Spoilers for Toon Wars and Magiswords: Fusion Wars

Last Time on Mighty Magiswords…

"After obtaining the Knowledge Magisword, and defeating the Fusion Invaders, the Warriors for Hire and their former classmates from the Adventure Academy join a team from another dimension called, The Toon Force! They're a group of heroes like them, and have each participated in a war on both dimensions, with their last battle having caused massive collateral damage!"

Coming from Mount Ma'all, the heroic Vambre Warrior and the ever so fabulous Princess Zange step outside with bags of new accessories, including new Magiswords in hand.

Vambre: I must say, Princess, this is quite a lot for one gal like you. What even are these?

Zange: Oh, they're nothin' important. Just a little something I thought of while I was near the boy's section. I couldn't resist. (Gives very seduced look) If ya know what I mean...

Vambre: You really need to find a man, girl.

Zange: I know! I just don't know where! I really shouldn't have been so quick to find so many! Everyone's a brainlet except for you and the rest of your pals! Speaking of which, where's my favorite imp at?

Vambre: Oh yeah, she's joined a particular group of superheroes from another dimension called a "Toon Force." Prohyas and I joined them too, but our duty is to monitor events on our world like we've been doing these past 7 months. Even when we offered to help, it felt like what we were into was much bigger than anything we've ever faced. And I thought Fusion was enough…

Zange: Yeah. Let's just hope they don't bring their mess back here. I really don't wanna lose my hair thinking of what they've been through. And…(Looks up with a serious expression) What's that sound?

Vambre: Allow me to take a listen.


Vambre holds up her magisword by her ear and listens closely to the sounds of an echo. An echo slowly approaching the two gals. They can only hear where it's coming from, but they can't see it in the slightest. Quickly, however, when the sound reaches the ground in front of them, it stops, and a large cloaked figure phases out of intangibility! The small spaceship, about the size of a small house, deploys it's front turrets and aims right at the women!

Zange setting her bags down: Speak of the devil…

Vambre getting out Noville's Anvil Magisword: Not on my watch!


Vambre begins shooting loads of anvils at the ship's turrets, which do manage to damage them, but only by sheer amount. One of the active ones shoots the magisword out of Vambre's hands and another turret blasts at the ground near her feet! She stumbles backward and gets out her


Vambre shouting: Alright, we get it!

Vamber uses her blow dryer to turn the turrets in a complete 180 to the back as they continue to shoot rapid-fire missiles, accidentally shooting where the bridge is! The bullet's dent the shielding and stop shooting, also opening the bottom hatch where a landing pad deploys, but with no passengers.

Vambre: That's odd. I figured there'd be people in there. (Gets smacked by something) OW! Princess..!

Zange shrugging: Don't look at me. I'm just spectating.

Vambre gets smacked in the cheek again by some unknown presence, and gets tripped onto the grass! The bag on her hips containing her magiswords gets torn, with a quick force confiscating them! She reaches for her bag and takes a look inside, but finds nothing.

Vambre: My Magiswords..! (Gets hit in the back of the head and knocked out)

Zange raising her eyebrows: Woah..!

On both sides of Vambre, two small cyclops robots about the size of Zange phase out of their intangibility and grab hold of the warrior's arms, lifting her and carrying her to the ship while another, larger and heavily armored, drone steps forward and comes face to face with the unimpressed princess.

Drone Commando: Scanning...Identified. Rhyboflaven Princess Zange. It is required that you come with us as hostage under the command of the Echo Corporation.

Zange: Oh, that's all you want? (Walks up to drones) Ok. Just don't kill anyone or whatever.

Drone: This was just too easy.

Drone Commando on a communicator: We have what we need. Plus Vambre Warrior.

Voice on comm: Aw sweet! This went a lot better than I expected! Bring her and that sword collector back to base. Her brother ain't never gonna get her back at this rate!

Before Zange and Vambre are taken away in the robot dropship, Zange texts a rather jokey selfie of her across the entire kingdom telling everyone, #Took, #Zange was a good girl, #Broke Nail, and a photo of the dropship with similar and darker designs to a certain whippy dip's light colored cruiser...

Meanwhile, at the Neutron Laboratory, AKA, the Toon Force H.Q…

"Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, and the Toon Force hold a conference to discuss the mysterious kidnapping of Princess Zange, and the identity of the new Echo Company."

Rocko: Some robots about my size came and smashed all my valuables!

Gerald: They stole my new shoes! You don't steal no one's fresh j's!

Box Ghost: They stole all my boxes from the Box Factory down the street by Danny's house!

Blue: Foster's home's now their home with them around!

Lord Nar: The Resisty should be the ones invading YOU, not the opposite!

Tallest Blue: And our snacks are all gone! ALL OUR SNACKS!

Tallest Red: We can't keep our skinny facade without snacks!

Jimmy: Now now, settle down! We can straighten all this out with just a little bit of planning and precise speculation. Now, where are Prohyas and his group?

As soon as Jimmy mentions Prohyas, he immediately jets inside through the portal with his Hoversword, accompanied by Witchy Simone, Cattus the One Blade, Glori, Familiar, and Phibby Croax.

Prohyas: Ah! Made it! Anyone got any leads on my sister?

