," Sweetie explained.

"That's the greatest thing that three fillies can do with their cutie marks," Pear commented, impressed by both their abilities and their story.

"Also we go to Twilight's castle if we ever go on missions. She's like our princess teacher," Apple Bloom giggled.

"I met her when Bright Mac and I went to School Of Friendship to meet Applejack." Pear Butter explained.

"Yep. Since you were trying to find Applejack," Apple Bloom reported as she hugged Pear Butter's leg. She had been so very happy from the moment her mother and father had returned home.

"Apple Bloom, maybe before we get back to Sweet Apple Acres we should have a mother-and-daughter conversation by the lake," suggested Pear Butter.

"Okay! But we still have a lot to do." Apple Bloom's friends joined in for a group hug. Apple Bloom really hoped that her time with her mom would be the best day of her life.


Apple Bloom and Pear Butter went to the Castle Of Friendship to meet Princess Twilight, so that Apple Bloom could explain what she and her friends did when they went on missions. They walked with Twilight down the hallway and entered the map room from where they went to different lands in order to handle friendship problems.

"So, you're telling me that you go to all over Equestria to solve friendship problems?" Pear asked.

"Yes," Twilight answered. "The Cutie Mark Crusaders, my friends and I want every creature to live in harmony with everypony else! Even if they don't live in Ponyville." They all looked at the map, but so far nothing was happening.

"Weeks ago, we went to Seaquestria and it was the best friendship trip we have ever been on. We became sea ponies," Apple Bloom cheered.

"Really? Maybe when we're all on vacation we can go there again. I think it will be the best vacation Bright and I could ever have," Pear Butter added.

"And maybe you can meet Princess Skystar and Queen Novo. They're the rulers of the sea," Twilight added.

After hearing more tales of adventure, they went to the kitchen to eat some white flower sandwiches. For the most part, they talked about their times together and the trials the Apple family went through without Pear and Bright.

"Twilight, it's really great that you have been teaching my daughter here, but do you ever feel disappointed that she isn't part of your school?" Pear asked, as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"It depends on what our mission is" and so forth., but when it comes to her friends it makes sense," Twilight replied.

"Mom, I know it feels off that fillies like us aren't part of Twilight's school, but we kind of have our own school. Even if it's all in our clubhouse," Apple Bloom pointed out as she tilted her head.

"That's not a problem for me. You just do what you and your friends do best. Besides, the way you got your cutie marks was the best thing that could ever have happened to you\," chided Pear gently. Twilight and Pear both looked at Apple Bloom's cutie mark.

"Yeah," Apple Bloom replied, as she got off her chair to show off her cutie mark. "It's also the most stylish mark I have ever seen. I bet when we get older, we will be brave."

"Give it several more years. Trust me, it's hard," Twilight said while she thought back to her own adventures with her friends.

"Yeah, that didn't turn out very well when I was making a delivery in the woods." Apple Bloom said.

"You were making a delivery in the woods? The woods filled with dangerous animals!?" Pear gasped.

"I just wanted to prove to Applejack that I'd grown up. But I guess I'm not that grown up yet." Apple Bloom's face fell. She had never thought about how different it was being a filly compared to being an adult pony.

"She and I will have a conversation before we get back to our home. It's really personal," Pear said to Twilight.

"I really hope everything will turn out the best for you two," Twilight said wishfully as she hugged Pear. They finished eating the sandwiches. "Also, show her the true feelings you have towards her," she whispered into Pear's ear.

"Thank you, Twilight," Pear responded.


The two bonding ponies went to the marketplace to buy some pie recipes. "So, mom, what do you want to get?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Well, I was thinking of something different. I wanted to add blueberries, but I also wanted to add cherries. I love both of those and I think putting in both will make the pie taste great," Pear Butter explained.

"That sounds like a great idea."

"So what are you going to make for your friends?"

"I don't know. Usually I make cookies but I want to make something different. I'm just in a great mood to give my friends something really sweet and great."

After hearing Apple Bloom's plans, Pear Butter looked around at all the shops in the market to see how she could help her daughter. There were so many choices - she didn't know what to pick.

"So what do Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle like?" she asked Apple Bloom, finally.

"I think they like chocolate chips and bananas. And I wanted to make a different dessert other than pie."

Pear Butter got an idea for Apple Bloom's dessert for her friends. "Hey, you should make a small chocolate-banana cake for your friends."

"Great idea!" cheered Apple Bloom. Pear was surprised to see how happy she had made her daughter with her idea. "Thank you so much! My friends are going to love it. Also, since there's four pieces in a small size, I will save you a piece."

Pear Butter was happy that she would be getting a piece of cake baked by her daughter. "You know, I think I should help you make the cake, because if there's one thing that a great cake needs, it's is love."

"Really?" quipped Apple Bloom.


