( Vale - Arc Mansion's Garage )

The garage of Jaune's mansion is massive in size, similar to that of Beacon Academy's amphitheatre. The large size is required to contain the dozen sport cars, belonging to Jaune, as well as providing him with enough space to work on anything he might come up with while at home. The wallpaper of the garage is a dark red with the ground made of black marble, with the only exception being that of the large, circular and silver symbol in the centre of the room. The symbol also happens to bare the mark of the Arc clan.

Jaune hums to the rock music playing on the radio which is resting on his nearby nightstand, all the while, messing around with what he hopes to be his new motorcycle when wearing his Ranger attire.

The motorcycle is designed as a Gilera CX and is pure black in colour. While to the Human and Faunus eye, it looks like an ordinary, if not expensive motorcycle, Jaune has added several "features" to it which Jaune is currently tweeking at the moment.

"Two more twists and... finished!" Standing up, Jaune rubs his filthy hands with a nearby rag and throws it onto the radio when he's finished with it. "Okay, let's see if this works." Throwing a leg over the motorcycle, Jaune sits down and turns on the motorcycle before revving the engine. The engine roars to life, almost shredding Jaune's eardrums from how loud it is. It's a feat that only an engine from Arc Industries is capable of. However, the engine in his Gilera CX is a recent design of Jaune's which isn't even on the market, because of the absolute power that is inside the 5-cylinder supercharged engine which possesses 400 horsepower.

Nodding, he goes ahead and activates the feature he just recently put into the motorcycle. Pressing one of the many buttons on the vehicle in front of him, two compartments open at both sides of the motorcycle, revealing a pair of guns which are both loaded with one hundred rounds each. He would have liked to add more but there's only so much one can put into the thin frame of a motorcycle before making it too bulky.

Standing twenty metres away in front of Jaune is a mannequin which he has in front of a bulletproof glass wall. The mannequin has been designed with fake bones, muscle and skin tissue to give a perfect representation of how much the human body can handle.

Jaune watches carefully as the guns on his motorcycle unload their cargo into the mannequin. After a few seconds of shooting, Jaune turns off the guns to reveal the mannequin or more accurately, what remains of it. The entirety of the mannequin has been shredded like swiss cheese, leaving a few small pieces which has been thrown around the large garage during the firing.

With a press of a button, Jaune returns the guns back into the vehicle before getting off of it. "Sometimes, I scare myself with my genius" said Jaune as he removed his sweaty shirt to reveal his toned and muscular torso, courtesy of the experimental formula he created two years ago.

It has been a few weeks since the incident with the scythe-wielding girl and the headmaster of Beacon Academy and everything has been awfully quiet as of late. While the students of Beacon have been set up into their own teams, he has been purchasing businesses, left and right, including Bronze Tech.

It didn't even take a day for Jacob Bronze to call him for a business deal. Probably because Jaune had lowered the prices for all his technological goods by 25%, causing Bronze Tech to lose whatever has been left of their loyal customers. Why would anyone pay the full price of a Scroll in Bronze Tech when they can purchase a state-of-the-art one from Arc Industries. And just like Jaune's prices, he has lowered the original price of his deal to purchase Bronze Tech by 25%, just to spite the man for having the nerve to belittle him. It isn't like he had a choice in the matter and so, Jacob Bronze "humbly" accepted the agreement, making Bronze Tech a part of the big family that is, Arc Industries.

Brushing a hand through his hair, Jaune picks up his Scroll from a nearby table and frowns when he doesn't see any new texts from his "Sweet Muffin".

"I understand that she is probably busy with classes and homework but I haven't gotten a text from her over the last three days" he said, hoping to set up a date with her when she gets the free time. Jaune's thoughts are interrupted by a new voice in his garage.

"I've got information about that if you'd like to hear" said Ultron over the loudspeakers in the garage.

"How would you know anything about this?"

"Please don't insult my intelligence and just watch this" remarked Ultron who uploads a video he found on the web.

Jaune waits for the three seconds it takes for his Scroll to download the video and when it comes on, he notices how the time limit is barely a minute long. However, it's content is enough to make Jaune's temper snap, including the screen of his Scroll when he unintentionally squeezes it too hard.

The video has been taken from within Beacon Academy, obvious from the uniforms that all the students are wearing. The video shows amateur footage from within Beacon's cafeteria, most likely taken from a fellow student. What he sees is almost enough for him to pop a blood vessal.

The video mostly shows what he guesses to be a team of Beacon students who are all laughing with one another. From the four laughing Hunstmen-in-training, Jaune is the most angry at the sight of one of them, being the one with the burnt-orange hair and the bulkiest frame. The reason for his anger is because the boy is laughing while he is pulling at the rabbit ears of a Faunus student, uncaring that he is hurting her as he does so.


Also uncaring that he is hurting his girlfriend!

