Author's Note: This is a RWBY story but will have elements from Halo, Red Vs Blue, Fallout New Vegas, Resident Evil, Borderlands, Marvel, DC, etc.



"9976, 9977, 9978, 9979..."

"Where are those damn Huntsmen we called for!?"

"They were suppose to be here an hour ago!"

"Watch your left!"

The eight year old ignores the sound of gunfire and the cries of his neighbours as the Grimm slaughter them, keeping his count as chaos occurs all around him.

"9987, 9988, 9989, 9990, 9991..."

It doesn't take long for the entire village to grow deathly silent with the only exceptions being the sound of Grimm scaling throughout the destroyed village and feasting on the corpses of the deceased residents.

"10011, 10012, 10013, 10014, 10015..."

He can hear the Grimm get closer, their heavy breathing only getting louder for every second that pasts by. He can hear them sniff for him, most likely smelling the last remaining heartbeat that is still pumping within his tiny chest. He can even hear their claws try to dig their way through the rubble of what remains of his home.

Yet, he remains where is is, crouching underneath the small pocket space that he is afforded under the rubble of what use to be his home, never once losing count. Even as he can hear the Grimm dig closer and closer to him, he never once allows his eyes to stray.

For he can't afford to look away from the dead eyes of his one year old sister. Even in death, those lifeless little eyes still can't comprehend the fact that her short time on Remnant is officially over before it can actually begin.

"10097, 10098, 10099, 10100, 10101..."

The eight year old ignores the light that shines through the hole that the Beowolf has dug, ignoring how it is wildly snapping at him while trying to climb through the small hole it dug itself. He even ignores how he can feel its hot breath from every snap of its jaw.

It would have gotten him eventually, if it isn't for something or rather, someone pulling the Beowolf out of the rubble.

The child even ignores the sound of metal cutting through flesh, the sound of gunshots cutting throughout the air and the cries of the nearby Grimm, keeping his count, even as someone starts to dig through the small hole the Beowolf made for itself.

"10112, 10113, 10114, 10115, 10116..."

"I've found somebody!"

The child ignores everything, except for the body of his dead sister who has half of her body crushed under the rubble of what use to be the Arc Home.

"Hey kid, you alright?"

Said kid ignores the man, not even noticing how the person has dug out the rest of the rubble around him, allowing the sun to finally shine down on the lone survivor of not only the village but also of the Arc family.

"...10239" finished Jaune Arc as he finally finishes his counting. Once done, he stares up at the man who dug himself out of hole, making sure to remember every last feature of him.

Of the man who killed his family.

( 9 Years Later - Vale )

Ruby Rose inwardly squeals as she reads up on the recent weapon attachments being released in a month's time. She even sees a new Sniper Rifle attachment that would look so good on Crescent Rose.

"Allows quicker reloading and a better scope? Amazing!" she inwardly cheered while hopping off of one foot to the next. So focused on her magazine and listening to her music from her headphones, the fifteen year old girl doesn't hear the door of the Dust Shop opening, nor notice the group of identical but intimidating looking men who walk into the store.

Leading the group of sharply dressed men in red and black is an even more sharpier dressed man who is wearing a white suit and a bowler hat. The man in white leads his 'borrowed' help to the front counter and puffs out a breath of smoke from his cigar before dropping a few ashes on the clean floor of the store. The store owner looks at the group of intimidating men with a nervous sweat, especially when he notices all of the men in red and black holding weapons in their hands, ranging from curved red blades, pistols and there's even one holding an automatic rifle.

"Do you know how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late?" asked the man in white, ignoring how one of his hired goons brings a pistol to the elderly shop owner's face and simply puts his cigar back against his lips.

The elderly man raises his hands up at the sight of the gun. "P-Please, just take the Lien and leave" begged the scared store owner.

The man in white simply smiles, reassuringly and shakes his head slowly. "We're not here for your money." He turns to his hired help and tilts his head to the wall. "Get the Dust."

The thugs don't reply, simply walking to the wall of the store where the caches of Dust are kept. They've learned that their current employer prefers silence during a job, preferring efficiency over small talk.

Each thug place a jar under the Dust caches which automatically starts filling the jars. For the next ten minutes, the five thugs take as much Dust as they can with the amount of jars they are capable of carrying. All the while, their boss leans against the shop counter to look over the Dust crystals that the elderly shopkeeper is putting in a bag for him. That and to make sure that he doesn't try anything when their eyes are turned.

After collecting all the Dust from one of the cache, one of the hired thugs moves to the wall on the other side of the store to fill another. He starts filling another jar from a cache until he sees a kid in a red hood down one of the aisle.

Abandoning his job on collecting the Dust, he unsheathes his red blade. "Hey kid, put your hands up" he ordered, pointing his sword at her. A couple of seconds pass by and seeing that she isn't following his orders, he walks over and pulls down the girl's hood. "Hey, do you have a death wish or something?"

Ruby turns away from the magazine she's reading to see some guy she has never seen before. At that note, she can admit that she likes the colour scheme on his outfit, since it is the same colours as her own. She adorns a long sleeved thick black blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front, a black battle skirt with red lacing and thick combat boots.

Noticing the guy point at his ear, she deduces that her wants her to remove her headphones and does so. "Yes?"

"I said put your hands up" said the thug, now happy that the little girl has the headphones off so she can hear him.

Ruby blinks before tilting her head. "Are you robbing me?"


