In the night, Akeno Misaki fell asleep but she was wide awake. She can only hear noises coming from the sirens to blue and red light shining. Was it a police that make the film budget? No way. She cannot hear the siren because the window curtains and window is closed.

In the morning, Akeno Misaki woke up and had a discovery that Harekaze II Girls are in trouble. So she goes to school but there was no teacher still because the teacher still sick. So she went off to harekaze II girls and they all hide in place where did the sirens come from.

The Harekaze II Girls went pretty frightened that they had bankruptcy for stolen money from their pocket but they heard the sirens again.

Akeno Misaki hides in place to let Misaki know she will not move or she'll get in trouble.

Rin Shiretoko went frightened that they will all going to die and the sirens are finished.

So the bankruptcy is that people in Production IMS gets debt for making films and Anime legal appearance. So teh girls are now safe so they went off for an adventure.

The Harekaze II Girls sets sail for another adventure and they are far away from the sirens and they had a great time.

As they arrived in canada again, there was british columbia went no people allowed in this port.

The Girls did not know what to do so they did not even care so they are going to Ontario for the last time.

The Girls finally took off to Ontario and make their way to Ottawa again. As they arrived in ottawa, The cop cars parked outside the elementary school and still the girls ran off. The two bankruptcy went off as the girls entered the bank and then there was no money and the bank robbers took off.

So the sirens were heard and then the girls ran off and the bank robbers got arrested for stealing money and the girls sighed.

Even if they arrived back in Japan, The girls wondering about in school property and they think they should just stay and not getting arrested.

The sirens were heard again and the girls hides in place while the police tries to investigate and Mashiro Munetani sneezed. The police found out what the noise is coming from but the door was locked so the girls locked inside the classroom.

The police leaves and the girls made it safe. Akeno Misaki was frightened still and then they are sighed. Akeno Misaki announces that Harekaze II Girls wants to pay respect for their outing and not ran away from the police or they might get arrested.

Mei Irizaki was unsure what the bankruptcy was about.

Tateishi Shima is hungry so she went off to eat.

Tateishi Shima came back with pizza with cheese.

Akeno Misaki was excited to have the pizza cheese ready.

The girls ate the pizza cheese for their break and then they went off home.

Akeno Misaki arrives at home and she seems to be all alone but with Moeka went to Singapore.

Akeno Misaki enters the room and Rin Shiretoko was with her.

"I Want to thank you for saving my life."

"Your Welcome."

As the two went to sleep, they had a dream of what happened.

In the morning, They woke up and then getting ready for Harekaze II Girls to have their payments to have their money back to canada.

Harekaze II Girls sets sail and went to canada without getting in trouble. So They Arrived in Canada.

The Girls did the money to other kids and then to the lady who has been shot in mcdonalds and then they went back to Japan for no Harm.

The Girls finally made their home and then they will go home until it gets dark.

Akeno Misaki arrived at home and Moeka was here and she tells what happened to the school, She tells the truth about Bankruptcy.

The End. Hope you enjoy the story. The next story will be Raccoon and Fennec good story. See you tomorrow.