( One Year Ago - Streets of Vale )

A smiling Jaune sidesteps a pair of children who run past with their exasperated parents close behind.

The reason for his trip into the streets of Vale is because he has recently purchased a declining grocery store that he has made vast improvements for afterwards. It's one of, what he hopes to be, many more businesses to follow suit and help expand Arc Industries.

Walking around the corner, Jaune sees the grocery store and is happy to see that it's twice as big as it was before. Due to him purchasing the building beside it and joining them together to form a larger grocery store. What makes him even happier is that he can already see people walking in and out of the store.

Spending enough time admiring his latest purchase, Jaune enters the store to search for the manager he recently hired. It turns out that he doesn't have to search for long because he can hear the manager screaming his throat out and making everyone in the store bleed through their ears.

"I told you that we don't serve food for your kind" sneered the manager, a man with a residing hairline, short stature and a round stomach. "If you want to get food, try to pet store!"

The rabbit Faunus can only stare down at the floor to avoid making eye contact with the rascist. It isn't the first time that she has been confronted for being a Faunus but not with such a large crowd watching. And all she wanted from him was the know where the vegetable aisle was!

"Please... just stop" pleaded Velvet within her thoughts, sniffing back her tears. Unfortunately, it only seems to anger the man even more.

"If you're going to cry, do it outside! I don't want you risking everyone else's health by spreading your animal diseases" scowled the manager. He opens his mouth to call for security, only for a hand to grab onto his shirt's collar and raise him off his feet. "H-Hey! What's the big de-" Before he can threaten whoever is lifting him off his feet, the manager recognizes the man holding him up and widens his eyes. "M-Mr. Arc."

Velvet takes her eyes off the floor to see someone actually aiding her. She blinks twice in shock, having gone use to everyone else ignoring her plight ever since she has been born. With his back to her, she can't see who her saviour is, only that he has messy blonde hair and is wearing a pure black suit.

"Get out."

While it comes out calm and controlled, both Velvet and the manager wince from the anger they can both sense from his simple two words. The manager starts spluttering out excuses, only for Jaune to drop him onto his rear. "Enough of your excuses. I've heard plenty from your filthy mouth so don't even try." A sharp glance to the two security guards and the pair runs over to lift up the former manager by his arms before dragging him away.

With his former employee out of the way, Jaune turns around to face the Faunus with an apologetic expression on his face. "Miss, I am incredibly sorry for just occurred. I am appalled and embarrassed over my former employee's treatment and I promise you that such behavior will not be accepted in any business of mine" apologized Jaune, feeling ashamed over hiring the man in the first place. He has read over the man's resume and has been so distracted by the good reviews on it that he didn't take the chance to interview him in the first place.

As his father used to tell him, live and learn.

Velvet is honestly surprised with how young the man is, especially since he claims to be the owner of the grocery store. She blushes over the sudden apology and tries to wave off his thoughts. "I-It's alright. It isn't like he hurt me so there's no harm done."

However, Jaune doesn't agree with her, shaking his head in denial. "Wrong" he said, causing Velvet to almost jump out of her skin from how stern he sounds. "A man under my employ has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to you and for that, I must take responsibility. So please, take anything you want from my store, free of charge."

Velvet widens her eyes in surprise and desperately tries to politely deny the offer. "T-There's no need for that. Really!"

"But I must insist. It's only right if I do so."

A tinge of red covers Velvet's cheeks when she witnesses the young man's pleading expression. "He almost looks like a puppy!"

After two minutes of awkward silence, Jaune sighs when he sees that the young woman won't accept his apologetic gesture. "Can I at least provide any other service? Whatever it may be, just ask."

Velvet opens her mouth to deny him again, only for her to close it and ponder over her thoughts.

"He is sorry about what happened and he does want to help..."

"M-Maybe you can help show me where the vegetable aisle is?" asked Velvet, blushing for a reason she doesn't fully understand. All she knows is that her face is heating up and she feels embarrassed.

Jaune stares at the Faunus with eyes full of surprise before they soften. "Very well. If you'll just follow me."


The half hour of assisting the rabbit Faunus concluded with a friendly chat between them which later involved exchanging their Scroll contact details. Afterwards, they started hanging out whenever Velvet wasn't busy with class and her team and six months later, Jaune asked her if she would be his girlfriend.

Genius CEO of a multi-million Lien company or not, he is still a seventeen year old with hormones. Spending a lot of time with the beautiful Faunus, it was only natural that he take a chance to ask her out, properly.

That chance has led them to their loving, yet secret relationship. He can already imagine what the gossip would be like if the media ever found out about him dating a student from Beacon Academy. The fact that she's a Faunus would only add fuel to the fire from the rascists in power and right now, he doesn't exactly have the requirements to handle them at the moment.