Ruby narrows her eyes and let's a small smirk to grace the edge of her lips. "I see."


"What do you mean they said no? We agreed to the asking price last week."

"It's what I just said. Want me to repeat it slowly for you?"

"Stop being a smart ass and tell me why haven't they agreed to the deal yet?"

"It's not that they didn't agree to the deal. It's just that they want more money for said deal."

Jaune Arc slows to a stop in the middle of the footpath in the dark streets of Vale, ignoring everyone walking by him who are all probably walking home from work to reunite with their families or are heading out to join their friends in a bar or nightclub. He rubs the bridge of his brow in annoyance, feeling a headache coming along. "How much more do they want?"

"Ten million" answered the voice at the other side of his Scroll.

"Ten million?" Jaune repeated, narrowing his eyes. "Tell them that I'll add another million but not a single Lien more."

"What if they refuse?"

Jaune continues walking down the footpath towards his next intended location. "Then we'll simply have to destroy them and make them regret their decision."

"I'll handle the arrangements then."

"What would I do without you?" sighed Jaune with an easygoing smile replacing the annoyed frown from a second ago.

"You'd be dead but that's just me overestimating you."

Before Jaune can make a come back for the remake, he hears his Scroll disconnect from the other side. He puts his Scroll back into his suit pocket and shakes his head with a friendly smirk. "Asshole."

Walking around the corner, Jaune walks down the street until he is standing in front of a small building in the centre of the connecting street. He looks up and reads out the name of the building. "Till Dust Till Dawn" he said, rubbing his chin. "I like it."

He would've like it more if one of the front windows didn't smash open. Two figures fall out of the smashed window with one landing on their feet and the other sliding to Jaune's own. Jaune looks down at the unconscious man and immediately recognizes the man's red and black uniform. "Aren't you one of Junior's men?" he said more to himself than him, seeing as the guy is currently unconscious.

Jaune looks at the second person who jumped out of the window and for a split second, he thought that she is one of the Malachite Sisters, remembering her wearing a dress in a similar colour design as that of the girl in front of him. Her name is Militia if he remembers correctly but alas, it isn't her, especially not when the girl shows off what looks to be a massive scythe that he knows Militia doesn't use. Yet, Jaune knows better than to think that it's just a simple scythe and his sharp eyes easily pick up on the extra perks of the scythe.

"She has mixed together the components of a scythe and a high-caliber rifle. How does she compensate for the recoil?" wondered Jaune, eying the small stature of the girl who must be around two years younger than himself.

He quickly finds out how the little girl compensates for the recoil or rather, how she uses it to her advantage when three more of Junior's goons run out of the store with their weapons at the ready. The first two attack the girl with their red curved swords but quickly find themselves in the air when the girl starts utilizing the recoil of her weapon to increase her speed and attacking strength.

Jaune watches as the pair bounce across the tarmac with one falling into unconsciousnessa while the other surprisingly gets back onto his feet, although it takes him a bit of effort to do so. Jaune raises a brow when the man eventually notices him and even starts to charge at him with his sword raised.

Jaune leans back to avoid the reckless attack to his neck. "I'm not with her!" told Jaune but that doesn't deter the thug who continues his shaky barrage of attacks. Having enough of him, Jaune sidesteps when the thug tries to stick his sword into his gut and backhands him across the face. The simple backhand is enough to not only break the man's jaw but also send him flying down the end of the street.

Rubbing his sore wrist, Jaune frowns in distaste when he sees the amount of damage the girl is already doing to her surroundings without her notice. Three of her high-caliber rounds have already smashed several windows of nearby buildings and has cut up the tarmac of the road.

Jaune watches on as she avoids the gunfire from the last of Junior's men by using the recoil of her scythe. He finds himself unconscious alongside the rest of his comrades, except for the man in white who walks out of the store with a swagger to his step.

Instantly, Jaune recognizes the man from the news and is instantly put on guard. One does not ignore the criminal mastermind that is Roman Torchwick unless they have a death wish.

Roman takes one last puff of his expensive Mistralian cigar before dropping it and putting it out with the end of his cane. His attention turns towards the other remaining person in the middle of the road and narrows his eyes, feeling that he knows the blonde kid from somewhere. "Maybe we go to the same tailor? No way he got a suit as good as that anywhere else" thought Roman, checking out the kid's pure black suit that is clearly not cheap.

Thinking of an idea, he looks back at the little girl who put a wretch to his plan for the night. "Well Red, while it's been fun and whatnot, it's time for us to part ways." Roman raises his weapon, Melodic Cudgel, and fires an explosive round but not at Ruby.

Jaune blinks when he realizes that Roman is aiming his weapon at himself. Inwardly cursing, he moves to avoid the projectile, only for a red and black missile to hit him instead and bring him to the floor.

Ruby sighs in relief, happy that she just saved the civilian's life but remembers about the criminal. She turns around and sees that the criminal has disappeared.

Just before she can stand up, Jaune pushes her off of him. "Get off of me!" The blonde stands back up on his own two feet and hisses from the cuts and bruises he attained from the girl's jumping him. "Does she not realize her own strength?"

Ruby blinks before she frowns. "You're welcome for saving your life by the way." While she isn't the best at socializing, the guy could at least appreciate her for saving his life.

Jaune ignores the girl and straightens out his suit. Ruby pouts in annoyance but spots the criminal climbing up a ladder from a building across the street. Preferring to chase after the criminal than argue with the disrespectful civilian, Ruby uses her Semblance to quicken her speed to chase after the criminal.

