That Cute Waitress Kaoru. 15.

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Dinner was an uncomfortable affair. Well, for Kenshin it was. Hiko was a very talkative person. Kenshin and his father sat, eating their food, feeling very left out.

"Well, I got a teaching job at Kenshin's school!" Kenshin choked. Oh nooo... "And Hiko, here will be attending his school!" Poop, cursed Knenshin mentally.

"HOLY SHI-" he began, but his mother silenced him with a glare. Hiko (Jr.) snickered into his mashed potatoes. "I mean, what class will you be teaching, uncle?"

"Wellll, I actually kind of made up a class." Kenshin's mother cocked an eyebrow. "Well, the school had no weapons class, so I started a kind of weapons club."

"Ohh," drawled Mrs. Himura knowingly. Seeing the puzzled glances on Kenshin and their son's faces, she explained, "Your uncle is a master in weapons. He knows just about every type there is. Sword, nunchucks, tonfa, mace, all of it."



"What is he doing here," growled Koaru as she walked into school the next day. She had just spotted Kenshin...and his cousin.

Misao peered at him and said, "Who? That guy behind Kenshin?" Kaoru nodded. "Hmm," said Misao. "He's actually pretty hot." Kaoru glared at her friend. "What?" Glare. "WHAT?" GLARE. "WHAT? He an ex-boyfriend or something?" DEATHGLARE. "Is that the guy who--? Ooooooh..."

"But what is he doing with Kenshin?"  Kaoru voiced her concern. Misao shrugged, and they went to greet Kenshin.

"Kamiya Kaoru. Makimachi Misao. Meet Seijiro Hiko. My cousin." Introduced Kenshin in a flat, tortured tone. Hiko bowed gracefully.

"Miss Kaoru, I would like to apologize for the incident which occurred months ago. My father got me ou of jail time, but he did send me to rehab. I swear, I am a changed man."  He then turned to Misao. "I don't believe I've had the honor." He lifted her hand to his lips as she blushed. "Miss Misao Makimachi? You are so beautiful, I wonder if you would-"

He was cut off just as his charm was reaching its highest point. Of course, Aoshi had to be there. Right there. Behind him. And seeing everything. And no one noticed. Not even Misao. Who was completely into Hiko. And blushing like someone whose underwear was just run up the flagpole.

"Misao." Aoshi possessively stepped beside her and placed his hand on her neck, which made her jump.

"Oh, hehehe, hello, uhm Aoshi, uhm hehehe...uhh, Hiko this is my, euh, boyfriend, Shinomori Aoshi," stammered Misao, her face still glowing red. She giggled nervously as Aoshi's cold blue eyes flased.

He hugged her close to his body and kissed her fiercely. Hmm, this is the most protective and passionate he's been sine the beach trip, thought Misao. Hiko laughed heartily and said, "Well, you're very right to be protective," grinned he, "for your Misao is an attractie little weasel." Misao bristled at being called a weasel, but then he went on, "She is the sexiest weasel I've ever laid eyes on. Especially in that great outfit!" 

Misao cheered up. Aoshi never complimented her like that. He never even noticed her clothes. Misao was proud of the new outfit she wore. Usually she looked like a shapeless little girl, but this outfit was a tank top dress with blue stripes on it and pleats that accentuated her curves. With that she paired a pair of white sneakers and a silver necklace. She also wore her hair down, instead of the usual braid. It was very long and straight. She blushed a Hiko and gave Aoshi a very reproving look.


By lunch , Hiko had managed to put about five relationships on shaky ground, including Misao and Aoshi's, and Sano and Megumi's. Well, Aoshi and Sano were pissed off to hell.

"Must--kill--" growled Sano through gritted teeth. "Must--crush--" His fist clenched as he saw the gaggle of girls around Hiko. At a table sat Kenshin, Aoshi, Sano, and Kaoru. Misao and Megumi had joined the ranks of the giggling girls charmed by Hiko.

"He's changed, Kaoru, he's changed."  Swore Misao and Megumi. 

"Sano! Compose yourself!" Aoshi snapped, grabbing the back of Sano's jacket. Then he lost it. "ARRRRRRGH!!! KENSHIN IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! I'LL KILL YOU!! GAHHHH!!!"

"ORO!" Kenshin, swirly eyed, was nearly unconscious as Aoshi banged his head against the table. "Sessha had no choice, that he did not!!"

Kaoru and Sano peeled Aoshi off Kenshin as the lunchroom went silent, watching the scene before them.

"Woah! Aoshi, dude, CHILL!" Aoshi sat back, unnervingly calm and composed.

"I'm finished," he said quietly. Kaoru and Sano facefaulted.

"Oro.." Kenshin, with his amazing ability to survive whatever, had indeed kept consiousness.

"How does  he do that?" wondered Kaoru aloud.


That afternoon...


"Hallo! Welcome to your first weapons class," greeted Hiko heartily. "Now, if oyu wouild divide into two groups, okay, people who have used their chosen weapons to the left, newbies the the right...that's it, okay, good! Now, since there is one of me and----------eighteen of you, I have a few assistants. Now, the people on the left, practice basic drills with your weapons, targets over there, in that box...there is some duct tape over there...oaky then. Now, newbies..."

Hiko quickly and efficiently got the class started, and divided them into many groups, each one handled by an assistant. Soujiro, Aoshi and Misao were in the intermediate group, Kenshin and Kaoru were in the newbie group. Hiko was the head of the intermediate bsword group. The assistant, a twitchy little lady, that headed Kenshin's group kindly said, "Take a swing, dear. By the way, you know your sword's blade is on the wrong side?"

Kenshin shrugged, and took a swing. He hit the ground with great force, and chunks of the ground flew up. People screamed and ran in other directions. Kenshin's eyes had turned a deep gold color.

Kaoru stared. "Kenshin?"


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