However, the sight of his girlfriend getting picked on by some snot-nosed punk has Jaune's anger rise to heights he has never thought possible. Velvet has always been too much of a gentle soul to fight back against the rascist pigs which walk Remnant.

However, what really angers the multi-millionaire is how the other students of Beacon are simply watching and not doing anything about it. If the future generation of Hunstmen and Huntresses are just going to be rascist pigs or uncaring brats who prefer to look the other way, he isn't looking forward to see what the future may turn out to be with them as Remnant's protectors.

This is simply one of the many reasons he dislikes Hunstmen and Huntresses! They have become nothing more than disrespectful fools who see their roles as nothing more than a privilege to gain fame and wealth. They don't have the heart or the dedication to fight for Remnant!

Hence, they will become obsolete the moment Project Odin gets off its feet.

"Ultron, I want a name, now!"

"Cardin Winchester, heir to the Winchester name and fortune. Currently, attending his first year in Beacon Academy and has been named leader of team CRDL."

"Bet that gave him a hard on to his ego" scoffed Jaune. "What of his wealth? How does his family make their money?" If there's one way to hurt someone, it's from their bank account.

"His father, Van Winchester, has made many smart business investments throughout his career as a Hunstmen and businessman."

Jaune nods his head. "Good, I want every business he has an investment in, ruined and I want it done within the next three hours!"

"I can do it in two."

"Good" said Jaune, turning off his Scroll so he can allow Ultron to do his work. Unlike Jacque Schnee, he doesn't need to show off his private army and billions of Lien to get whatever he wants. Sometimes, all it takes is good planning, heart... and a self-thinking Artificial Intelligence

Stopping by the doorway, Jaune enters his eight digit password to the control console which unlocks the door for him. He presses two more buttons on the control console before leaving the garage. Not only does the door automatically lock behind him but the Arc symbol on the floor, suddenly lowers itself into the underground storage unit he has built under his mansion. As the bike disappears in the darkness of the storage unit, another symbol of the Arc family covers the hole in the middle of the room.


In his home office, Van Winchester is currently typing away on his Scroll Computer with eyes wide in confusion and horror. "No! No! No! What's going on!?" he yelled, watching as his stock shares suddenly plummet with no explanation. He can do nothing but watch as he loses millions of Lien in the matter of seconds.

A knock of his door interrupts his shaky thoughts until his butler opens it. "Sir, you have a visitor."

"Can't you see I'm busy!" yelled Van, slamming a fist against the top of his desk. The last thing he wants is a visitor when he's trying to save his family from going broke!

The butler doesn't even bat an eyelash, having witnessed his employer get angry more times than he cares to remember. "I apologize sir but your guess claims to know something about... investment mistakes?"

"What?" gasped Van, staring at his butler for a moment before shaking his head. "Then what are you waiting for!? An invitation?! Let them in already!"

"As you wish, sir" bowed the butler before closing the door behind him.

Given a few moments to himself, Van Winchester grips his hands together as he stares at the double doors of his office. "It is no mere coincidence that someone shows up at the same time that I lose my Lien from my investments. How am I to play this?"

Before he can think anymore on the subject, he hears another knock before the doors open, revealing his butler. "Let me introduce, Mr. Jaune Arc" announced the butler who steps to the side and bows as Jaune walks past him. Jaune nods to the butler who closes the door behind him.

Van Winchester looks at the young lad with eyes wide in surprise. How can he not be surprised when the biggest name in the business world, other than Jacque Schnee, is walking in his home office, in front of his very own eyes. Of course, he has paid close attention to the sole survivor of the Arc name. He can't think of anyone else who has accomplished so much in so little time like Jaune Arc has.

At the age of fifteen years of age, Jaune Arc had formed a small business venture which quickly expanded all across Remnant in a matter of two years! Not only that but he is renowned for being a young prodigy in any and every form of mechanics. Many businesses and Kingdoms have attempted to recruit Jaune Arc for their own purposes and he has rejected all their offers. It's no secret that Atlas has become quite stingy ever since Jaune denied their offer and continued to create scientific advancements which overshadow their own in leaps and bounds. The seventeen year old is single-handedly bringing the world to a new age of technological advancement!

Sometimes, he wishes that Cardin would turn out like the Arc child but sadly, it isn't so.

"Mr. Winchester" said Jaune with neutral face and tone.

"Mr. Arc, let me welc-"

"Save it" interrupted Jaune, uncaring if he's rude or not to the head of the Winchester family. "I'm not here for pleasantries. As I'm sure you're already aware of, your investment opportunities have all suddenly sunk to the bottom of the poverty hole and unless you do what I say, they will remain there until you are forcefully dragged out of your mansion, thrown onto the streets and the Winchester name is disgraced for generations." Jaune quirks an eyebrow, challenging the head of the Winchester family. "Any questions?"