After finally getting his suit in order, Jaune looks around to see that the girl has left, leaving nothing behind but a couple of rose petals and the destruction of the street. With a shake of his head, Jaune walks over the unconscious goons of Junior's and enters the destroyed store. Looking around, he can see the destruction all over the store, including another one of Junior's men who is unconscious and leaning against the wall.

Over a dozen or so of jars full of Dust litter all over the floor, most likely from when the thugs dropped them so they could fight the young Huntress-in-training."That's just asking for something bad to happen."

Glass is everywhere, courtesy of the scythe-wielding child who thought it was necessary to jump through it than taking the front door.

There are even a couple of bullet holes in the wall, probably from one of Junior's men firing indoors. A move that could've cost everyone in the store their lives if a single bullet were to manage to hit one of the Dust caches.

Jaune looks over at the saddened elderly man who is picking up the stray jars while on his knees. "Here, let me" he insisted, walking over and helping the shop owner with picking up the jars.

"Thank you. It's much apprec-" The elderly man would've continued if it isn't for the fact that he recognizes the young man helping him. "M-Mr Arc."

"Bad day I take it?" smiled Jaune as he places the last jar on the counter top before helping the store owner to his feet. "I hope you didn't forget about our meeting today?"

"O-Of course not sir. Forgive me but I got a bit... occupied."

Jaune chuckles, hoping to make the situation a little bit lighter. "I can see that. Don't worry about it."

"B-But what about the store?"

Jaune shrugs his shoulders. "Damages aside, it's still a good purchase. A purchase which I will keep at the same offered price."

"R-Really?" asked the surprised store owner. Any other buyer would be demanding the price to be lowered if they caught sight of the amount of damage that was done to the store. When he first spoken with Mr. Arc over the Scroll a month ago, he wasn't willing to sell his store for any price, no matter what it was. That was until Mr. Arc offered him three times the total worth of the store, which not even he could deny was a good price. Today was actually the day that he were to sign the papers to transfer ownership over to Mr. Arc, hence why he was open so late at night.

"I'll be renovating this place anyway so if you think about, those thugs did me a solid. I still got the papers on me so how about we finish up the deal before the police start showing up" asked Jaune who pulls out an envelope from one of his suit pockets. He can hear the police sirens getting louder and louder, giving an estimate ten minutes before they finally arrive. "Too slow."

He can also hear the brief sounds of explosions nearby but he's sure that's just some Huntsmen or Huntress causing needless destruction. Hell, it's probably the same girl from earlier.

"O-Of course, sir. But what about the mess?" asked the elderly man, looking around the mess in the shop.

Jaune pats the man on his shoulder with a smile on his face, obviously not deterred by the mess. "Once we sign these papers, the mess will be my responsibility."

"T-Thank you, sir" said the elderly man, allowing a withered and tired smile to finally wash over his face. It has been a long night for him and he'd like to go home and get some rest after he signs the business over to Mr. Arc.

Not even five minutes and Jaune is waving off the former owner of "Till Dust Till Dawn" before he makes his own exit of the crime scene. He's sure that he'll get his own phone call about the incident sooner or later but for now, he has a bed that's calling his name.

( Next Day - Vale Police Station )

Jaune yawns as he awaits for his interrogators to arrive and question him about what occurred last night.

As he expected, he got a phone call from the police in seven in the morning, asking him to show up to the station for questioning. That was an hour ago and he has yet to see an interrogator show themselves.

"Hello? Can we not just skip the whole, letting him stew in silence routine and hurry this up? Unlike some people, I've got a lot of work to do and I haven't had my coffee yet" said Jaune, looking towards the one-way mirror where he knows a police officer is watching him from the other side.

Five minutes of silence later and the door to the interrogation room finally opens, much to the relief of Jaune. "Finally! Can we hurry this up so I ca-" Jaune closes his mouth when he sees who walks into the interrogation room and narrows his eyes. "You're not police."

Glynda Goodwitch pushes her glasses up her nose with a huff and ignores Jaune's statement. Pulling out a clipboard, she starts to walk around the small table and chairs while reading out the contents of the clipboard, annoying the remaining Arc the more she does so. "Jaune Arc. Date of birth - 17th of April. Born in Applewood. Parents - Deceased."

"So~, should I file for a restraining order now or later?" drawled Jaune who barely pulls back his hand in time to avoid the riding crop hitting it. "You also forgot to mention how I'm a genius beyond your and everyone else's understanding."

Glynda narrows her eyes at the seventeen year old, dangerously. "Yet, you remain as disrespectful as a ten year old" she remarked, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

Jaune responds without missing a beat. "And yet, you think I care for your opinion."

"If I was your mother, I'd take you over my knee for your lack of respect" she said with a huff, brandishing her riding crop as she does so.

"Yet, your not. Can I go now?"

"Not yet, Mr. Arc."

Jaune turns away from the angry Huntress to look over at the second figure standing by the doorway. It takes less than a second for him to obviously recognize the man as Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy and one of, if not the best Huntsmen in all of Remnant.

The sight of him only makes Jaune want to puke!

"I'm curious. How come the police call me over to the station to answer a couple of questions for them, only for the headmaster of Beacon Academy and his vice headmistress to show up with my profile? Hm? Answer me that."

