A girl by the name of Octavia was preparing for her audition to become something in the world. "So, Octavia Melody?" "Yes sir" "okay, do you care showing us a bit of your work?" "Yes, of course sir".

After Octavia finished her solo on her cello, the others were going over her. "Well Octavia, you may be the next maestro" "uh, may sir?" "Yes, we're not sure we should pick you yet; we'll call you when we made our decision" "okay, sir". Octavia left when she got a text "hey, how'd it go?" "Well, they need to think about it" "well, there's still some hope at least". "You want to hang out tonight" "no thanks I'm going to hang out by myself".

Octavia went to the old barrel, a bar, to get a drink or two. "And next to the stage, you all love her, give it up for DJ Pon-3" a girl came out with a mixer pumping some sick beats. The DJ got into it that the crowd carried her, when she landed on her head getting knocked out, Octavia walked up to her "hey, are you okay?".

The DJ woke up in a apartment unfamiliar to her, "oh you're awake" said Octavia "huh, who are you, how did I get here?". "Well my name is Octavia, you were knocked out when you hit the ground, I couldn't take you to the hospital because it wasn't a fatal injury, and because I didn't know where you lived, I allowed you to stay the night". "So, may I have your name?" "Sorry, I don't tell just anyone my name". "Ugh, doesn't matter, I have a call back, just lock up when you leave" "oh, your a musician, what do you play?" "Cello, just hopefully I made it through the audition". "I think you're working too hard on this" "what do you mean, this is serious? I could become the next great musician".

"Listen Octavia, you need to learn to just let the flow of music to guide you" she said, making her way to the door "by the way, my name's Vinyl Scratch" "Huh, just let it flow?".

Octavia came back the audition, where only her and another person were the last to be chosen. "Well, Jack, you're our choice, sorry Octavia, maybe another time" Octavia smiled "that's quite alright, congratulations Jack" she left still calm.

Octavia went back to her apartment, where she saw Vinyl at her door. "Vinyl, what are you doing here?" "Well, I didn't earn enough money to pay my rent, so I was hoping I could hang with you?". "I don't mind, just as long as you don't cause much of a ruckus" "I only promise to try".