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Chapter 17: Start of a New Life

Cheena's eyes slowly fluttered before opening up slowly. Sitting up, she looked around her surroundings.

"Where am I?" she asked as she surveyed the room. Looking at herself, she noticed a band-aid on her arm and a blanket around her. Pulling the blanket away, she raised her eyebrows in shock.

"What happened to my dress?" she asked herself as she looked down at the t- shirt and shorts she was wearing. A frown flew across her face as she climbed out the bed.

"I don't even match" she said as she looked down at the red t-shirt and purple shorts. Sighing, Cheena looked around the room once again.

"This is my room but...how did I get here?" she asked herself as she walked over to her closet. Pulling out a pair of black sweat pants she slipped out of the shorts and put on the pants.

"Much better!" she said as she closed the closet door and walked back to her bed. Laying back, she just stared at the ceiling. Breathing at a steady pace, she just looked back and forth, from side to side. Just then there was a knock at her door before it opened. Looking to the side, Cheena saw Goten enter.

"I see you're awake" he said as he closed the door behind him. Cheena just nodded her head as she sat up.

"What happened? The last thing I remember is seeing Mr. Tightly and Jamie and everyone...I think" she said. Goten slowly walked towards her and sat down beside her.

"Yea, we were all there. That was last night. He knocked you out and took you to his house where he drugged you. It was kinda funny as I think about it" Goten said.

"How was it funny? I was kidnapped and drugged" Cheena slightly yelled.

"Well if you could of seen how you were acting. You were like a little kid for awhile. All you did was laugh" Goten said, remember how Cheena acted the night before. Cheena just stared at him before laying back down.

"Thanks for laughing at me" she said as she stared up at the ceiling. Goten slowly stopped laughing and looked at her.

"Well that was funny but what happened to you wasn't. That creep drugged you and stripped out of your dress" he said. To this, Cheena immediately sat up and stared at him.

"What happened? What did he do?" Cheena asked almost frantically.

"Take it easy! We got to you before he could do what you're thinking but he did cut you" Goten said as he lifted Cheena's shirt to show her a wrap around her side. Cheena looked at it then him.

"So what happened after that? I hope you guys taught him a lesson" she said with a frown on her face. Goten smirked as he looked at her.

"Oh don't worry, dad took care of him no problem" he said. Looking at his expression only made Cheena more curious.

"What did he do?" she asked. Goten just looked at her as his smirk turned into a smile.

"Let's just say Mr. Tightly won't be bothering anyone ever again" he said. Cheena looked at him for a minute before understanding what he was saying.

"You mean he...YES!! Go dad!!" she yelled as she jumped off the bed. Running to her stereo, she cut it on and started to dance around. Goten just laughed before he stopped.

"Hey, isn't that one of my cd's?" he asked. Cheena quickly stopped dancing as she cut the music off.

"Uh...I don't remember! Is it?" she asked innocently. Goten just frowned at her as she laughed. Going back to her bed, she sat down Indian Style and just looked at him.

"So who bandaged me up and all that?" she asked.

"I bandaged you up after Bulma checked you out. Most of what he gave you left your system. Bulma placed you under a couple of hot lights and had you sweat it out of your system" Goten said. Cheena just nodded her head as she looked down at her bed.

"Some birthday, huh?" she asked, not looking up. Goten just nodded his head as he stifled a laugh.

"I left my party and you were taken from yours. I think it's a sign" he said.

"What do you mean?" Cheena asked as she looked over at him.

"Well, this was the first time we ever had our own parties and look what happened. Maybe we should stick to having one party for the both of us?" he said. Cheena just laughed as she looked back down at the bed.

"I remember it was you who wanted the two parties, was it not?" she asked. Goten looked at her then laughed.

"Yea it was and look what happened. I guess we could all learn from this" he said. Cheena just laughed as she laid back on her bed and placed her hands behind her head.

"Yea...not to listen to you and your stupid ideas" she said as she continued to laugh. Goten just smirked as he turned around and started to tickle her.

"Oh yeah!" he said as he continued. Cheena tossed and turned as she continued to laugh.

"I give! I give! Let me up" she yelled. Goten just laughed as he grabbed her arm and helped her sit up.

"When was the last time we did that?" he asked as he looked at her. Cheena shrugged her shoulders as she looked at him.

"A long time ago!" was all she said. Goten just nodded his head as he looked at her.

"Che?" he said. Looking at him, Cheena awaited him to speak.

