Okay, so this is my first story that I've written within a few years! Hope you enjoy! Just wanted to do something fun.

"Do it." Gibbs snapped as he hauled a huge stack of papers atop Tony DiNozzo's desk, causing for the Senior field agent's head to fly up.

McGee's eyes widened from where he sat at his own desk, and Ziva didn't look any less distraught at the sight.

"What's this?" Tony asked now, giving his boss a disheartened look. "Work." Gibbs retorted simply, and at this point McGee was shifting in his seat a bit. "B-But boss, I thought we were supposed to take the next case for the week?" the Probie inquired and this only caused Gibbs to turn and give him the look.

"Well, Elf Lord, nobody has called in yet." Gibbs explained, causing for Tony to give a snickering chuckle at the mention of McGee's online fantasy computer nickname.

"W-Well Gibbs, what if we just wait it out? Or-?" Ziva began pitching her opinion in next, and with this Gibbs had finally had enough. "Just quit whining! Do your work! You all have been sitting here doing nothing for the past half hour!" he growled, casting each one of his agents a death look. "Now each of you, start doing your work so you won't have to do it later on during the week!" And with this, he then turns and grabs two more big stacks of paperwork before slamming one each down on McGee and Ziva's desks.

"Do we understand?" He finishes with a huff- only to get three quick responses from his rather now-annoyed agents.

"Yes sir."

"On it Boss."

"Understand Gibbs."

Gibbs smirked at this before walking out of the bullpen, a coffee cup in hand as usual. He did enjoy the fact that he didn't have to participate with them.

The room then falls silent for a few moments, each agent looking at their newly assigned task ahead of them.

"..Ohh, come on!" Tony finally groans, throwing his head back with a painful look painted on his face. "Really? Paperwork? On a Monday?"

Ziva only sighs in agreement from her desk. "I truly thought we'd be given a real case by now." She muttered, McGee just slumping in his seat at her words. "Yeah. I didn't want to be spending my day doing... this!" He pointed to the huge stack of papers that towered in front of him before Tony just scoffed. "Uhh, if I knew we'd be given desk work to do, then I probably wouldn't have come in today Probie." He points out before Ziva just rolls her eyes. "Oh sure. Lose your job just like that, Tony." She mused, and this gets her a look from the senior field agent.

"Guys, perhaps we should just buck up and do it." McGee now suggested, giving into the fate that awaited all three of them.

The three agents all gave each other some sour glances before they started away at his or her own paperwork.

Tony took one look at his monstrous stack of work before taking the first sheet from the top. He read it for a moment before slowly figuring a way to make this experience more fun.

He glanced up at Ziva, who was already writing away on one of her own papers.

With slow but skilled hands, Tony began configuring his file into a makeshift paper airplane. He smiled at his completed work before glancing towards McGee's desk to see if he was watching him.

However, the Probie was fortunately hard at work- doing whatever signings and addressings that one was called to do for this type of paperwork. Tony was out of it though. He needed something interesting to entertain him for a bit before he began any lousy desk work like the others...

He finally shot his gaze back towards his Israeli friend before flinging his craftsmanship into the air at her. The paper plane flew before landing and sliding onto her desk before it neatly fell into her lap.

With this, Tony couldn't help but stifle a chuckle as Ziva's head immediately shot upwards into his direction. "Tony! What are you doing?" She growled. "Stop fooling around." She demanded before taking his plane and chucking it back at him. "Unlike you, I am hoping to finish my paperwork so that I can go home tonight." She remarked as the plane flew back into Tony's already lit-up face.

"Oh come on now! I'm just trying to have a little fun?" Tony mused, and at this, McGee looks up now. "Tony? That paper is important case files!" The younger agent begins rambling, "You can't just fold them like that!" He points out with a frown and Tony only rolls his eyes.

"Oh, it's fine." He states before unraveling his paper plane. "See?"

McGee and Ziva simply share an unamused look before returning to their work again.

This time however, Tony sluggishly joins them.


After about half an hour later, Tony suddenly leaps up from his chair, a sudden smirk coming to play on his lips. "Ha! I'm already half-way done you slowpokes!"

Ziva and McGee glance up in unison.

"What?" McGee nearly chokes.

