POWER OF FOUR: Not What It Seems

A/N: Helloooo there! Long time no write for any of my old readers and a hello to my new readers. Recently I started watching Charmed semi for the first time as I can remember watching it out of the corner of my eye as a child when my mother was watching it. Currently, I am almost halfway through the fourth season and having some major Prue withdrawals although I do love Paige! This idea had been floating around for a couple weeks now in my mind and I thought I would go ahead and write my first Charmed fanfic!

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Story Summary: January 8th 1973 was the day everything fell apart. Twenty-eight years later, three sisters discover things are just not what they used to be. Know they're racing against the clock to find their missing puzzle piece and overcome evil.

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed, but if I did, the power of four would so be a thing.

Chapter: One ; Twenty – Eight Years Later

Chapter Summary: A child is given up for adoption and twenty – eight years later three sisters discover a fourth.

January 8th 1973

The tiny one – day – old baby lay still in her mother's arms, tightly wrapped inside the white embordered blanket, the 'P' on the edge peeking out. The girl's mother just stared at her for a moment, trying to memorize every small detail of the child's face through blurred eyes.

Next to her, her own mother was watching, her face as neutral as she could keep it. She could only imagine the thoughts running through her daughters head.

This was the only way that they could keep the girls safe. At first, they had the idea to put a binding spell onto the girls once the time came but that idea was quickly scrapped as they would still come after them, even without the magic.

That had lead them to orphanage they were at now, talking to the nun in front of them. The nun sat patiently, watching as they said their goodbyes to the baby in her mother's arms.

Finally, the younger of the two women teared her gaze from the infant's face and turned her gaze up to the nun, "I only have one request." She waited until the nun nodded, an indication that she should go on. "I want her name to begin with a 'P'. It's a family tradition. That's all I ask. That, and that she has a loving home."

"I'll make sure of it," The nun promised, raising her arms slightly. "Are you ready?"

Taking one final glance at the sleeping baby in her arms, the mother let out a chocked sob as she handed the bundle over. Once the baby was nestled into the nuns arms, the young mother turned and buried her head in her own mother's shoulder.

The older women nodded towards the door, indicating that she should leave quickly and quietly.

The door clicked softly behind the nun as she left and that's when the younger women let it all out. "I hate this, mother. Why does it have to be this way?"

Running her hands through her daughters hair, "I know this isn't what you wanted, Patty. I know. But this is the only way to keep the girls safe. If anyone ever found out about them then they would be targets for every demon and warlock ever known to exist. I know you wanted to keep her, baby, I know, but we need to keep her safe until the time has come."

May 17th 2001

"PRUE! PHOEBE!" The girl called as she backed away slowly from the front door.

Said front door was lying in pieces around the hallway after having been blown off its hinges by the demon that was currently standing in its place. "Someone hurry up!" She called again.

Finally, the sound of three sets of footsteps came thundering down the stairs and the demon was thrown into the wall by an unseen force, "About time, Prue. I thought he was going to get me."

"Yeah, well, couldn't you have done something yourself?" Prue asked, deflecting the energy ball that was about to be thrown her way into the grandfather clock. "Damn it, we just got that fixed again."

"Of course I could have! I did but it just deflected whatever I did to it." She retaliated, sending the demon a knife. The knife hit the wall with a loud thud, embedding itself in it as the demon blinked. "Just tell me you have a vanquish?"

Phoebe finally moved from her place on the stairs and waved a piece of paper around. "Right here! Quick before it blinks again."

Crowding around the paper, the girls began chanting in perfect unison. Before them, the demon began to shake several times before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

Phoebe stood in the middle of the trio, looking proud of herself. "Man, this never gets old."

"But they always come back," A voice came from the stairs. The three sisters turned their attention to the man on the stairs. "Don't look at me like that, Phoebe," He chastised after seeing the look the girl was giving him. "They never stay away, whatever you are doing isn't enough to completely rid them from this world."

"Well can't you find out why, Leo? You're our white lighter, can't you orb up there and find out why they won't stay away?" Prue asked, brushing some misplaced hair of her eyes while glancing at everything that would need replacing this time.

With a sigh, Leo joined the girls on the bottom floor. "I've been many times, you know this. They don't know why it doesn't work either." Leo paused for a moment, seemingly thinking. "I think we need to summon Grams."

The youngest, Paige, spoke up, "Grams? Is that even possible? She's been dead for over three years now."

Climbing the stairs, Leo motioned for them to follow him, "There's bound to be something in the book of shadows about this, have you ever looked?"

"Um.. No."

"You've had your powers for three years now and you haven't ever thought about summoning Grams?" Leo asked with a shake of his head. Sometimes these girls could drive him nuts.

"Haven't really had a reason to." Paige shrugged as they made their way through the attic door, shutting it tightly behind them. The sisters made their way over the Book of Shadows where it rest on its stand and began flicking through the pages.

After a few moments silence, Phoebe slammed her finger down on a page, exclaiming excitedly, "This one! Could this one do it?"

Prue glanced over her shoulder to see what she was pointing at, "To summon the dead: place five candles in a loose circle on the floor, light the candles and then chant: hear these words, hear my cry, spirit from the other side, come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide. Seems simple enough, let's give it a try."

Once the girls and Leo had everything set up, the girls once again crowded around the book and began their chant;

"Hear these words,

Hear my cry,

Spirit from the other side,

Come to me,

I summon thee,

Cross now the great divide."

Nothing happened for a moment before bright orbs began to swirl in the middle of the circle. After a moment, they cleared up and made way to reveal Penny in the middle.

"I've been waiting three years for you to do that girls." Penney laughed. "Now that you have, let me guess what I've been summoned for?"

"We want to know why our vanquishes never last that long." Paige cut in before Penny could continue.

"It sometimes works but when they're upper level demons, they never seem to stay vanquished for long, they always come back." Phoebe chimed in.

"Is there a reason for this, Grams?" This time it was Prue.

Penny studied each girl for a moment, trying to find the right response for them. Finally, with a sigh, Penny began to for her answer, "There is, girls, and I think you need to prepare yourself for this."

Instantly, she could see the fear beginning to creep onto her granddaughters' faces and tried to calm them, "It's nothing bad that like you're thinking. Although you may not see it this way."

"What is it, Grams? You can tell us." Prue prompted as she felt one of her sisters grab her arm for comfort.

Here goes nothing. "You have a fourth sister. She was given up for adoption at birth for protection. Paige, we never accounted for you being brought into this and it somewhat threw the plan off balance, however it is not your fault. She was given up to protect the power of three from ever becoming a thing before you were ready. However things changed when I died and your powers were unbound, allow this substitute power of three. Your other sister makes up the final part of the power of three that can truly vanquish the source."