Years Earlier...

Principal: It has come to my attention that these students of yours; this recent alumni had been among these two undergraduates. Even though the poor soul, Witchy Simone, had to leave due to unfortunate events concerning her family's current state of debt, she had reason, and she followed by the rules. Yet these two, these Warriors for Hire, I believe, spent most of their time collecting these Magiswords like an obsession. Care to elaborate on that, Mr. Cyrus?

Cyrus: Oh yeah. Those kids...Now I don't mean to get all personal n' all, but they sound a little looney, if y'know what I mean. I dunno where that obsession came from, but it tends to teach these kids the wrong thing. They use the toys for every dern thing, yet they don't even know how to defend themselves without 'em. I've tried to avoid it plenty of times, that's why I had Bunky confiscate them. It ain't even part of the curriculum! And besides, they have a map piece to the Legendary...Er, just regular Knowledge Magisword. That's enough to drive em mad! Anymore swords from them, and they could potentially unleash that Fusion monster again!

Principal: And yet you trust them with such responsibility of finding this weapon?

Cyrus: It's not really a weapon. And it's not just them two kids either. Nono. I gave bits of that map to the other kids too. I trust them a bit more than I do the Warriors. But, let's face it, they're probably gonna hog it from everyone else some kinda way.

Principal chuckling: Seems reasonable enough. Anyway, I plan to retire later down the road, and I wanna give my position over to you, Professor. You already stated you would like the job if you had the chance to see how this "Quest for Knowledge" plays out.

Cyrus: Yeah, yeah. Also cause I got a lot more freedom to work with.

Frank: BOK BOK!

Principal: Haha! Again, that makes sense. But before I step down, the real reason I've brought you here is to ask you one important thing I'm sure we already know the answer to. Did you or anyone else tell your classmates about the Final Magisword?

Cyrus: Nah. Er...Well...Gonna have to be honest with ya. I didn't tell anyone except of 'em.

The Principal's smile immediately fades into sudden surprise as he gives both a serious and concerned expression on his face, curious about Cyrus' decision.

Principal sounding serious: ...Only one? Do you trust whoever this is?

Cyrus: Yes, I do.

Frank: Bok.

Cyrus: She ain't like the rest of 'em. I can tell. She's a bit shy. She'll say she can't, but somethin' tells me she's gonna do great things.

Principal: Do you still remember her name?

Cyrus: Yeah, course I do. I usually call her Wuss, but you can call her somethin' like, I dunno...Destiny Child? Y'know? Someone with great potential...

Destiny Child will return in Toon Wars: The Final Days