Van Winchester loses his kindness and glares at the CEO of Arc Industries but inwardly, he is cursing up a storm. "What would stop me for informing the authorities?" he enquired.

Jaune shrugs, uncaring. "You can if you want but they won't believe you and even if you do, there is literally no proof of my involvement. In the end, the police will waste necessary time and resources to research an impossible case and in which time, you and your family name will be stewing in mud. Want to take your chances?"

As angry as he is, Van isn't an idiot. Being a former Huntsmen and experienced investor, he has learned all he needs to know about making good and bad decisions and right now, he has no other option but make the good decision. Sinking into his seat, he sighs in defeat. "Fine. What do you want?"

"One thing, actually" said Jaune, taking a seat across from Van. "And it involves your son."

"Cardin? What does this have to do with him?"

"You don't need to know that. Just follow my instructions and you can return to your daily life of investing away your money."

( Beacon Academy - Cafeteria )

As usual, the students of Beacon are resting their weary bones and minds after a long day of studies and training.

"Where does all of that go?" asked Weiss, aghast at watching Nora bring another towering stack of pancakes which is almost criminally drowning in syrup.

"I'm guessing into the same endless pit that Ruby puts her cookies in" chuckled Yang while she ruffles her little sister's black and red hair. Ruby struggles to fight off her sister, all the while, swallowing the mouthful of chocolate chip cookies in her mouth.

"Yuck! How about you wipe your face off before you do anything else" said Weiss in disgust over her partner's poor table manners, ignoring the obvious fault being that she's two years younger than them all.

Blake ignores the commotion going on from the table, preferring to read her book in the little silence she can afford.

"I'm the queen and this is my beautiful castle!" sang Nora as she stabs a fork into the stack before shoving three whole pancakes into her mouth in one go, much to the disgust of Weiss and awe of Yang.

Ren sighs as he wipes away the syrup covering his best friend's lips, always the caretaker for his childhood friend. "Nora, please pace yourself when eating. We don't want you choking again."

"Umhh mhen."

"Swallow your food before you speak."

With a single gulp, Nora swallows her mouthful of pancakes in satisfaction. "Ok Ren!" It isn't even two minutes until Nora starts choking on another batch of pancakes.

"Guys, have you noticed something odd about team CRDL lately?" asked Pyrrha Nikos who looks over to the team of boys a couple of tables down.

"No? Why should we care about the team of rascists?" asked Pyrrah's partner, Jade Green.

Jade Green has long, green hair which reaches to her lower back with the front, covering her forehead in a hime hairstyle. Her eyes are an even deeper colour of green and wrapped around her lift wrist is a green ribbon, further signifying her favourite colour.

Blake's bow twitch's over the mention of team CRDL. Her amber eyes narrow over the top of her book, only for her to blink at the sight. A few tables away, she can see the entirety of team CRDL but her eyes lock onto the leader of said team. To what it looks like to Blake, Russel, Dove and Sky are worrying over their leader for some reason she doesn't know. As they do so, Cardin Winchester looks awfully frustrated for some reason and looks to be on the verge of going on a rampage.

"I wonder what's that all about?"


"What did you do?"

"Hmm?" hummed Jaune while drinking his vanilla milkshake. The businessman has replaced his usual black suit with a light blue hoodie, a simple pair of blue jeans and a pair of white and blue sports trainers. With the hood covering his hair and most of his face, he can't be recognized by anyone as the genius millionaire who owns one for the best upcoming companies in all of Remnant. It isn't much of a surprise that the media have a difficult time trying to come up with stories about him, seeing as he spends as little time as possible doing interviews for any newspaper.

At the moment, he is spending his afternoon in an ice cream bar, a local business which he actually doesn't own. Well, not yet at least. He has already bought a Dust store, a technology store and two restaurants. A good week's work if he says so himself.

"Don't you act coy with me. I know you have something to do with Cardin and his miraculous change of heart" accused Velvet, ignoring her carrot cake to look at her boyfriend, accusingly.

Jaune pushes away from his milkshake and grabs his chest, as if struck by an arrow. "V-Velvet. How could you accuse me of threatening the Winchester family with going broke if they didn't change their son's treatment of Faunus? For shame! For shame!" he cried, theatrically. He even has tears decorating his blue eyes for further effect.

Velvet simply deadpans over her boyfriends theatre performance, especially when he has most likely just told her how he did it in the first place.

Seeing that Velvet isn't impressed with his performance, Jaune sighs and leans his elbows against the table. "Sorry but what was I suppose to do? Let him pick on my girlfriend because she's a Faunus?"

"I could have handled it myself" defended Velvet but Jaune scoffs.

"Not from the video I saw. Why don't you defend yourself from him? You could wipe him out with ease" Jaune said, knowing that his girlfriend can beat the Winchester heir with both her hands tied behind her back. While he doesn't know his exact skill, Velvet has a year of training experience more than he does. What really makes her stand out from others is her Semblance and weapon of choice which compliment one another in such a way that she becomes a monster on the battlefield.

