LOCATION-Somewhere at the outskirts of London

The neighbourhood was sleepy. The streetlights were out of order. One was blinking faintly. It was clear that the lamp wouldn't last another day. There was mild breeze blowing all over. It was cold, dark and dreary. The swings in the nearby park gave off eerie vibe, with their painful moans in the wind.

With a pop, four figures suddenly materialised out of thin air. They were wearing black robes which was billowing out into the wind with silver masks.

There was a rustle in the bushes. One of them pointed a stick in the direction of the bushes and whispered "Avada Kedavra". There was flash of green light, a pitiful whine before it fell dead.

"Oh, its just a stray dog" the same voice called out.

"Well done Avery. I'm sure the Dark Lord feel a lot safer now that you have managed to kill a stray dog. Why don't we wake up this whole neighbourhood and celebrate your mighty victory?" a deep voice rang out, dripping in sarcasm.

"No need to get snarky on me Severus. That could have been an Auror. It's a good thing that I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. The Dark Lord will not tolerate incompetence. Did you do your job Dolohov?" the voice belonging to Avery called out.

"Yes Avery. I did my job. The entire neighbourhood is secure and Yaxley is in his position right in front of the door. We are waiting for the Dark Lord. You seem to be quite excited Avery" a gruff voice belonging to Dolohov replied.

Just as he replied, with a faint pop another figure appeared. He had a pale, snake-like appearance. His glowing red eyes taking in every little detail.

The other fell on their knees, bowing.

"My lord, we have secured the entire neighbourhood and Yaxley is in his position right in front of the door" said Avery, with his head down. Internally, he was terrified with the Dark Lord. Slightest incompetence was met with harsh punishments.

"Very good Avery. You made your Lord proud. Come now, we don't have much time to waste. The sooner we finish the meeting, faster we can get back to our homes" the Dark Lord said in a slow whisper.

The others got up and began walking towards a particular house. As they climbed up the stairs, they saw Yaxley pacing in front of the door.

"My lord, I've been waiting for you. No one has come out of the house and no one has entered" said Yaxley, while falling to his knees and bowing.

"Very good Yaxley. You have once again showed me your usefulness. Avery and Severus, you will follow me into the house. Dolohov and Yaxley, you will stay by the door. No one comes out before I do" the Dark Lord replied.

"Your wish is our command my lord" Yaxley said while bowing even lower.

The dark lord simply knocked three times on the door. The door opened with a pitiful whine. While the dark lord nonchalantly entered the house, Avery and Severus had their wands out and scanning every inch of the house. They came in front of a door which led to study.

The dark lord simply opened the door and walked in, beckoning his two followers to follow him.

As they entered the room, they saw a man in his late twenties or early thirties, poring over a sheaf of parchments with a frown on his face. A glass half-filled with fire whiskey was beside him. He looked up at them and his lips curled upwards. They couldn't decide if it was a smile or a sneer.

"Ah Tom, I'd say how nice to see you after a long time but then I'd be lying. So instead, if I ask you how have you been, I hope you wouldn't mind? Its of course a pleasantry, we can't simply ignore them now, can we? Not that I'm interested in knowing the daily schedule of a formless wraith for the last thirteen years" the man said with a disturbing smile. His smile was sending shivers down Avery's back while Severus simply looked on with blank expression. However, if someone were to observe his closely, they would have noticed the slight widening of his eyes as the only sign of his astonishment and awe.

Never did anyone survive the dark lord's wrath after mocking him. They were either killed or brutally tortured to insanity. Yet, here was a mystery man with a sinister smile who was mocking the dark lord.

The only indication of the dark lord's anger was the slight flaring of his nostrils. His red eyes turned into slits.

"People nowadays call me…"

"Lord Voldemort, Dark Lord, You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Dark Wanker, Dark Tosser and many more. I'm sure each is more fascinating than the other. But I prefer to call you Tom. Creates less confusion. Clarity is so hard to come by these days." replied the man while cutting off the dark lord, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"How dare you mock the dark lord. He will have your head you filthy..."

"Enough Avery. While I appreciate your loyalty and standing up for me, its totally unneeded" the dark said, cutting off Avery.

"Is that what he was doing? Standing up for you like a good little prince?" the man asked with mocking smile.

"Why you…"

"Avery. Why don't take a seat and calm down? Do not embarrass me in front of the host or you will suffer my displeasure. And I urge you not to rile up Avery, Percy. He is faithful but is too easily excited" the dark lord said in a stern tone while looking at Avery.

Avery gave an audible gulp.

"Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, tell me Tom, to what do I owe this…displeasure of your visit?" asked Percy in a nonchalant tone, as if he was discussing the weather.

"I see your tongue is as sharp as ever Percy" the dark lord replied with narrowed eyes.

"You have no idea where my tongue has been and what it has done" Percy replied with a smirk.

The faintest twitch of his lips was the only sign of Severus's amusement. Never have been the dark lord so thoroughly dismissed and insulted.

"Be that as may, I'm here to give you an offer" the dark lord said in a bored tone.

"The fifteen-year old job offer. I'm sure the conditions and working environment have changed drastically. Tell me, what does working under you entail? Other than torturing and killing muggles, muggle-borns, aurors, any other random witch or wizard happening to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time, worshipping the very ground you walk upon and kissing the dirt of your feet. Did I miss anything?" Percy asked casually.

The dark lord' nostrils flared again. A clear sign of anger.

"Working under me will entail unimaginable power. Also, you get to be my right-hand man and get to train others. You will be answerable to only me and no one else" replied Voldemort.

"As tempting as it sounds, I think I'll pass this time too Tom. I simply want to sit on the side-lines and..."