"You? How?" Ziva narrows her eyes at the senior field agent from her position.

Tony only holds his head high. "Perhaps I am just that good?"

McGee scoffs at this. "No! Perhaps, it's just that you're racing through your work!" He points out next, with an assertive nod coming from Ziva. "You know this is important stuff, right? You can't just slap down something quick and move on." McGee now holds a very bothered look on his face which makes Tony just shrug. "Guys, I'm doing it right! I've been doing desk work WAY longer than the two of you anyhow." He crosses his arms before holding up a well-sized stack of papers in his hand. "This here, is my work. And I am halfway done already." he continues boasting which just causes for Ziva to suddenly snap her wooden pencil in two.

Both McGee and Tony glance to her now with widened eyes.

"Will you just shut up, Tony!" She finally seethes. "You are obviously doing as McGee says, and are rushing!" she points out before glancing at her own portion of already-completed papers... which weren't very much.

"No way, Miss Ninja. I am doing everything right. And actually-" Tony stood up from his seat now. "I need to hit the head." he simply concluded, causing for McGee to roll his eyes again. Ziva just half-scoffs, half-chuckles at the fact that Tony was so open about his personal business. He humored her, and she returned her attention onto him as he then turns to one of the machines in the room. "But before I go," he starts. "I'm gonna go ahead and already fax this half of paper over. Save me the trouble and time." He states, half dancing to his position by the machine. Ziva only gave an incredulous smile at him before returning to her work while McGee just stared blankly at the cocky agent.

"Yeah. Take your time in there, Turbo." McGee states, which only gets him a glare from Tony.

The senior field agent then places his papers atop the machine before moseying off towards the bathrooms, his eyes gleaming with contentment as he went.

McGee shared a small look with Ziva as the bullpen fell quiet again.

How is he already half way done? McGee thought to himself, rather disappointingly. Maybe Tony is just faster at this? Maybe I'm going too slow?

Ziva however, was thinking just the opposite from where she sat. She was fiddling with her broken pencil pieces as she just stared at the already completed papers Tony had left atop the fax machine.

There is no way I am believing he is already half way done... Not today.

She ground her teeth irritably before suddenly rising from her seat slowly. This caught McGee's attention.

She then just simply started making her way over towards Tony's completed papers. She wanted to get a good look at them and see if he was telling the truth. Perhaps the competitive agent was just lying to show her up?

She grasped the papers from atop the machine now, without even giving any time to think about her actions.

McGee just watched on in silence. His eyes were growing a bit wide now though. If Tony found out she was messing with his papers...

She flipped through his junk before concluding that perhaps he had done a pretty decent job...

"Hmmph." She looked towards McGee. "How did he do it McGee? How?" She lowered her tone now and casted a glare at the completed papers.

McGee just shrugged. "You know him."

Perhaps I can just go ahead and fax these over for him... Ziva then decided rather scornfully. She returned the papers in place before pressing the 'Start' button on the machine and instantly the papers were engulfed into the machine... however, it did not make the sound that one would typically hear when faxing some papers.

McGee's eyes widened as he jumped from his seat, panic striking his tone. "Z-Ziva?! Did you even think to flip it to 'FAX'?" He yelled as Ziva just stepped back from the machine. She felt her mouth fall open out of astonishment as she watched next as the machine shredded the papers into tiny bits of confetti below and into the trashcan.

She gulped and McGee ran to the machine, arms flailing in a panic. "W-What did you do? The papers!" He yelled, before turning to her as the last bits of shredded paper fell into the bin below.

Ziva just stared at him before shifting her gaze slowly onto the trashcan below with the paper bits, guilt and incomprehension coming to play in the emotions on her face. "I... I thought it was on Fax, McGee..." Is all she could breathe.

"No! This machine is high-tec and the latest technology! It can shred, fax, and copy! Three in one!" he explained, his voice distraught. "Ziva, you shredded the papers!" He finally concluded, just as Tony began rounding the entrance to the bullpen.

McGee and Ziva just fell silent and stared at each other.

A/N: Well there it is! hope you enjoyed! It is just beginning. First chapter is like the introduction- a bit slow, sorry. But what happens to Tony? Might post second chapter very soon!