Apple Bloom found it really inspiring. Starting the next day, she and her mom would make the best cake for the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

After about fifteen more minutes spent shopping around the market, they had all the ingredients necessary for their desserts. Apple Bloom had not felt this happy in a long time. She was happy with her sister but now that her parents had returned, nothing could compare to the joy she felt now.

Their final stop before returning home was to meet Pear's father's stand, Grand Pear. "Hi daddy," Pear said as she and Apple Bloom walked up to his spot.

"Well, if it isn't my sweetest pear of the Pear family." Grand Pear laughed. "So, how is it over at Sweet Apple Acres?"

"Better than ever. I'm spending the day with Apple Bloom."

"Hey! It's that little filly who ended the feud forever."

"It was nothing. Me, my sister and my brother did the right thing," Apple Bloom blushed.

"A great thing, to finish off me and Bright Mac's nightmare of a feud," Pear said, proud of her daughter's mission.

Grand Pear smilled. "So what are you two doing here?"

"We're picking out some ingredients for our desserts to make for our family and Apple Bloom's friends. I'm going to make a pie and she's going to make a cake and I'm going to help her."

"That's a good thing, you know? Mothers and daughters should always have quality time to make food from love for the whole family."

All the ponies giggled after Grand Pear's comment. "So how was the marketplace for you?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Well, I was waiting for a certain somepony who's going to join me."

"Who is it?" Pear asked.

"Hey, Grand Pear!" Granny Smith called, trotting over. She had been away since that morning.

"Granny Smith?" Pear and Apple Bloom said in surprise. They were shocked to realize where she must have been all day.

"Yep, ever since the feud between the Apple and Pear family ended, Grand Pear and I have been hanging out quite a lot" Granny Smith said as she got into Grand Pear's stand, taking a seat by his side. "You two seem surprised?"

"Well, I never thought that you two would ever work together!" exclaimed Pear.

"Relax, just because we're working together doesn't mean we're dating. We just want to show everypony that we've moved on."

"I guess that's a great idea," Apple Bloom commented.

"You're right. I think we should give them some time alone … not what I mean as-" Pear Butter blushed, but her father cut her off.

"Calm down. We're just friends and nothing more," he stated as he placed his hoof on her shoulder.

"Have a great rest of the day," Granny smiled.

"You too," Apple Bloom replied. She and Pear Butter left the marketplace, leaving Granny Smith and Grand Pear all alone.

As for Pear and Apple Bloom, they went to many places and were amazed by the environments and the wares available at some of the stores. They enjoyed lunch together at a cute shop that Apple Bloom decided to take her mother to, as it was one that she and her sister frequented. It was close to sunset by this time and all they had left to do today was to have a conversation - mother to daughter.

Pear Butter and Apple Bloom were sitting beside a meadow near Sweet Apple Acres. The sun reflected over the lake and made the whole area where they were seated as beautiful as the birds that flew low over the water. With all their bags on the grass, they finally began their conversation.

"Mom, I never thought we would ever stay here by the lake," Apple Bloom said as she stared over the shining water and saw adorable ducklings huddled nearby their own mother, just as she had always dreamed of doing with her own.

"Trust me, Bright Mac and I sometimes come to this place when the weather is beautiful and the sun is setting perfectly," Pear replied kindly.

"Okay. So what do you want to talk about?"

Pear Butter wrapped her hoof around Apple Bloom to begin saying the words she had wanted to. "It's about our family relationship. I was going to start with Applejack and Big Mac, but when you told me about the time you tried to deliver something in the woods I thought that's something really important to start with." She pulled her closer to help express her thoughts and strong feelings. "I understand that you want to prove that you can handle things by yourself but in an unstable and dangerous forest, it's not the best idea."

Apple Bloom felt disappointed with herself and she was lucky that Applejack came in to rescue her. "But don't get too caught up in growing up. When you were born, I wanted to be very over protective since you're the youngest of the family." Pear Butter said.

"I guess you're right," sobbed Apple Bloom as she began to tear up, since her mother was doing the right thing just like Applejack did. "Being like my sister is really hard, especially since she always go on adventures with her best friends."

Pear Butter then placed her daughter's back on the grass in an attempt to calm her down when she noticed the tears sliding down her cheeks. She laid her head on her chest so she could listen to Apple Bloom's heartbeat. She wanted to know what Apple Bloom felt in her heart when it came to being a filly. Once she lifted her head off Apple Bloom's chest, Apple Bloom became confused.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"I wanted to listen to your heart. To try and hear how you feel about yourself. You are not going to be a filly forever but you still have so much time." She sat down in front of her so she could look her in the eye. "As for Applejack and Big Mac, I only wanted to catch up on everything that I missed because they were only fillies when your father and I left. You were still a baby and the only words I feel about you are my secret."

Apple Bloom was surprised, as she had never remembered anything of her mother when she was born. "You had a secret? About me?" she reacted and blinked in shock.