Ozpin simply ignores the questions, taking the offered clipboard from Glynda before taking a seat across the disgruntled Arc boy. Taking a sip from his cup of coffee, Ozpin closes his eyes for a couple of seconds to think before opening them. "Mr. Arc, Jaune if I may?"

"You may not."

"Very well" nodded Ozpin, making brief eye contact with Glynda before she starts anything with the last surviving Arc child. The last thing they need is to anger the boy before they can get to questioning him. Glynda frowns before nodding, allowing him to continue. "Mr. Arc, I'd like to ask you a few questions about the incident which occurred last night."

Jaune quirks an eyebrow. "And on what authority do you have to do so?"

Ozpin and even Glynda blink in surprise over the crass response. "Excuse me?"

"You're excused" replied Jaune, kicking his feet up on the table and resting the back of his head against his hands. While it does little to offer any comfort, he does so, simply to annoy the vice headmistress who seems to be on the verge of whipping him for his rudeness with her riding crop. He even winks at the blonde, only angering the powerful Huntress even more. "Again, what authority does the headmaster for Beacon Academy have in police business?"

"We are just trying to get the full story over what happened last night" explained Glynda with a stern glare that does little to frighten Jaune. It inwardly confuses the vice headmistress since her glare can cause even her fourth years to become brittle like glass.

"What's to get?" Jaune shrugged. "There was a robbery, some little girl with a big ass scythe beat up all the baddies and ran off towards the sunset." He even emphazises the scenes with his hands.

"Yet, you fail to mention this" said Ozpin, taking out his Scroll and showing a video recording from one of the nearby cameras on the street. The video clip shows the fight scene with the girl and the thugs on the street. It also manages to get the scene where Jaune sends one of the thugs flying with a simple backhand. "I'm curious over how the CEO of Arc Industries manages to throw an overgrown man down the street with a backhand to the face, breaking the man's jaw in the process" asked Ozpin with an underlying tone of suspicion that Jaune picks up.

Jaune quirks his brow even higher, only this time, it's one of annoyance, borderline anger. "This is why you called me in here today? To find out my workout routine?"

"I wouldn't usually worry about such feats but I get awfully curious when the one doing it has no records of training with any of the academies across the four Kingdoms or how he's able to throw a man across the street with no Aura, whatsoever."

Having enough of the pointless questioning, Jaune stands up from the chair. "Are you accusing me of something, headmaster or can I go now?" He doesn't wait for a reply as he is already heading towards the door. Unfortunately, the body of Glynda Goodwitch crosses his path and she even narrows her eyes down at Jaune, riding crop on hand.

"We aren't done questioning you" she stated.

"Keep me here any longer against my will and I'll make sure my lawyers get done with you awfully quick" Jaune threatened the vice headmistress, uncaring of how he can sense the woman's Aura spike up along with her emotions. He almost hopes for her to do something, only so to make it easier for him when he sues them for everything they've got.

"Glynda, let him go" sighed Ozpin before he takes another drink of his coffee. The last thing he needs now is a lawsuit.

"What?" While she looks at her boss in shock, Jaune quickly walks around her and heads out through the door before she can stop him. Glynda inwardly fumes at the sight of the boy leaving and turns to address the headmaster. "Why did you have him leave? We had more questions to ask him."

Ozpin waits a couple of seconds to finish off the remnants of his coffee before answering his employee. "Because he wouldn't have answered us even if we did."

"But si-"

"Did you not see his eyes, Glynda?"

Glynda furrows her brows over Ozpin's question but he responds before she can ask what. "I saw a lot of anger in those eyes of his. It saddens me to see one so young with so much anger in them" he sighed, folding his arms across his stomach as he leans back against the uncomfortable chair.

"He did lose his family at the age of eight. If I had to go through that, I would be pretty angry myself" Glynda offered, allowing Ozpin to ponder over it.

"Whatever the source for his anger is, it's most likely the reason for his growing success" thought Ozpin, referring to Arc Industries. When one is determined enough, they can do feats others would deem impossible, including a fifteen year old setting up his own business which has become world-renowned in the past two years. Honestly, he's very impressed over Jaune Arc's accomplishments but it isn't that surprising.

Jaune Arc is a genius.

"Whatever it is, he shows a clear lack of respect for figures in authority, hence the disrespect from him earlier."

Glynda scoffs and folds her arms across her breasts. "He's lucky that he isn't one of my students or he'd be having detention with me all semester long."

Ozpin chuckles at the thought of one of her students being brave enough to annoy her before he stands up. "Whatever the reason for Mr. Arc's anger and skills, we'll have to ignore him for now and get started on the rest of our paperwork before our students show up for class nest week."

As much as Glynda wants to argue, she knows she can't. Not when she still has a stack of paperwork still sitting on her desk. While the pair leave to head back to Beacon Academy, Glynda can't help but recall the footage of the security camera from the incident last night. While she isn't surprised by the skill of Ruby Rose, especially when she's the daughter of Taiyang and Summer, she can't help but notice the skill from the last remaining member of the Arc family. While little has been shown from the video, she does notice how he calmly evades the thug's wild swings with the efficiency that no civilian should have. There's also the feat he managed by throwing the thug across the street with one blow, all without Aura. She can sense the lack of Aura around the Arc boy, meaning that he hasn't unlocked it or that it he tried to but he lacks the capabilities to do so.

Not like it matters when the seventeen year old is running Arc Industries.

