That Cute Waitress

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At the Akebeko


It was Saturday. Kenshin and Sanosuke lounged in Sanosuke's big white couch, watching Sano's big silver TV. Everything that belonged to Sano was big. Big House, big couch, big TV, big cars, he was even really tall....Kenshin smirked. Sano was clearly overcontemplating.

Kenshin was best friends with Sano. They were very very different, though. Kenshin came frome an...impoverished family whil Sano's father owned one of the hugest companies in Japan. They both went to a prostegious private high school. Sano had bought his way in, Kenshin recieved a full scholarship for his academics.

Sanosuke was tall, loud, obnoxious, and was a womanizer; Kenshin was small and reserved, full of respect for everybody.

Suddenly, while Sano was flipping channels wvery few seconds, he grabbed Kenshin's arm.

"Kenshin! Look!"

A commercial for an old resteraunt called the Akebeko was on.


Sano dragged Kenshin into a limo, shouting, "Suddenly, I'm hungry!!!" Kenshin was getting a little swirly eyed. "Oro...."

While driving to that resteraunt, Kenshin quietly pondered what was so great about that resteraunt. It used to have pretty good beef hotpot, but Sano had never considered eating there. He had his own personal chefs. Well, maybe there was something different there. He had not seen much of the commercial, only the last two seconds.

They arrived at the Akebeko, which indeed looked much bigger, and had two entrances. "Old..." One was marked, the other had a sign that proclaimed, "NEW WING!!!" Sano chose the latter.

When they entered, a cheery hostess greeted them. "Good afternoon, sirs! Table for two? Non-smoking or smoking? Partnered or nonpartnered?" She said this in a very rapid manner. Kenshin got swirly eyed just listening to her.

Sano repliedin a similary rapid voice, "Yes, a good afternoon to you too! Yes, a table for two, non-smoking please, also partnered." Kenshin sweatdropped.

The hostess led them to a room, where they sat down. She smiled cheerily and said, "Have a look at the menus. Two of our waitresses shall be here shortly." And then she left.

Kenshin looked around. The place wasn't a lot to look at, a low table with long cushions on each side to sit on. A teapot, steaming faintly, smoked in the center of the quaintly set table. A screen, the type traditional Japanese would change behind, separated a corner of the room.

Sano: I thought this was traditional. We can't eat here looking like this!

Kenshin: Oro? Look!

There were two gis hanging on the wall for them to change into. The two seventeen year old looked at each other and made a rush for the one that was not pink.

Sano lunged, and grabbed the black and white one, leaving Kenshin...


Sano: Um yeah, yea you are. Look! I'm tall! That one would NEVER fit me!

Yep, that was true.

So, Sano smirking, and Kenshin grumbling, they ducked behind the screen to change.

Sano quickly dropped his jeans and t-shirt, pulling on the gi. Kenshin took off his shirt and jeans, revealing a muscular chest. He was wearing only his underwear, cotton jockeys.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened. Someone called, "Hello?" Kenshin, being the gentleman to never leave someone hanging, instinctively came out of behind the screen to see who it was.

There, standing before him were two, beautiful girls, one wearing a look of surprise, the other an amused smirk.


Kaoru woke up to her alarm clock, which had been meowing for half an hour. Oh No! she thought, I'm late for work! She jumped out of bed, took a shower, and threw on her bra, undies, a pair of short shorts, and a tanktop. Her hair, long, and black, was thrown up in a ponytail.

She rushed down the stairs crying, "YAHIKO!!! WHERE IS MY BAG?!?!?!" Her brother stuck his tongue out at her, and she tackled him, tearing her bag out of his grip. It was her first day at a new job. She couldn't be late.

She rushed into the kitchen, grabbed the car keys, and yelled, "Dad! I'm gonna be late for work! See ya later! I'm taking the Caddy!" She stuffed a piece of toast in her mouth and ran out the door.

Yes, Kaoru was rich, like Sano. In fact, they lived just down the street from each other, though their paths never met. She only had a job so that she would learn "work ethic". She rushed into her car and sped off.

She arrived at the Akebeko, only one minute before she was late. But she had been told to come early. Half an hour early. Megumi, her best friend, was already there. The hostess grinned and quickly rushed her through the basics of waitressing. Than she gave Megumi and Kaoru each a package.

"These are your uniforms," she informed them. "Now go! Change!"

MEgumi and Kaoru were pushed into a small changing room , where they threw on their uniforms.

The uniforms were like traditional kimonos that had been dramatically altered, They were off the shoulders. revealing a lot of the girls' cleavage. They exchanged their regular bras for

"Special, no-show, cleavage-enhancing push-up wonder bras?" read Megumi, mystified.

They shrugged that off, and studied themselves in the mirror. The kimono was off the shoulder, revealing their cleavage immodestly, the obi was tight, clinging to their waists, and the skirt part well above their knee. The pattern was a light pink silk patterned with phoenixes and dragons. The obi was indigo. Kaoru smiled. The obi matched her hair ribbon!

Their long, slender legs were revaled, and they wore socks with a split toe and sandals.

Megumi: Yep! We're now Akebeko girls!

So, they started work. After hours of sitting, making small talk with lonely, single guys who groped them and tried to stick their nasty little tongues in their mouths, they demanded to be assigned together, a request to which the hostess resignedly agreed to.

Their first assignment together, they were excited! They opened the door to the room, seeing noone there. "Hello?" crooned Kaoru tentatively. A red haired boy of about seventeen stepped out from behind the screen.

Wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.


Hearing a giggle, and seeing Kenshin pale noticeably, Sano stepped out and pushed Kenshin in. Kenshin quickly threw on the gi.

Then he stepped out and faced the girls. They both had long, raven hair. One, the shocked one, wore her hair up in a ponytail, tied with an indigo ribbon. She wore a peach lipgloss, and had wide, blue eyes. The other, the amused one, wore her hair down. She wore intensely red lipstick, and her dark green eyes were narrower.

They both wore revealing outfits. Kenshin blushed a red that competed against his hair. The shocked one wore a similar blush. Sano was starting to get his devilish-wolf-flirty look that he did so well.

The one who was amused bowed. "I am Megumi, and this is Kaoru. We will be serving you today." She sauntered up to Sano, and sat down on one side of the table. He followed, entranced.

Kaoru and Kenshin shyly sat down on the other side of the table. They made introductions. They all found out they attended the same high school, they were all seventeen years old, and thet they were even in some of the same classes. Kenshin and Sano ordered their food, and Kaoru and Megumi left to get their food.

Sano: (wolf-whistle) Man! That Megumi is such a fox!

Kenshin: Oro! Be more respectful, Sanosuke! That you should be!

Sano: (snort) Yeah right! I am soo gonna ask her out, dude!

Kenshin: Well, Kaoru isn't so bad looking herself...that she is not...


Kenshin closed his eyes, and imagined him in his undies. That was horrible! He must have looked absolutely repulsive to her....but she would look good in his undies....He imagined THIS, and suddenly turned beet red. Sano grinned when he saw this. He would have to set them up....and set up himself with the fox...


Kaoru could not get that image out of her mind. That boy, Kenshin. He had been wearing nothing but underwear. She had noticed his muscular chest and legs. She loved his red mane of hair, long and tied back into a low, loose ponytail. And he had the most peculiar eyes. They were violet. And that scar, the cross-shaped scar on his cheek made him look on the edge, dangerous. She imagined kissing him, and running her fingers through his hair... Megumi noticed this look on her face and grinned. She would set them up, alright. She would have to set herself up first.


Is Kaoru in love? Will Kenshin ask her out?


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