"Yes. I was thinking about it before you were born." With complete silence all around them and nothing to interfere, Pear Butter finally decided to tell Apple Bloom her secret.

"Bright Mac and I made a deal that three ponies in the family would be enough and when Applejack and Big Mac got older, I wanted my next baby to be the best of them all. You may not remember anything from when you were a foal but during that time, I took you to my friends so they could worship you for being the new baby of the family while Bright Mac was taking care of Applejack and Big Mac. And just before we broke apart and Granny Smith took care of everything, I showed you this place."

At this, they both looked at the lake, with the reflection from the orange sun shining on it so brightly and beautifully that it hurt to look upon it for long. "It was the best moment in your life because out of all the times I took you to a Castle and markets, being here by flowers and the lake is something I never did with Applejack and Big Mac when they were foals. What I did was try to show you that life would become so much more complicated when you got older. To try and help you see that you would soon have much more in your life, yet at the same time I knew that ponies lived a long time and it would be a while before you grew up to be the amazing mare I knew you would be."

Apple Bloom felt warm and happy after what Pear had said, but she didn't say what she truly felt about her. "What are your feelings about me today?" she asked as she leaned towards her.

"My words are thus and I want you to keep this between only us," instructed Pear Butter. "You're the most important daughter in my life. Not because you were the final foal but because I knew in my heart from the very beginning that I wanted you, Apple Bloom, to be the happiest pony in the world. And when we finally broke apart, I was praying for you to get a cutie mark that was brand new, one that had never been seen before, and I really hoped that you would do great things with your family and friends. And you did everything and more than I could have ever have hoped for you to do as a filly. And that really makes me proud of you. You're the greatest and nicest pony I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my whole life."

After that, Apple Bloom burst into tears of joy, even more so than when she had first meet her parents. She smiled harder and felt happier than she had ever felt in that one heartwarming moment. She may have been happy with Applejack and Big Mac before, but when it came to her mother, it felt more special and unexpected.

With more tears of happiness spilling down her face, she hugged Pear as she lay her head on her chest - so close that she could hear her heartbeat. "Pear Butter, this is the greatest day of my life! I really love you and you're the best mother in the world." Pear Butter couldn't help but tear up as well, since this day had turned out better than she had dared to hope it would.

"I love you too," she replied as she wrapped her hooves around her daughter. They held onto each other for a full minute until they broke the hug. "So, is there anything you want to do before we head back?"

Apple Bloom saw that there was a hill, and at the end of it there were yellow flowers in bloom. "How about we go rolling down the hill together? Just for fun!" she cheered.

"Good idea! Race you there!" laughed Pear. They both got up and galloped towards the top of the hill. They wasted little time as they both rolled down the hill, giggling at each other. When they stopped, they giggled again as they stood dizzily and laughed at the yellow flowers entangled in each other's manes.

"Wasn't it great?!" Apple Bloom smiled.

"Yes and you look adorable with flowers in your mane," Pear replied, in awe of her daughter.

"And you look beautiful. You should let Rarity tie the flowers in your mane."

"Oh you!" They both hugged again with more tears coming down their faces. Their bond would never be broken as long as they stayed together for the rest of their lives.


It's was nearly dark when Apple Bloom and Pear Butter picked up their bags and began to walk back to the farm. They entered the barn to find the rest of the family waiting for their arrival.

"We're finally home," Pear Butter said, as she and Apple Bloom entered the kitchen.

"Man, you two took a long time today," Applejack replied.

"So, how was today?" Bright Mac asked.

"It was a great day. We went to the marketplace to buy some ingredients to make pies. Apple Bloom wants to make a cake for her friends and I decided to help her," Pear explained.

"Really?" Big Mac reacted. "What kind of cake?"

"A banana-chocolate cake, full of love," Apple Bloom explained.

"Wow! That's a really great dessert idea," Applejack commented.

"Trust me. When we're all done, Apple Bloom's friends are going to love the cake." Pear then put her hoof around Apple Bloom's neck. "Since we're finally back together."

"So much love I have with my mother," blushed Apple Bloom.

Everypony found Pear Butter and Apple Bloom to have the most perfect bond within the family. Apple Bloom could talk to her mom for the whole day, after the conversation they had shared by the lake... Bright Mac walked up to Apple Bloom and gave her a hug.

"Maybe someday I'll take you out to show you my feelings," Bright said.

"And I'm looking forward to it," Apple Bloom smiled as she closed her eyes.

Applejack and Bright Mac then came up to their mother. "Did you tell her your secret?" Applejack asked.

"Yes. Are you worried?" Pear replied. Even thought none of them ever knew what this secret was, they smiled - since whatever Pear had shared with Apple Bloom, it had made her smile.

"Nope," was all that Big Mac said, to make Pear Butter sigh in relief.