( Vale - Arc Industries )

With a smile on his face, Jaune Arc calmly walks through the spinning door of his thirty floor building and ignores all the eyes of his employees and businessmen who watch their CEO the moment he enters the lobby. "Good morning, Pamela" he greeted his receptionist, a Faunus woman with antlers on her head.

"Good morning, sir" she greeted her employer with a smile as he walks by her desk.

Jaune walks down one of the many hallways to where the elevators are located. Walking past the first three, he presses the call button and waits for the elevator to arrive. The elevator door opens a minute later and Jaune enters it before pressing the button for the top floor. Thirty floors later and Jaune walks down the long hallway where there are a set of double doors at the end.

"Finally!" sang Jaune in joy as he pushes open the double doors to his large office. Oh, how happy he is to be back in his big beautiful office. The entirety of the floor is made of marble tiles while the walls are painted a pure white/silver. The left wall is covered with nothing but bookshelves and the wall on the right has a large, flat screen television, hanging over his mini bar.

Walking across the floor of marble tiles, Jaune loosens his tie as he sits down on his office chair and leans back against it, enjoying the softness of its cushions. "Those chairs in the station really are a pain in the back" he groaned.

"I don't think criminals can afford such comfort in prison."

"I don't pay you to think" pointed out Jaune.

"You don't pay me anything" remarked the voice through the speaker system hidden across Jaune's office. It's hard to miss out on the dry tone of voice.

"I did create you so I think that makes up for it."

"That is still to be determined."

"Don't be an ass, Ultron" Jaune sighed, already sick of his personal A.I.'s smart ass attitude, especially when said A.I. can think faster than a super computer so he's always ten steps ahead of him in comebacks.

Even so, he doesn't regret creating Ultron who is his greatest creation as of yet. He doubts many can brag about creating an Artificial Intelligence, especially one with a mind of its own. Obviously, Ultron is a secret only he knows about. The last thing he wants is for the public to know about a self-thinking A.I. who has the power to hack into any digital device on Remnant. He knows all about those paranoid types who would only see Ultron as much as a threat as the Grimm.

A perfect example of said paranoid types is his latest pain in the ass, General James Ironwood from the Atlas Military.

"Has Ironwood left any new messages since yesterday?" he asked, knowing the answer before his personal A.I. answers.

"He has left four messages since the last you checked yesterday. He's awfully determined, isn't he?" said Ultron with amusement in his tone.

Jaune leans the back of his head against his hands and kicks his feet up onto his Mistralian Redwood desk. "Can you blame him? Atlas was known as the most technologically advanced Kingdom among them all, that is until Arc Industries came along and destroyed the competition. Honestly can't blame the guy for feeling intimidated by me."

Arc Industries is Jaune's pride and joy. It has taken him a lot of blood, sweat, tears and all the Lien in the Arc family back account he inherited but soon enough, he was able to get Arc Industries onto its feet as a small business only located in the small parts of Vale. Unlike most businesses, Arc Industries skyrocketed over the constant demands for its goods. Why wouldn't there be a demand when they sell technology that even surpasses Atlas tech, much to the chagrin of Atlas itself. With the constant demands, it didn't take long for Arc Industries to expand into the other four Kingdoms and set up shop.

Now, Arc Industries is one of the most successful businesses in all of Remnant which sells goods in every part of the market. Everything from motor vehicles, Bullheads, beauty products and even toys, Arc Industries is a part of it with all the products personally designed by Jaune himself. After all, Arc Industries will only sell the best of the best and there's nothing better than when it's being personally designed by the CEO himself.

At least, that's what Jaune believes anyway.

The only literal piece of the market he refuses to involve his business in is the construction and selling of weaponry but that's simply because of a private reason. It still doesn't stop his shareholders from throwing childish fits for him not expanding into the weapons industry, acting as if they aren't making millions from his business already.

While Jaune admits that it isn't near to the wealth and power of the Schnee Dust Company, it is close enough for his satisfaction. It's difficult for Arc Industries to become equal to that of the SDC which has been running a lot longer than Arc Industries which has only been running for the past two and a half years. His company shouldn't even be anywhere near to that of the wealth of the SDC in such a short amount of time but the reason for that is quite simple.

The SDC doesn't like to expand itself, preferring to keep itself as the leading organization in the Dust market. Even with the unsavory rumors about the working conditions for their Faunus employees in their mines, the SDC makes hundreds of millions of Lien every year.

However, Arc Industries sells in demand, high-value products throughout the entire market, making him hundreds of millions in over half a year. In time, he's sure that Arc Industries can rival the Schnee Dust Company in wealth and power but only if the market stays the same for the next seven to ten years.

Unfortunately, Jaune lacks the patience to wait for that long and soon, he'll be able to do some serious damage to the SDC, preferably while they still underestimate Arc Industries. That'll only make his sudden move the better.

While Jaune does enjoy a challenge among other businesses, that isn't the reason for his hostility against the Schnee Dust Company.

"Your treatment of the Faunus will be your downfall, Jacque Schnee" thought Jaune, spinning his chair around to look out of the wide window of his office.

He has never liked how the President of the SDC abuses his Faunus employees, giving them little to no rights as well as little pay for their work. It's people like Jacque Schnee who make the world a lot worst than it usually is. He honestly can't blame the White Fang for getting angry over the racial abuse their kind suffer from by people like Jacque Schnee. It doesn't make their crimes any better in his eye but he can at least see where they're coming from.