"I'm glad you're ok" he said with a smile Blowing the strands of hair out of her face, Cheena smiled at him.

"Thanks for being there for me when I needed you" she said. Goten just smiled back at her. Chuckling a bit, she leaned in and gave him a hug. Goten sat still for a moment before hugging her back. Just then the phone rung causing the two to pull apart.

"That never happened! I can't stand you and don't touch me again" Goten yelled as he looked at her.

"Likewise!" Cheena said as she went to answer her phone. Picking it up, she started to speak.

C: Hello?

T: Cheena! You're awake, that's great!

C: Hi Trunks! What's going on?

T: I called to see if you were awake cause I have something I want to give you for your birthday as well as Goten

C: What is it? You know I just have to know

T: Come over here and bring Goten

C: Now?

T: Yea, come on over. I'll see you two soon

C: Ok, see you soon then

T: Bye

C: Bye

Hanging up the phone, Cheena looked to see Goten going through her closet.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she yelled startling him. Looking at her, Goten pulled out her red and black baseball jersey. On the front said CHEENA in the middle and on the back at the top it said SON and underneath it was the number one.

"Wear this" he said as he tossed it to her. Catching the shirt, Cheena looked at it then at him.

"Why?" she asked as she watched Goten walk towards her bathroom door.

"Cause I'm going to wear mine and it would look nice if we wear the same thing for once since our party fiasco. What did Trunks want anyway?" he asked.

"He said he wanted us to come to Capsule Corps to get our presents" she said. A huge smile flew across Goten's face as he looked at her.

"A GIFT! COOL!" he shouted as he ran through the bathroom towards his side of the bathroom and into his room. Hearing his door slam, Cheena quickly ran into the bathroom and took the quickest shower ever. Running into her room, she dropped her towel, put on a red bra and thong then put on the baseball jersey. Going into her closet she pulled out a pair of red sweat pants with buttons going down the side of both legs. Slipping into it she heard a knock at her door. Smiling, she walked over to her dresser and looked in the mirror.

"Come in Goten" she said. The door opened and in walked Goten. Brushing her hair, Cheena smiled as she looked at him. He had the same jersey on that she did, same color and all except on the front said GOTEN in the middle and in the back at the top it said SON with the number 1 beneath it. Below he had on the same pants as Cheena except it was black.

"And to think I was going to put on my red ones" he said. Cheena just laughed as she looked back at her mirror.

"Since when do you care about how you look?" she asked. Goten just shrugged his shoulder as he sat down on her bed. Laughing, Cheena placed her brush back on her dresser.

"I'm going to wear it out. What do you think?" she asked. Goten again, shrugged his shoulder as he stood up.

"Do what ever you want, you'll still look ugly as usual" he said. Cheena growled as she tossed her comb at him, hitting him in the head.

"Jerk!" she snapped as she picked her brush up and brushed her hair. Placing it in a ponytail, she brushed her two strands on the side of her face then looked at Goten, who was rubbing his head.

"Let's go!" she said as she walked to her window and opened it. Goten just glared at her before she jumped out the window. Jumping out the window, he quickly followed her towards Capsule Corps.

Landing in front of the building, the two walked towards the front door and knocked. As the doors opened, Cheena smiled as she saw Trunks standing there with a smile on his face. Quickly she ran towards him and hugged him. Trunks just smiled as he hugged her back then looked at Goten.

"You two dressed the same today, how come?" he asked. Goten just scoffed as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Cause Cheese-face over here begged me to dress like her. She even got on her knees. It was really pathetic" he said. Pulling away from Trunks, Cheena glared at him. Sensing an argument, Trunks quickly spoke up.

"Let's go inside so I can give you your gifts" he said as he grabbed Cheena's hand and led her inside. Cheena glared at Goten on last time before turning around and walking beside Trunks. Goten smirked as he followed after them. Leading them towards the back of the house, Trunks pushed a button and the doors opened up.

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!" everyone yelled as they stood in front of Trunks, Goten and Cheena. Cheena and Goten just looked at everyone as their mouths dropped open in shock. In front of them stood their parents, Gohan, Videl and Pan, Bulma, Vegeta and Bra, Krillin, 18, Marron, Hercule and even Piccolo and Dendee.

"What...what is this?" Cheena asked as she let go of Trunks hand and looked at everyone.

"This would be the party you two couldn't have. I know its just us and not your friends but its still a party" Videl said. Goten and Cheena both started to laugh as they looked at her then at each other.