"How dare you turn down the dark lord's offer" Avery snarled cutting Percy off, mid-sentence. His wand was pointed towards him. "You should consider yourself blessed to be given this offer by the dark lord himself"

Percy's eyes narrowed. A clear sign of his displeasure.

"It seems your lackey needs a lesson on his manners, Tom. He doesn't know how to behave like a guest" Percy replied with narrowed gaze towards Avery.

"Don't try to act high and mighty you filthy, little mud-b… "

"Crucio" a soft hiss rang out in the room, cutting off Avery. Severus identified it as parseltongue. He had been near the dark lord enough times to be able to identify parseltongue. But curiously it was not the dark lords voice.

It was Percy's.

Meanwhile, Avery felt his body explode in pain. It was pain like he never felt before. The dark lord's cruciatus curse was less painful. He felt his very core writhe in excruciating agony.

After what felt like hours, the pain stopped. Avery was passed out from sensory overload, a thin line of drool leaking out of his face.

Severus was slack-jawed. He never believed any one could speak parseltongue, other than the dark lord and that Potter brat, much less cast a wandless spell in it. He never saw his dark lord casting spells in parseltongue.

"Still as adept as ever in parsel magic I see" the dark lord said nonchalantly as if Percy didn't just torture one of his followers to unconsciousness.

"That was parsel magic?" Severus couldn't help but ask.

"Ah Severus, one of my most intelligent and loyal follower. It seems there are things even you don't know anything about. Yes, that was parsel magic. Percy here was always the expert in the obscure and dark arts. It's a pity that he refuses to join us. Come now, our meeting here is finished" the dark lord replied while standing up.

Severus meanwhile lifted Avery by his arms and hobbled out of the door. They exited the building and disappeared with a pop.

As soon as he heard the pop, Percy's face broke into a sinister grin. He exited the house, put up his custom wards and vanished without any sound.

Flashback Ends

At number 12 Grimauld Place, the Order of the Phoenix were having an emergency meeting, presided by Albus Dumbledore. They were hearing the report of the latest recruitment attempt of the dark lord. Recruitment of someone named Percy Jackson. While rest of the order didn't really know who he was, Dumbledore knew him very well.

After Severus Snape, potions master of Hogwarts and spy for the order finished his report, there were jaws hanging wide open all around.

"You mean to say that he not only mocked the dark lord but called him names, refused his offer and tortured one of his loyal followers to unconsciousness with just a wave of his hand. Did I miss anything?" asked Sirius Black. He was a handsome man in his forties with a messy hair but had a haunted look in his eyes, acquired from a 11-year stint in Azkaban, the dreaded prison.

"Yes. All these happened right in front of the dark lord and not only is he alive, the dark lord was unwilling to raise his wand" drawled Severus.

"Albus, do you know this Percy?" asked Kingsley Shacklebolt. He was a tall, dark man with a deep voice.

"Yes Kingsley, I know him very well. He studied at Hogwarts with the dark lord. They were in the same year and in the same house. I think they even shared the same room. Both of them joined Hogwarts at the same time, both were raised in the same orphanage and both of them were inseparable. He was a prodigy in runes, potions, transfiguration and arithmancy. He was also a brilliant quidditch player" replied Dumbledore with a tired voice.

The rest of the order was in the deep thought. It was surreal to think that at one time; the dark lord was friends with a guy who was a quidditch player. A disturbing image of the dark lord cheering for a quidditch team passed through Sirius's head.

Disturbing indeed, he thought.

"Why didn't we send him our offer?" asked Moody. He had a magical eye which was whirling randomly. His face was marred with numerous scars.

"It is because unlike us, he does not denounce the dark arts. He himself invented several dark spells. Being a prodigy in runes and arithmancy, he was inventing spells left and right by the time he was in fifth year. Not all of them were dark, but many of them were" replied the headmaster.

"I don't care Albus. It is clear that he is not against the muggle-borns, does not like dark lord's ideology, doesn't sympathise with the death eaters. On top of it, he is extremely powerful and is willing to play fire with fire. He is exactly the kind of guy we need to fight the death eaters" barked Moody.

"What do you think Severus?" asked the headmaster in a tired voice.

"I think he can be a powerful ally. But we cannot make him an official order member. For one, he won't be taking orders from you Albus. Secondly, the dark lord cannot know under any circumstance about his involvement" he replied.

"Ah yes, I nearly forgot that little problem" the headmaster muttered.

"What do you mean headmaster?" asked Molly Weasley.

"He doesn't believe in our ideals of forgiveness, compassion and love. His outlook is neither light nor dark. Its grey" Dumbledore gave a tired reply.

"He doesn't need to follow our ideals. As long as he can fight the death eaters, he's good enough for us" said Remus Lupin. He was a haggard looking wizard wearing shabby robes.

The headmaster gave a chuckle.

"What?" asked Sirius.

"Voldemort proclaimed himself as the heir of Slytherin. No one really believed him. But Percy was widely known as the Prince of Slytherin. He even received a broom with his title engraved in silver. He is more than capable of taking on the dark lord and beating him. Why else do you think the dark lord was unwilling to raise his wand?" Albus asked with an amused smirk.

"Good. Its decided then we would invite him to become our ally and hopefully join the order" Moody declared while standing up. It was clear that his mind was made up.

"Is it really ok to bring a dark wizard to the order, especially one who will be unwilling to follow the headmaster's orders?" asked Molly with apprehension. Her children were staying here and he could be a bad influence.

"Don't worry Molly. I'm sure we can reason with him" replied Albus soothingly.

Severus couldn't help himself but snort. People like Percy will never embrace the light. He knew them. He himself was one of them.

As the meeting was being wrapped up, no one noticed a pair of ears wiggling at the bottom of the door.

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