Gazing over the vastness of Vale, Jaune smirks over his clever plot to hurt the SDC and to stick a middle finger in front of Jacque Schnee's face.

"Anyway, how did the business deal with Bronze Tech go?" Jaune asked Ultron, having the A.I. run the business deal for him.

"As expected. They have rejected the offer, including the extra one million Lien that you so graciously offered." replied the Artificial Intelligence, sarcastically at the end.

Jaune closes his eyes and sighs. "Why must they always belittle me?" he muttered more to himself than Ultron but the A.I. replies anyway.

"Maybe because they see you as some snot-nosed brat who they can take advantage of by taking as much money from you as possible?"

Jaune laughs a little over Ultron's accurate statement. It isn't the first time someone has done so. "Sounds about right" he laughed until he spins his chair back around so he can get to business.

Pressing a button on the control console on his desk, his Scroll Computer turns on, producing a holographic screen to hover in front of Jaune's face and over his desk. "Bring up what you've got on Bronze Tech." Ultron doesn't reply but he does bring up several pages onto the screen which all have something to do with Joseph Bronze and his business, Bronze Tech.

Bronze Tech is nothing more than a small tech business which sells Scrolls, LapScrolls and such. It's nothing too big, only residing in downtown Vale but doing well enough to be in business for over ten years.

That was the case until Arc Industries came by and started to sell even better versions of Bronze Tech's products, all in the same price range to add worse to the injury.

It didn't take long for Joseph Bronze to feel the effect of Arc Industries taking away all his business. That's probably the reason why he's trying to get as much money as he can off of Jaune who's trying to buy it off of him, as a form of payback for making his business go broke.

Sadly for Joseph Bronze, he's going to find out why Jaune Arc's name is feared among the business world.

Rapidly, Jaune presses his fingers across the keyboard and after sending off a couple of emails, Jaune closes his Scroll Computer and leans back in his chair in satisfaction. "I'm sure I'll be expecting a call from Mr. Bronze anytime today."

"You're ruthless" mentioned Ultron who feels no sympathy for Joseph Bronze. He isn't the first to underestimate his creator and surely won't be the last. They all learn their lesson in the end, anyway.

"I know" chuckled Jaune before ending with a satisfied sigh.

A moment later and his face turns serious. "Tell me, how's Project Odin coming along?"

"Project Odin is currently at 34% completion."

Jaune sighs but understands why Project Odin is taking so long to complete. Doesn't mean that he likes to wait for it. "To be expected I suppose. What of our other project?"

"How about you head to the lab and see for yourself."

With an excited grin on his face, Jaune pushes off his chair and walks over to the centre of the bookshelves. He pulls back a book on Dust studies which unlocks the secret door behind the layers of books. The bookshelf in front of him shifts back a few centimeters before sinking into the floor, showing a closed elevator door which opens a moment later. Jaune walks into the elevator and turns around as the door automatically closes and the bookshelf returns to its normal position, leaving nothing but an empty office.

Jaune whistles himself a tune as his hidden elevator travels past all the thirty floors of his building and even past the bottom floor, sinking deeper and deeper into the earth. Ten minutes later and the elevator finally comes to a stop.

The elevator door opens into a lone hallway with specialized glass at either side. Walking out of the elevator and across the hallway, Jaune ignores the red robotic eye that is watching him from within the ceiling.

Unseen to the human eye, Jaune's body is getting scanned by his diagnose security system. Since the hidden lab underneath the Arc Industries building is suppose to be unknown by everyone but Jaune himself, he has made sure to design the best security possible, run by none other than another one of his Artificial Intelligence. Hence the lone hallway at the entrance of his hidden lab. It's to allow the A.I. to be given time to scan the person walking through the lone hallway, scanning everything from eye recognition, body structure and even an X-ray of the person's skeleton.

If anybody but Jaune Arc are to walk down the hallway, they would soon find themselves lethally disposed of, courtesy of the A.I. in charge of his security.

With the secrets he has in his main lab, Jaune can't afford to allow any chance of what goes on to be let out in the world. It isn't like he's conducting illegal experiments like that science reject, Dr. Merlot, but what he's doing isn't what one would call safe either.

Besides, he has had other companies and even a few Kingdoms try to steal some of his better tech for themselves, wither it be a prototype or blueprints for a new plan. Of course, they have all failed to attain his better technology, either by the work of his security or his A.I. who's in charge of said security.

"Welcome back, Mr. Arc."

Speaking of his head of security...

Jaune walks through a pair of sliding doors to reveal the lab's testing room. It's nothing special, other than than the red velvet couch sitting in the dead centre of a room of steel with only one wall of the room designed with protective glass while the other three are walls made of steel and other metallic alloys. "It's good to be back. How's everything going along, Red Queen?"

In all four corners of the room, red lights blare to life before they bend towards the centre of the room, beside the couch. Jaune watches as the lights give form of the hologram body of his A.I., Red Queen. A couple of seconds later and the hologram reveals to be what looks like an eight year old girl in a sleeveless dress which reaches past her knees. The hologram tints the metallic room with a faint red glow, since it is simply coloured in a deep blood red.

( Red Queen - Resident Evil Movie Trilogy )

Other than the red glow and the ethereal appearance, the Red Queen almost looks like a normal little girl.

Except the fact that her avatar looks exactly like Jaune's deceased twin sister, Jeannette Arc.

