Mary was on Lyoko, on Ice Sector. She tried to figure out what she needed to do there because she had no idea why she even was there. Then, all of a sudden, she heard something.

"Who's there?" she asked. No one or nothing answered but Mary heard something clearly. As if something was coming towards her...

Some strange grating could be heard.

"Bloks!" Mary exclaimed. Right after that, she saw one Blok. "Correction: a Blok."

Dropping joking, she did not hesitate but destroyed that Blok. Then she heard a Tarantula behind her, turned and got frightened. William was riding the Tarantula. Mary backed away a step. Right after that, once the information about the situation fully reached her brains, the girl turned and started to run away faster than ever before.

Mary ran until something caught her and tossed her back straight from the motion. She hit ground very hard and still heard the Tarantula approaching, but pain blurred her sight so that she did not see where it came. She could only do one thing: run further away from the voice of the Tarantula. Therefore, she closed her eyes and started to run again, hoping that there would not be any more monsters and she would not run into chasms. Soon something hit her back.

Mary opened her eyes and saw the surface of the Digital Sea, yet she felt that she was still on Lyoko's surface. She scrambled up hastily, went away from the edge and turned, seeing only William, not the Tarantula. What on earth?! Where's that Tarantula?! Mary though, half surprised, half frightened. She knew that it was most likely a trap. William came closer and exactly one word came to Mary's mind, Attack!

Mary shot William with a fireball and took to the hills with her wings right after that. She flew fast yet William could easily stay behind her, so Mary sped up, eluding her pursuer. However, soon he reached Mary after speeding up himself, which the girl noticed far too late: just when William had already caught her in black smoke. He took her to the end of the sector where the Xana Warrior threw her to the Digital Sea, laughing.

"NOOOOOO!" Mary screamed as she fell.

Then she noticed that she was in her bed. She still panted after understanding that she had seen just a nightmare, but slowly yet surely she started to calm down.

"Luckily it was just a nightmare. Luckily it was just a nightmare..." Mary talked to herself quietly to calm down.

After calming down eventually, she looked at the clock and cursed heavily in her mind; it was just two at night. Mary knew that she could never sleep after seeing a nightmare, so she decided to start reading to kill time.

She went to the bookshelf and looked at her books, finally choosing one of them. That book was called The Path of The Warrioress.

Chapter 1: The beginning of everything

"May 4th, 1999.

Dear diary. Today I turned 15. Now I can study to become a warrior. I'm finally old enough to start the studies! I'll soon leave home to become a real warrior. It'll be exciting, I'm sure of that. Since I've practiced the basic skills with help from my cousin ever since I was young, I should get started soon. But now I have to go. There's a lot to see and do."

Eleonora closed and locked her diary. She put it to her bag and said aloud, "When I return, I'll be a real warrior!" While leaving, she hugged her little sister Sarah and mother as goodbyes.

"See you around, big sister!" Sarah said. Nodding and smiling to her one last time, Eleonora left.

Mary read and read until she fell asleep. She dreamt about the story of the book. In that dream, she was Eleonora and her old friend and cousin Sophie was Sarah. Even though her memories had become dim over the course of the years, Mary also saw her own mother in the dream and recognized her right away; she was now Eleonora's mother. The events vaguely reminded Mary of her past in Wales even though the memories did not become any clearer from it.

When she woke up from the depths of her dream, she was still tired after staying awake. This led to her falling asleep during the PE lesson. There, head against the wall, she dreamt of the story of the book again and it certainly was not boring to watch.

Soon, right in the middle of a thrilling battle against X.A.N.A.'s specter, a shout reached her ears, "Wind! What are you doing?"

Mary woke up and saw that the shouter was Jim. There was no one else in the gym.

"Where's everyone else?" Mary asked, still sleepy. Only now she realized that she had fallen asleep, standing, back and head against the wall.

"On the next lesson! The previous lesson ended half an hour ago!" Jim shouted. Mary squinted; the shout made her head pound. "Five hours of detention! Reason: sleeping during a lesson!"

Mary was about to complain about it, but she still remembered how the other Lyoko Warriors had gotten detention back months ago. She did not want to get ten hours of detention, so she accepted her defeat and went to the locker room. She decided against going to the lesson because it would end soon. There was no use going there.

She did not have any more time for thinking when something hit her and she felt like her head would crack. Then she felt nothing, as if she no longer existed.

And there was a reason for it...

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