Sadly, she lacks the necessary confidence.

Velvet sighs and pokes at her dessert of choice. "If I do that, then I'll only suffer more in the end. Everyone will think I fight back because I support the White Fang."

Hidden under the table, Jaune clenches his left fist, feeling anger over the White Fang and how their actions are only causing more damage for their fellow Faunus. He is also angry over Velvet and how she believes that she's making her life better by not dealing with the scumbag who goes by the name, Cardin. She's doing nothing but giving bullies incentive to continue with their actions.

What is Beacon doing by training rascists like Cardin Winchester to fight? There has always been stories of professional Huntsmen and Huntresses not saving Faunus civilians from Grimm attacks and Ozpin is only costing more lives by allowing Cardin to become a Huntsmen.

Jaune would have a lot more to say but the warmth in his right hand catches him off guard. Looking at the source of warmth, he sees that Velvet is resting her hand on top of his. "Can we not talk about it, please?"

As much as he wants to point out all the flaws in Ozpin and in the academy he runs, he can't. Not when Velvet is looking at him with those soft eyes and tilted ears. He swears that she can probably kill an Ursa with the amount of cuteness she radiates. "Fine" he sighed in defeat. "How did you get away from your team for today anyway?" he asked, changing the subject.

Velvet's eyes brighten and her ears perk up, happy that the uncomfortable subject has been changed. "Coco took Fox and Yatsu for one of her shopping ventures. Only reason she didn't drag me along is because I said that I was going to call my parents. Although..."

Jaune raises a brow over how his girlfriend looks to the side and how her left ear twitches ever so slightly. "Although?"

"She might possibly be on to us."

"Really? How'd you guess that?"

"She's been giving me some seriously suspicious looks as of late. I don't think she actually believed my excuse today but couldn't point out any flaws in it either" she admitted as her ears droop.

"Well, unless she has proof, she can't actually accuse you of anything. Besides, isn't it about time you tell your team about me?"

"I-It's not t-that I don't want to introduce you to m-my team!" stammered Velvet, hoping to not insult her boyfriend in anyway. Her flustered state only makes Jaune chuckle at the amusing sight. Velvet stops her over dramatic panic and sighs in embarrassment with a red tint covering her cheeks. "It's just that Coco will embarrass me like crazy."

Jaune laughs and pats Velvet's hand in comfort. "I'm sure she isn't that bad." He has heard plenty of stories about Velvet's team over their time going out.

There's Fox who is a close combat specialist. While he dislikes Huntsmen for what they are, he can admire Fox and his dedication to becoming one, even when he suffers from a severe disability like blindness.

Yatsuhashi is who Velvet claims to be what she likes to call, a friendly giant. While he's sure that she's just exaggerating his size, he does sound like a pleasant man.

And of course, he has heard of Velvet's partner and team leader, Coco. Apparently, she claims to be a professional fashionista and spends most of her Lien on fashionable clothing. She also seems to enjoy teasing her teammates, especially her partner.

Velvet lowers her head, along with her ears and sighs. "If only you knew."


"I'm telling you guys, she's hiding something from us" said Coco as she looks over a beige blouse. Rubbing its material between her fingers, she scowls in distaste and puts it back on the hanger.

"Obviously" said Fox with three shopping bags in each of his hand. He may be blind but even he can see that Velvet has something to hide. "But so what? What she does in her free time shouldn't be anyone's business but her own."

"It is our business when she openly lies to us about it" stated Coco as she points a finger at Fox.

With five shopping bags in both of his hands, Yatsuhashi nods. "I agree with Coco. We're all entitled to our secrets but how can there be trust among the team if we lie to one another."

"Thank you! At least one of you has an open mind." Coco picks up a cute blouse before she smirks, knowingly. "Besides, I have suspicions that our innocent little Velvet may not be so innocent after all" she snickered. Fox and Yatsuhashi raise their eyebrows in curiosity.

"How so?" asked Fox, curious over what his leader means by that.

Coco suddenly spins around in dramatic fashion to address her two teammates. "Over the past couple of months, I have noticed Velvet spending an unhealthy amount of time on her Scroll."

"So what? She's probably just contacting her family" spoke Fox.

"That was my first suspicion" stated Coco, raising a single finger into the air. "However, she has become quite defensive over me looking into her Scroll. Even just last week, she jumped me for picking her Scroll off the bed."

Fox and Yatsuhashi both remember that moment as well. Coco has been her usual playful self and wanted to find some blackmail material on her partner, especially with how secretive Velvet has gotten as of late. Unfortunately for Coco, Velvet chose that time to return from the bathroom and caught her in the act. Neither Fox or Yatsuhashi has ever seen Velvet move so fast in all their time as a team. If not for Coco dropping the Scroll the way she did, they feared that Velvet would have plowed straight through their team leader.