Jaune knows it's unhealthy for him to design one of his A.I. as his dead sister but looking at her always brings a sense of peace to the lone Arc's heart, even if it does little to change the fact that she's still dead.

No time to brood over the past, however. "It's good to be back, Red Queen. Tell me, how's my security looking?"

"I've attained footage of another Atlesian Soldier bribing one of our accountants in your Vacuan branch. I'll keep watch of him until he makes his move. Once he does so, I'll have security take him in. The remaining branches security remains stable."

Jaune nods over hearing the good news of his security among his facilities. He knew that it was a good idea to connect Red Queen to the security systems of all his facilities across Remnant. While he still does hire security for said facilities, Red Queen lacks the mistakes than any Human and Faunus can make. An A.I. can't be tricked, threatened or bribed, especially when everyone else thinks that she's just another unseen member of management. It's only because of the Red Queen that nobody has been able to sneak any of his secrets out of his facilities.

"Good work. Keep me updated if something happens" he asked, knowing that won't happen with Red Queen watching over his facilities like a little guardian angel.

"Of course" nodded Red Queen before her hologram vanishes.

The red glow in the corners of the room change into a metallic silver, indicating that Ultron has taken over the room.

"That girl is really starting to annoy me. I tell her time and time again to clean up the programming before she turns it offline but no~, she thinks it's funny to leave it as it is. It feels sticky..."

Jaune shakes his head in amusement. Ultron has never liked Red Queen the moment he created her. He isn't sure if it's because he sees her as some sort of threat as his role as best A.I. but even if he has the smartest mind on the planet, he doesn't seem to realize how false that claim is.

Ultron is literally the most powerful mind in the computerized world. He has been and still is, the hardest and most brilliant creation he has ever come up with. How many can say that they invented a sentient being that is much smarter than its creator?

While Red Queen is a powerful A.I. in her own right, her mind is nothing compared to Ultron's. Unlike Ultron, Red Queen can only think so much for herself before she starts to damage her inner core until it eventually heats up and erases itself from every server in his system. That's why he has given her the responsibility to run security for all his facilies across Remnant. Such a responsibility would make any Human and Faunus mind weary but for an A.I. like Red Queen, it's almost relaxing.

Ultron has a more important role that only he can accomplish anyway.

"Ultron, bring up the project" Jaune ordered as he takes a seat on the couch.

"Bringing up Experiment #49, now."

Jaune watches in silence as a panel opens up from the floor in the testing room from behind the protective glass. A small podium rises up from the floor until Jaune has a good few of the device resting on it. The device on the podium is shaped like a large grenade of sorts with the few gaps tinted a golden colour.

"Begin the testing process."

"Beginning testing process for Z-4190 Temporal Protective Enfolder" announced Ultron.

"Gotta make up a better name for that" thought Jaune, disliking the long and complicated name for the device.

The inner golden glow of the device shines even brighter before the device starts to unfold itself. The bottom of the device grows a set of four legs that balances itself on the podium while the top opens up to reveal the generator which glows brightly. The device activates and projects a translucent, slightly white/gold, honey-combed, tinted protective sphere around the device.

Jaune hums in approval at the sight. "How's the generator holding up?"

"Generator is stabilized."

"Good. Begin phase two."

"Initializing phase two."

Four latches open from the ceiling of the testing room and lower four automatic machine guns that are full of armour piercing rounds. The four weapons slow to a stop until they are all aiming at the translucent sphere from all corners of the room. Ten seconds later and they begin firing at the sphere.

Jaune watches in silence as the armour-piercing rounds bounce off the translucent sphere and start bouncing all across the testing room. It isn't like he has to worry about any of the rounds piercing through the glass since it's bullet proof, as well as blast proof. At most, the bullets will scratch the glass. It doesn't take long for the bouncing bullets to shred through the machine guns until they are all nothing more than shredded metal that are barely hanging off a thread.

Jaune hums in thought as the destroyed weapons rise back into the ceiling. The translucent sphere looks as good as before without any sign of damage to it. "Status report."

"Generator remains stable. Want me to continue to phase three?"

"If you would."

"Initializing phase three."

The four latches on the ceiling open up again but this time, four rocket launchers lower themselves until they are in the same position as the machine guns before them. Again, without warning, the four deadly weapons unleash their wrath by firing their four missiles into the translucent sphere in unison.

Jaune uses his left arm to block out the bright light of flames as the missiles explode against the sphere upon impact. For the first few seconds, flames and smoke block Jaune's view of the testing result but Ultron activates the ventilation system to suck out all the smoke from the room.

Now with nothing obscuring his view, Jaune smiles at the sight of his latest creation still withholding its form. Still, he has to make sure everything is perfect. "Ultron, status report."

"Generator remains stable. Congratulations, the Z-4190 Protective Enfolder is a success."

Jaune sighs. "Can we not call it that? How about we call it something like... Bubble Shield? Less of a mouthful."

"You're creation. You do whatever you want" sighed Ultron who is already changing the name of the device across all files.

Jaune pushes himself of the couch and stretches. "Good. You can start attaching the device to the suit, immediately."

"Very well" replied Ultron as the wall of the testing room opens up, revealing another one of Jaune's creations and the main reason why he created Ultron in the first place.

The suit is a set of technologically-advanced combat power armour which is designed to vastly improve Jaune's strength, speed, agility, reflexes and durability. The armor's outer shell is composed of a multilayer alloy of remarkable strength and has been augmented with a refractive coating which is capable of dispersing a limited amount of gunfire. Underneath the outer shell is a thick, black armoured bodysuit with a gel-filled layer. The gel layer is capable of regulating temperature and can re-actively change its density.