"We also got your gifts from your party. The gifts are over there, see!" Marron said as she pointed to the gifts. Goten and Cheena both looked to see two tables. Both had presents on them along with their name so they would know which belonged to who.

"So lets start this party" Bulma said as she walked over and cut the stereo up. As soon as the music played, Cheena laughed as she ran in the middle of everyone and started to dance. Everyone just smiled as Cheena just danced to the music. Looking around, Cheena noticed that she was the only one dancing. Smiling, she ran over to Trunks and grabbed his arm.

"NO!!" he yelled as Cheena pulled him in the middle of everyone. Goten held his side as he started to laugh.

"Go Trunks! HAHA!" he said. Unknown to him, behind him stood Miyuki with a smirk on her face. Quickly she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards Cheena and Trunks.

"Let me go! Have you lost it?" he asked as she pulled him along. Miyuki only laughed as she started to dance. Goten cringed as he looked over at Cheena and Trunks. Trunks was smiling as he and Cheena danced together. Looking around, he noticed everyone looking at him, since he was the only one not moving.

"C'mon Goten" Miyuki said as she continued to dance. Goten just looked at her then over at Cheena and Trunks. He just watched as Trunks smiled while he continued to dance. Looking down at the ground, Goten quickly looked up with a smile on his face as he started to dance.

"Go Goten!" Goku shouted. Chi-Chi laughed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him out next to Miyuki and Goten. Bulma smiled as she looked at Vegeta. He raised his eyebrow as he stared at her.

"Don't you even think it woman" he said. Bulma just laughed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the floor with everyone else. Soon the party really got started as everyone danced around. Just then the doors opened and in walked Jamie. She smiled as she looked around at everyone dancing around.

"Cheena!" she yelled. Looking at the door, Cheena smiled as she saw Jamie. Running over to her, she started to speak.

"Thanks for coming! How are you?" Cheena asked quickly. Jamie just smiled as she handed Cheena a present.

"I'm fine...now, but I can't stay. I actually came to tell you goodbye" she said. Cheena just stared at her waiting for her to explain.

"Mom thinks it's best! She said being around here is just going to bring up too many bad memories and I agree. I mean, I stabbed my own father, I just can't stay here anymore" she said.

"Well, I'll still see you, right?" Cheena asked. Jamie shook her head from side to side.

"No, we're going far away. I don't know where but I won't see you again. I'll miss you" Jamie said. Cheena just stared at her as water formed in her eyes. Quickly she ran forward and wrapped her arms around her.

"I'll miss you too!" Cheena said as she hugged her. Jamie hugged her back then pulled away.

"I can't stay! Mom and Tammy are waiting for me out front. I just had to see you one last time" she said. Cheena just nodded her head as she held the gift she was just given close to her chest.

"Tell everyone I said bye and tell your dad thanks for me....for everything" Jamie said. Cheena just nodded her head as she wiped her eyes. With a final smile, Jamie walked back into the house. Cheena just watched as the door closed behind her. Turning around, she saw that everyone was staring at her. Looking down, she looked at the gift in her hands.

"She's gone, isn't she?" Miyuki said. Cheena just nodded her head as she looked at the gift.

"So what is it?" Goten asked as he and Trunks walked over to her. With Miyuki and Goten standing beside her and Trunks behind her, Cheena opened the present. She smiled as she looked at a picture frame. Inside was a drawing of her and Jamie standing back to back.

"That's really cool" Miyuki said as she looked at the picture. Goten looked at it then at Cheena.

"That doesn't look like you" he said. Miyuki frowned as she looked at him.

"It does too! It looks just like Cheena" she said. Goten just rolled his eyes. Growling, Miyuki walked over and grabbed him by the ear.

"C'mon jealous boy! Let's go get some cake" she said as she pulled him along.

"Jealous? I've never been jealous in my life" Goten said as Miyuki pulled him along. Trunks just laughed as he watched them go then looked at Cheena. She held the picture close to her chest as she looked down at the ground.

"Hey, you'll see her again" he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Cheena nodded her head as she looked back at him.

"I know!" she said as she smiled. Trunks smiled as well.

"You guys better get over here before there's nothing left" Miyuki yelled. Trunks and Cheena looked to see Goku and Goten digging into the cake.

"HEY! THAT'S MY 5 LAYER CAKE YOU'RE EATING! STOP IT!" Cheena yelled as she handed the picture to Trunks and ran over to them. Trunks just laughed as he walked over to the gift table. Placing the picture on Cheena's table, he quickly ran over to get a piece of cake for himself and enjoy the party.

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