If they weren't suspicious then, they are now,

"Maybe it's because someone spends too much time teasing poor Velvet" Fox pointed, staring pointedly at his team leader.

Coco waves off Fox's accusation. "Nonsense. I

I think I don't spend enough time teasing her" she said with a smirk. Fox sighs while Yatsuhashi shakes his head over his leader's antics.

"But the story is, Velvet has become more secretive over her private life, has lied to us several times about where she's going and has become more protective over her Scroll. The answer is obvious!"

"Which is?" asked Fox.

"Velvet has a boyfriend!"

Yatsuhashi chokes on his own breath in shock and even the usually stoic Fox loses control of his jaw function and allows it to hang in disbelief. Coco herself is enjoying the looks of complete disbelief from her two teammates, especially Fox cause he's always as emotionless as one of Atlas's androids.

"A boyfriend? Our Velvet?" asked Yatsuhashi who's having a hard time believing their leader. Velvet doesn't exactly peg as the type to having a secret boyfriend.

"It is the only possible conclusion" stated Coco with a proud nod.

"Do you have any proof of this?" asked Fox, having recovered from his shock.

Coco shakes her head. "Not yet but when I do, I promise you this." Coco's tone of voice turns ominous. "I'll be having a word with this boyfriend of hers."

( Vale - Bullhead Docks )

"Do you really have to go?" asked Jaune, holding Velvet's hand, even as she playfully pulls against his grip to get away from him.

"You know I have to head back soon or Coco will get worried" giggled Velvet as Jaune almost looks like he's going to fall on his knees in despair. While she would have liked to stay with him for a little while longer, she can't risk the chance of getting to Beacon after Coco. It'll only lead to more questions and a lot more teasing. "Besides, my team are suppose to be going on an extermination mission tomorrow and we will need our rest."

Jaune sighs, knowing the truth in his girlfriend's words. While they have spent a lot of time together during Velvet's first year, she now has responsibilities as a second years and so, she is to go on regular extermination missions. As much as he doesn't want her to leave, he knows that in his heart, he can't be the reason for her not being 100% when fighting Remnant's constant disease, Grimm.

It's that knowledge that he reluctantly let's go of Velvet's hand, although he does catch her off guard by sneaking in a quick kiss on her lips, much to Velvet's embarrassment. "Stay safe my little sweet muffin" chuckled Jaune, hugging Velvet before taking a step back.

After saying her own goodbyes, Velvet spins around and runs off to the Bullhead before it leaves without her. As she tries to hide it, Jaune doesn't miss the cute blush on his girlfriend's face, loving how shy she is.

With a loving smile, Jaune watches as the Bullhead lifts off onto the air before it flies off towards the direction of Beacon Academy. It isn't until he can't see the Bullhead anymore that his expression changes to one of seriousness. Spinning around, Jaune walks away to get ready for Ranger's "introduction".

"Tonight's the night."


"Welcome back. Have fun playing with your bunny?" asked Ultron once his cameras pick up Jaune returning to his mansion.

"Ultron, I want the suit out and ready for me" said Jaune, walking through the front door of his mansion before heading to the direction of his garage.

Ultron doesn't miss how his creator doesn't reply to his question but ignores it. "Already? Are you sure you want to proceed so soon?"

"Yes" said Jaune, walking down the stairs to the garage. At the bottom of the stairs is a metallic door, only opened when Jaune types in his eight digit password while providing his hand print and a rectal scan. Only after providing them does the door slide open and Jaune walks into his garage with the door sliding close once he walks through it.

Jaune isn't disappointed when he sees his Ranger armour in the middle of his family's crest on the floor. Walking towards it, metallic claws emerge from the ceiling and floor and start to take apart the armour, one piece at a time. By the time Jaune reaches his crest, the claws are holding a piece of the Ranger armour. Now standing in the middle of the garage, Jaune starts removing his clothing, unzipping his hoodie before throwing it to the side. He follows suit with his white t-shirt, doing so again with his jeans and shoes.

With his clothes discarded across the floor, Jaune reveals to have been wearing the armoured bodysuit for the Ranger armour underneath his outfit. His reason for this is because it saves time and nobody knows what may occur outside of work hours. He could get shot for some unknown reason and the bodysuit could be what saves his life.

Once he has nothing but the bodysuit on, the mechanical arms start to move and reconstruct the Ranger armour but do so with Jaune in it. It takes five minutes in total for the armour to be fully constructed with the helmet being placed on him last. Once the helmet locks itself into place, the eyes come alive and glow a dangerous red.

With the suit fully on him, Jaune can already feel the suit weighing him down. If not for his enhanced body, his bones would have shattered into dust from under the strain of the suit. "Ultron, commence transfer."

"Commencing transfer" repeated the A.I. before a cable rises from the floor.

