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People often think that Ladybug was the best super heroine the city of Paris ever had. They have their own beliefs and opinions of her, those of whom think that she's super confident and determined to keep Paris safe, and she will always put others before herself.

Well, all of that appeared to be true, and Ladybug definitely had to agree with those claims.

But in reality, Ladybug could never be the same without Chat Noir by her side.

It seemed as if he had never even been her partner in fighting crime, because all of the attention seemed to only be focused on Ladybug.

It's like he had been invisible the entire time.

Parisians seemed to only think that by the end of the day, it was always Ladybug who defeated the akuma victims, as if Chat Noir had only stood there like some sort of idiot, and hadn't all but merely tapped his staff on the ground, and had taken half of the credit for helping demolish the akuma.

But Chat Noir was so much more than that- he was the funniest, most out going, goofy teenaged boy Ladybug had ever known.

He had promised after an akuma attack that he'd always be there with her, no matter what situation.

She could remember his exact words.

"Don't worry bugaboo!" He smiled, as he pulled her in for a warm embrace. "I'll always be here for you! There's no denying that this cat will risk all of his nine lives just for a little bug like you."

Ladybug would never forget that moment until the day she died. You wouldn't be able to imagine how much she appreciated those words Chat had exchanged with her. It meant too much for her to ever let go of.

She sat alone as she thought about this, finished with her patrol for the night, she felt herself staring at the empty spot next to her.

She stretched her arm out to touch it, feeling a sudden warmth collide with her fingertips, causing her to smile. But it seemed to all be a hallucination, because no one was found to be beside her. She frowned deeply, and looked up, to only see nothing but the surroundings of the tower.

Sighing in exasperation, Ladybug heard her earring beep frantically, before her transformation finally ran out.

Tikki pecked her cheek briefly, before disappearing into her satchel in exhaustion.

"You said you would always be with me," Marinette whispered to herself, a tear formulated itself on the brim of her bottom eyelid, before it fell, and landed on her thigh. "What happened to those nine lives?" Marinette said, a little more louder.

She rose her gaze to meet eyes with the sun, that seemed to be disappearing behind the horizon.

"How dare you lie to me?" Said Marinette, here voice growing shaky, and expectantly louder. "You're not supposed to talk about stuff like that!" She felt herself yelling now, as well as standing up. "You jinked yourself, you stupid cat!" Her voice echoed within the atmosphere of Paris, and if Marinette could assure you that if all of Paris heard that, she would.

Sighing once more, Marinette sunk to her knees, and rubbed her temples. "We were supposed to be unstoppable," She murmured, wiping away stray tears that had escaped from her eyes. "You're not supposed to be dead," She paused, and a loud sob soon followed that.

She heard Tikki come out of her bag to hug her cheek. "Let's go home, Marinette, it's getting late," Tikki whispered to her softly, and Marinette nodded meekly.

Transforming once again after Tikki had eaten a cookie, Ladybug swung herself back to her apartment with ease.

And when Marinette went to bed that night, she looked at the one poster Marinette had of Adrien, and frowned once more.

"I love you, you dumb kitty."

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