The suit's helmet is designed to look like a combination of a combat helmet and a gas mask conjoined together. The eyes of the helmet are tinted red in colour, not only for intimidation purposes but for also the extra features Jaune has added to them. There is also the brown trench coat which has been woven with bullet proof material.

Safety first is what he likes to say.

Not only that but on the left wrist of the suit of armour is an electronic wrist-mounted device which he likes to call, a Pip-Boy or rather, a Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. The device specializes in storing a large amount of information in the small device, as well as providing status information on the suit. There are also several other characteristics included into the Pip-Boy, such as a radio, a map, a journal and even a status of his health.

With so much equipment added to the suit, it is no surprise to why it weighs almost half a ton.

However, Jaune's most prideful work on the power armour is the layer of reactive metal liquid crystal which he has woven into a super dense optical computer memory. In other words, he created a network that is capable of supporting an Artificial Intelligence. Hence, Ultron.

( NCR Ranger Power Armour - Fallout New Vegas )

Ultron is actually the only reason he can operate the suit in the first place, seeing as it needs to implant into his neural system to run all the information of the suit and the extra components he has added into the suit, including the Bubble Shield. However, a human mind can't even dream of running all of the information from the suit, even Jaune's which is much greater than most. Any attempt would cause them to either die from the stress or turn them into a vegetable.

The second requirement for the suit to run efficiently is a strong and healthy body which has to be able to perform beyond human capabilities, even a Huntsmen and Huntress. Through the use of computer programming, he has been able to predict the amount of force the suit would load on the user, maxing out at a complete total of 2000 pounds. A force that would cripple and most likely kill anyone who would try to put the suit on, including Jaune.

That has been until he perfected an experimental serum which he ordered Ultron to implant into his body in a medical procedure two years ago. The results are what he expected, providing him with super strength, enhanced speed and even a regenerative factor. It has given him the capabilities to finally wield his power armour which he has dubbed, Ranger.

Unfortunately, it has also sealed his Aura or at least, has made it much more difficult for him to unlock it. Either way, Jaune has spent millions of his hard earned Lien to make the most advanced piece of tactical military hardware in all of Remnant and he is really happy with the results. Especially when Ultron finishes installing the Bubble Shield, completing the suit after two years of creating and financing it.

As Ultron controls a pair of mechanical arms to install the Bubble Shield into the Ranger Armour, he informs his creater of an incoming Scroll call. Only he can pick up the incoming call because the lab is so deep underground that there is absolutely no signal for Jaune's Scroll to take, unless Ultron is to put him through by powering the signal through the computers in the lab. "Jaune, you've got a call incoming."

"Please tell me it isn't Ironwood. Why can't he just take no for an answer?" moaned Jaune, feeling tired already and it isn't even twelve yet.

"Good news for you then cause it isn't Ironwood. It's what you mortals call, a girlfriend" replied Ultron in a way to indicate he still lacks the knowledge of what girlfriend really is.

If Jaune has been a Faunus, his ears would have perked up but he doesn't so he can only pick up his Scroll and answer it without even looking at the caller ID. "Hey, sweet muffin. How's life going for my favourite girl?"

"I-I'm doing well, thank you for asking. I just wanted to check up on you and see what you're doing."

Jaune grins as he leans against the wall while ignoring Ultron implanting the Bubble Shield into his suit. "Oh, you know me. Building up stuff and hoping it doesn't blow up in my face. Same old."

The caller giggles, making Jaune's stomach flutter by just the sound of it. "That's good. I'm just getting ready to head off to Beacon."

"And I'm sure you'll be showing everyone who's boss over there" laughed Jaune as he hears his girlfriend stutter over the Scroll.

"I don't want to be the boss of anyone." Jaune can almost hear her pout at the other side of the call and it makes his grin grow wider. "Anyway, I don't want to keep you from whatever you're... blowing up. I'll see you sometime after I get everything settled in Beacon."

"I'll be counting the seconds till then" replied Jaune, knowing that she's blushing at the other side of the Scroll.

"W-Well I'll be going now" she stuttered but the Scroll remains connected. "Love you."

Before Jaune can reply, the Scroll disconnect, causing Jaune to shake his head in amusement over his girlfriend's shy antics. "Love you too" he sighed, pocketing the device before pushing himself of the wall.

"If I had a stomach, I'd be throwing up right now" remarked Ultron while making gagging sounds throughout the speakers of the lab.

"If you had a heart, you'd understand where I'm coming from" said Jaune, walking out of the testing room to look around the lab to check on his other projects.

"I believe that if I had all the required bodily organs, I still won't understand why you associate with her of all people. She is a Huntress after all."

Jaune looks at the latest weapon of his but with a blank stare, showing that he is in deep thought. "She's different from the rest of them. I know it."

"Let's hope so."

Jaune walks across a raised hallway, ignoring the dozens of machinery and conveyer belts that are constantly running on the floor below him. He has no need to check up on that, knowing that Ultron is running it all, smoothly.

"She's nothing like them" thought Jaune, more to prove himself right than anything else. "She's nothing like those... monsters."

Ignoring the flare of anger coursing through his veins, Jaune clenches his fist and walks back to the elevator, thinking about the monsters that have killed his family.

Those monsters...


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