Welcome one and all to Sega Superstars. Staring me: the disembodied announcer nobody cares about. When they're not racing or playing tennis, the Sega Superstars like to hang out and get to know one another. You may recognized the Sega Superstars by their famous video games titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Space channel 5 and many more. Enough babbling, let's get right into the story.

Our story begins at Green hill zone, where 4 of our superstars are warming up for a game of tennis: Aiai from the Super Monkey Ball series, Amigo from the Samba de Amigo series, Beat from the Jet Set Radio series, and Ulala from the Space channel 5 series. Aiai and Amigo go over strategies that they'll use during the match and Beat and Ulala practice their swings. Amigo only speaks maracas but lucky for me, i played maracas in high school so translating is no problem.

"You got that buddy?" Amigo said.

"Yeayea!" Aiai said. Ulala and Beat finish up their swings, with Beat accidentally whacking Ulala with his racket (You ok Honey?).

Aiai serves the ball. Beat hits the ball. Aiai hits the ball back. Ulala hits the ball a bit too high. Amigo runs to get it.

Amigo jumps up and hits the ball with his maracas. Unfortunately, he slips and begins to fall into the water.

"Wa!" Aiai exclaims as his monkey friend begins to fall. Suddenly, a blue blur zooms by and catches Amigo.

Before anyone can react, Dr Eggman from the Sonic series appears and he's ready to cause some trouble.

"Your game ends now, fools!" Eggman exclaims before revealing his invention: a robo arm that weilds a tennis racket. He hit the ball so hard that nobody could catch

Meanwhile, the blue blur stops near a loop. The blur was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog.

"You ok Amigo?" Sonic asked. Amigo blushed a bit of Sonic catching him. He and Sonic are best friends but he feels as if there's more to Sonic than just a friend.

"Si, I'm alright" Amigo says still a blushing.

"Aw dont be embarrassed pal, it's not everyday you get saved by Sonic the Hedgehog" Sonic said. He then picks up a tennis racket. He looks over at the others being victims to Eggman.

"Looks like i have to save them" Sonic said.

"Good luck Sonic" Amigo said winking at him. Sonic runs to the loops and jumps on a few springs. He hits the ball with a Sonic force and hits Eggman. Everyone celebrates the victory as Eggman lays unconcious.

"Okk ki?" Aiai says asking about where Amigo went. The Mexican/Brazilian primate had ran off to calm down his beating heart.

"Why did I feel that way around Sonic?" Amigo said holding his chest.

"Could it be?" Amigo wonders. He shakes his head.

"No, yo loco I wouldn't feel that way, would i?" Amigo said. He can't go back to finish the game because Sonic might be there. NiGHTS fills in for Amigo as he heads back home to clear his mind. But i know for a fact that Amigo liked Sonic.

He wants to be

More than Amigos

Where's my rimshot Susan?

(ba dum tss)

That's better