Jimmy: We might. There's some information we got from your world's princess that may tell us where to find these knockoffs of our tech. I swear, when we find them, I'm going to sue their owner for copyright infringement and kidnapping!

Simone: Just show us what ya got, Einstein! And we'll take care of 'em faster than you can say your catchy full name!

Jimmy pulling up a monitor: It all started when Princess Zange had sent a text across the land to find help. Thanks to Prohyas and Grup sending it to me, I was able to take further analysis on my computer and found that the technology of the drones and the shuttle used to take her and Vambre away was highly reminiscent of mine and Bobert's.

Alt. Bobert: I have determined that someone had managed to replicate our schematics to develop a series of duplicate drones used for military purposes.

Phibby: That sounds cool, but not good!

Sheen: I was about to say the same thing!

Danny in his casual attire: Worse is that some of them have the ability to channel ghost energy! Last time someone could do that was with the Syndicate and the Mawgu, but he's dead and we sent the rest of the trio away to an inescapable prison with help from Clockwork.

Ashi: And it can't be Aku either. Right Jack?

Jack: Yes. We made sure he could never return when we destroyed him and sealed the time portals. Or...Is he…?

Plankton sitting by the Neutron monitor: I'll tell ya who it isn't. It ain't anyone from us. We all know that.

Everyone else: Yeah…

Carl: Definitely.

Tucker: In fact, much of what I was able to track down from those texts were from your world, Pro.

Prohyas: It probably is. But I dunno anyone who'd be all that bad and wanna invade planets! Last time that happened, they came from outer space and we beat em'!

Glori with her arms crossed: I was a bad guy once myself, and I would never be THAT crazy!

Ashi, Alt. Anais, Yuki, and Nicole: Same.

Alt. Anais looking at Nicole and Yuki: Wait, what..?

Timmy: So, lemme get this straight: We've got robots that look like ours running around in both our dimensions, but the first place they go to is Lyvishtown. Possibly being their place of construction, right Jim?

Jimmy: You're right! My pals and I even took the time to travel to much of our worlds in this dimension to examine the damages. We've found a faulty drone with enough data stored in it's memory banks to tell us where we need to go before it self destructed for security measures. From what we could gather, it seems that this "Echo company's" base of operations are somewhere around Lyvsheria's atmosphere. But it's been cloaked somehow so no one can find it.

Jack Fenton: That's definitely where our ol' ghost technology comes in!

Jazz: Absolutely! If they've got a hold of our stuff too, then they could be hiding by going intangible like Danny and Wulf can!

Wulf nodding: Konsentis (Agreed).

Familiar with his legs and arms crossed while seated: So, whaddya expect us to do? We can't find them or anything.

Rose Quartz: We could always visit your world and find out there.

Simone: That's a great idea! That way you can use your crazy gear, find those mooks, and blow em' up from the sky, right?

Jimmy: Well...You're sorta right. Considering the odds, we'll have to bring in our A-Game for the job. If those drones were able to take down Vambre and steal away your Princess for this long without a trace, chances are, these guys are way bigger than we could imagine.

Familiar: Yeah, but, why would they wanna take them hostage and attack your worlds?

Gumball: Is this like some kinda publicity stunt? Cause if it is, it's working.

Prohyas: That's what we're gonna have to find out! (Takes out Dolphin Magisword) Let's go save my sister, and the world, once and for all! Also, uh, how're we all gonna get there? There's like 20 of you guys and only 6 of us comin' from back home.

Jimmy: Same way you came. But for me and some of us, we've got a different travel plan. See you there!

Karen opens the portal back to the Warriors for Hire H.Q. and those from that particular world step back inside, where they are immediately greeted by Grup the Dragon as the gate closes up.

Grup: So, how did it go?

Prohyas: Well, we found out what happened to Sis and Zange. They've been taken by some evil space company, and now we have to figure out how to find them.

Cattus: Ah, I am fairly certain that we'll succeed, Prohyas. Those people have experienced far more than we could chew, so they know the implications.

Familiar: Somehow I don't have a good feeling about it.

Simone: Why you say that?

Familiar: Because of what they've been through, all the things they've done...Are we sure we can trust them? Or better yet, if we're even capable?

Phibby: We're capable, alright! We've been through aliens, Glori, trainin' exercises, all the big stuff!

Glori: The biggest challenge I remember having was when you and I went on a relationship.

Familiar: Hey, we weren't compatible, alright? The only other thing I remember from that was the fact that you gave me good chin rubs! ...Actually, now that I think about it, that wasn't so bad.

Cattus feeling Familiar's shoulder: You really should be a tad more confident in yourself, Familiar. And be more trustworthy toward our new allies. They've too been through thick and thin like we have, and I'm sure they know what it's like to live up to expectations.

Familiar: Let's just hope what I expected from them doesn't happen then. I've got both a good and bad feeling about today.

Grup: Doh, I'm sure it can't be that bad. This isn't the first time you guys had to go on a wild space adventure without me. Which reminds me, can I go with you? I'm lonely…

Prohyas bending down for Grup: Welcome aboard, Grup!

Grup holding onto Prohyas' back: Yay!

Phibby leaving out the door: Let's do it!

Simone walking alongside Phibby: Let's kick some drone!

Glori leaving: Yeah!

Cattus: Once more into adventure, fellow friends!

Familiar: Oh boy…

End of Chapter 1