Jaune lays his left arm out, allowing the cable to connect itself to the Pip-Boy, allowing Ultron to transfer his conscience into the suit. One of the two signs, indicating that the process was successful is the security measures in his mansion going into "Neutral Mode", now that an Artificial Intelligence is no longer controlling everything. The second sign shows itself when the weight from the Ranger armour vanishes, allowing Jaune to wear the armour as if it's one of his usual business suits.

"So then, what are we going to be doing today?" asked Ultron, slightly curious over his creator's sudden need to move up the plan.

"There has been a constant stream of Dust robberies all across Vale and I'd like to know why. Someone like Roman Torchwick doesn't peg me as a man who requires that much Dust." He has learned all he can of the master criminal which is Roman Torchwick and while he isn't above robbery, he is curious over what the man might want with so much Dust.

"It's most likely that he's selling the Dust to a third party."

"Exactly" agreed Jaune, pressing one the screen of his Pip-Boy. The Arc crest opens itself to reveal a small glimpse of what hides in his underground storage unit before a platform rises to provide Jaune his vehicle of choice, Gilera GX. Jaune swings a leg over his bike and turns the motocycle's engine on, allowing it to roar to life. "And I'd like to know about who this third party is and why they need so much Dust.

"My calculations suggest that there is a 67.84% chance that the Dust is being used to supply an army of sorts. The 32.16% possibility is that the Dust is being used for explosive purposes. With so much Dust, the unknown party will be able to cause hacov and destruction all across Vale."

"So why don't we find out for ourselves?"


"Come on boys, we're burning moonlight" said Roman, twirling his weapon as he watches another pack of Junior's goons take as much Dust as they can carry from the shelves of another unfortunate Dust store he has hit. The owner is currently quivering with one of his goons holding a pistol to the back of his head, due to him trying to make a run for it a few minutes ago.

That only ended with him getting a few broken ribs and a gun to the back of his head.

Sighing, Roman sucks in a puff from his cigar before blowing the smoke out. "I swear, robbing all this Dust better be worth it" he whispered so only he can hear himself. While he hates to be someones lackey, certain circumstances has made it so he has no other choice. Until time reveals a perfect chance, he will remain as the bitch's go-to-guy. He just hopes that the information he gave her about the incoming Dust shipment is enough to sate her anger, at least away from him.

Now he waits for her to give him news on men to help him pull of the heist.

While he means no offence to Junior, his men aren't worth the dust on the Lien he pays them for. The fight between them and Red has been enough for him to reconsider hiring them. However, he has little choice tonight, seeing as they are the only source of manpower he has at the moment.

While still deep in his thoughts, Roman sees something odd in the corner of his eye. It looks like the light in the room is shimmering for some reason but that can't be ri-.

Roman's eyes widen when he sees the shimmering light actually move, specifically behind the goon with the gun to the store owner's head. "It's moving!"

Before he can utter a warning, the sound of metal hitting bone echoes off the walls of the Dust store before Junior's thug collapses to the floor, unconscious. The remaining three goons turn around with their weapons at the ready but they can't see any enemy.

"You idiots, they're invisible!" shouted Roman who points his weapon to the direction of the shimmer. Before he can fire, he sees the shimmer move fast before feeling something push his cane upwards. By instinct, he presses the trigger to Melodic Cudgel, shooting an explosive round into the store's ceiling and filling the store with a smoke cloud of dust. With the grey cloud full of dust particles blocking his vision, Roman doesn't see the incoming punch until he feels excruciating pain in his jaw before he flies through the open door and out onto the dark street.

Groaning, Roman rubs his aching jaw as his Aura starts to lessen the pain. Using his cane to push himself to his feet, Roman looks back into the store but can only see shadow silhouettes from within the dust cloud. He casually steps to his left when one of his hired thugs is thrown out the same door as he was. Only difference is that the thug is unconscious. "Can't a man rob a Dust store anymore without someone interrupting me?"

When silence is his answer, Roman narrows his eyes as he stares at the doorway of the store. With most of the dust particles having faded away, he can see a single silhouette within the store's doorway, most likely the invisible phantom who has interrupted another robbery of his. "You know, if more people like you keep showing up out of the blue, I might go out of business, " snipped Roman as he puts out his cigar.

The figure doesn't answer but Roman isn't deterred. It just shows that whoever it is, is more professional than most. Definitely more than Red but he can excuse her for being just a kid. Raising Melodic Cudgel, he fires a round at the silhouette, hoping to finish this before anything can start. He can already hear the police coming and rather prefers to be out of the area before they show up.

The silhouette walks out of the front door of the store but before Roman can get a good look of him, his explosive hits its mark, showering the man in a shower of flames.

Roman twirls his weapon over his shoulder and smirks. "And just like that, their five seconds of fame ended with a bang."

