Requester: VeemonFan

His species was one of the rare few to have been part of the Genesis of the Digital World.

They were the combat expert due to their hidden potential that is more often brought out with the help of Armor Evolution.

It was with the blessings of the Golden Radiance that they are able to reach two golden forms, one of whom is part of the great order of the 13 Guardian Knights!

Despite this, he knew very little of his own family, specifically his parents except that his mother was a Mastemon and his father was an XV-Mon.

It was years before he was sealed and became partners with a Chosen Child for a second time.

Once upon a time, he was a simple V-Mon.

He lived in peace - playing pranks here and there, along with having eating competitions with his brother and sister.

His brother was another V-Mon named Zeromaru, mostly because of the "0"-shaped scar he was born with around his eye and on his back.

His sister, on the other hand, wasn't even a dragon at all.

She was a rarity - a hybrid born from both an XV-Mon and a Mastemon.

She was Meicoomon, born with the duality of Mastemon and the natural DNA of an XV-Mon.

The three of them were always together.

But that all changed when the demon god appeared.


The name alone brought fear and horrible memories.

When the demon god appeared, he destroyed their world by tearing it in two.

Zeromaru was flung into a portal that lead him to his partner, while Meicoomon was lost in another portal.

He felt like hope for a peaceful life and a way to find his family was nothing more than a dream.

But that changed when he met a Chosen by the name of Akiyama Ryo.

He and Ryo battled a mysterious creature known as Diablomon, which only a lure used by Millenniumon.

Even after that, he felt hope again.

After many fights, he saw it.

The Light of Evolution.

He grew mighty muscles and a pair of powerful white wings, becoming taller as his snout grew and his horn become a blade.

With the silver "X" on his chest, he announced his new name proudly.


Oh, how he loved helping Ryo even more as this form!

He even met a small boy and his partner, a Stingmon, after a fair reunion between the two humans.

More battles came and went, along with obtaining more DigiMental pieces was when a new Light of Evolution occurred.

He couldn't remember how it happened, only that it started when Stingmon took a hit meant for him and they were engrossed by two lights.



Jogress Shinka!

This new Light, it was powerful!

Their new power - a mixture of Stingmon's speed and his power - defeated the enemy and kept both Ken and Ryo safe.

That was when they proclaimed their name.


Together with this new power, they defeated Millenniumon and he was once more lost to the valley of time as their world was healed.

Paildramon vanished and in his place was both Wormmon and him, V-Mon.

He was saddened when Ryo and Ken left, but knew that he now had new friends to spend his time with.

It wasn't for several months and a few years did Ryo come back, but to fight in the D-1 Tournament as the champion to one of the Holy Beasts.

He and Ryo were back together again, but now had Wormmon and Agumon as teammates.

Together, the four of them defeated everyone who stool in their way.

However, it wasn't until they defeated one of the original Chosen Children, they learned that everything they did was hoax.

He and his friends were hurt by the obvious betrayal, but he sensed it in Ryo.

He became cold and remained this way throughout the rest of the tournament and then, they saw him again.

Millennium - no.


The fight against him was almost impossible, but they managed to defeat him.

And that was all he remembered before being blasted away from the exploding tower without Ryo in sight.

The Holy Beast of the East, Qinglongmon, appeared after the tower's destruction and stated that V-Mon was destined for many more adventures and that he needed time to heal after this ordeal.

Using a single DigiMental, he was sealed and many of these memories are now mostly faint.