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:: Chapter III - Broken Doll ::

"He broke you, didn't he? Broke you're delicate soul in to little pieces"

Yuugi gripped his hair and bowed his head and sobbed. "Threw me away like a broken doll" He whispered as his red rimmed eyes looked back up. "Not useful anymore he said. No one will hear me scream"

The short boy rolled up his sleeves showing several scars on the wrist. 'He attempted suicide several times' Marik thoughts eyeing the pale pinks scars. Those dead violet eyes met his. "He didn't let me die. He would not let me die. I was his and his alone to kill"

"He toyed and toyed with my mind. Hurt me! Punished me. I'm a bad boy...he said. Am I? How could I be a bad boy when I hardly got to do anything anymore?"

The memories flashed before him, the pain flared up along with every punch, kick and cruel whip lash. "MAKE IT STOP!" He curled up in to a tight ball ignoring the world as he kept seeing the memories he rather forgot.

Someone was stroking his hair. He panicked, was it...him?  He froze in fear. Had he bin found? Saved...Fate cruel fate had not granted him death but live? So close, he could still remember Death's ice breath but no longer was death in range. He was saved.

He was not happy.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

"Have no fear, little one" The voice was deep and dark, but different that His voice. This voice promised Secrets and Shadows unlike His voice which promised Blood and Pain.

Then he remembered. Marik. Marik had saved him.

He raged.

But he was so tired and hurt. So weak.

He didn't want to be weak; he didn't want to feel weak.

Lips brushed his ear and hot breath played over cold sensitive skin making him shiver. "Sleep"

He fought the pull of sleep that appeared when Marik spoke. "Can you make it all end?"  The older male didn't answer but only repeated. "Sleep" as a blanket was wrapped around him.

He gave in to the darkness and fell asleep.

Marik sighed and lifted the boy up to his room. Placing the light boy on his bed Marik stripped of his clothing except his boxers and crawled in to his bed next to Yuugi. "Tomorrow I'll get some more answers"

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Crimson eyes burned angry as he stood in the empty room of his Pet. His little toy had escaped his cage. He smirked, he'd just had to find his little Pet and punish him for his attempt to run from his Master.

He would make Yuugi understand he could not leave him. Yuugi was his.

And he'd keep it that way.