"You talk too much."

Roman widens his eyes when a blue beam of Dust shoots through the smoke cloud from his explosive. If it isn't for his instincts, the concentrated Dust would have connected with his chest. Instead, he manages to step to his right, allowing the attack to hit his left arm instead.

Dear Oum, does he regret that decision.

"Motherfucker!" cursed Roman in pain. Having been caught off guard by the amount of pain, he loses his balance, causing him to sink to the floor. Being the professional that he is, Roman manages to save face and roll across the ground before getting back to his feet, making sure to see if no other attack is coming his way. Seeing none, he glances at his left arm and sucks in his breath when he sees the damage.

The blast must have been concentrated Ice Dust, because he left arm is now frozen in a block of ice from his wrist to elbow. And it must have been some seriously concentrated Dust because his Aura is taking its sweet time to numb the pain of frostbite which is slowly crawling up his arm. Raising his frozen arm up, he brings it down to his knee, shattering the ice and allowing his Aura an easier time to heal the frostbite.

Glaring up, Roman raises both brows when he sees who attacked him. He sees what looks to be someone in a set of heavy set of armour he has never seen before. The armoured individual's trench coat flares as the wind blows through it. In his left hand, Roman sees what looks to be a gun of sorts, most likely what froze his left arm.

( Captain Cold's Freeze Gun - DC )

While Roman admits that the glowing red eyes in the helmet is somewhat menacing, he has seen more menacing things in his life. His boss for example.

"What are you suppose to be? You know Halloween isn't for another while, don't ya?" he mocked, buying himself time so his Aura can heal his left arm.

"I've got questions for you, Roman Torchwick" said Jaune, cracking his neck as he steps onto the street, facing off against Roman who's a couple of feet away from him. "And you will answer them for me, or else" threatened Jaune, digitizing away his freeze gun.

One of the many features he has added to his suit is what he likes to call, Digitizer. It's a feature he has added to the gloves of the Ranger armour, allowing him to digitize his weapons into billions of code, allowing him to carry an entire armoury without having to literally lift anything over his shoulder. When he digitizes a weapon to or from his hands, it disperses into small blue cubes which are actually the billions of codes before disappearing. It's because of Ultron that the Digitizer can work because the A.I. has the processing capacity to digitize billions of codes in seconds. The only downside is that he can't digitize anything bigger than a rocket launcher or the suit will get damaged in the process.

"How cliche, but I guess I'll flatter you" smirked Roman, twirling his cane before leaning it against the floor. "Or else what?" he said as sarcastically as possible.

Jaune doesn't respond, preferring to activate the Speed Boost armour enhancement within his Ranger armour. While the armour already enhances his speed to match that of other Huntsmen and Huntresses, the Speed Boost enhancement allows him to almost triple that speed! And all it costs is extra energy from his power armour's source of power, the Fusion Core.

Roman quickly finds out how fast Jaune can really be when he slightly bends his knees before dashing forward. Jaune makes up the distance between them in a split second before throwing a punch towards the face of the criminal mastermind.

However, Roman is no slouch either, having lifted his weapon to block the punch from hitting his face and while that may have worked, it doesn't completely save him from the damage. The force of the punch pushes Roman across the street, scratching his shoes as he skids along the tarmac road. "Shit! That guy can throw a punch" thought Roman while his arm shakes from taking the brunt of the punch. It's a miracle that Melodic Cudgel hasn't been damaged from the attack, only hoping to not find out how many punches it will take to do so.

Jaune doesn't relent, having turned off Speed Boost but jumping across the road to where Roman is standing.

The master criminal jumps back in time to avoid getting squashed by Jaune as his Ranger armour cracks the tarmac underneath his feet. Roman doesn't get far enough as Jaune starts dueling against the criminal in close combat with him using his fists and Roman using Melodic Cudgel. The sound of metal hitting metal echoes down the quiet street until a sudden sound of metal hitting flesh replaces it.

Roman grits his teeth when he feels the solid wall behind him crack when his body collides with it, courtesy of fist to his stomach. Seeing the mysterious individual run towards him, Roman quickly fires three explosive rounds but instead of aiming to the man directly, he shoots at the floor in front of him. Why fight when he can survive to die another day.

The rounds cause a series of explosions in front of Jaune and while it doesn't connect with his armour, the force of the explosions is enough to make Jaune fly backwards. While in midair, he leans back to perform a full backflip before landing on his feet.

When he looks back, he notices that Roman has run off again. While Roman may believe that he has gotten away, Jaune can locate the criminal with the use of his Enhanced Motion Tracker enhancement, showing him a small map of the surrounding area with a small red dot getting farther away for every second that passes.

While he would like to follow after the criminal, he can hear the police sirens who are probably just two streets away.

"Damn" he muttered, activating his Active Camoflauge unit to vanish from sight.

There's always next time...

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