Disclaimer: I do not Own Riku or any of Kingdom Hearts.though.If only I could own Riku.

Anyway, this idea came from a very strange dream the night before my grandparents came over to spend the night.

Time for a Change


"Fuck!" I shouted as the piles of books were knocked down from my desk. I heard a bark and jingling from the living room. I went to go calm down my Chocolate Lab, Kiki. "Oh, Hello!" I greeted my grandparents that were now visiting from Wisconsin. I rubbed Kiki's belly as I listened to them. They talked for awhile till, my Sister, Selph, came into the room, then my grandmother started to talk to the both of us. "So, have you gotten your mates yet?" She asked. "Our whats?" I asked. "Did I stutter Leif?" I shook my head. The door bell rang. "That must be them!" She stood. I thundered down the 2 flights of stairs to the door across the room. I flung the door open to see to very surprised boys. Mine and Selph's eyes opened as wide as they could. "Riku???" I whispered.