This fanfic is what, for me, should have been season 15. If you want the next chapter, comment!



The alarm goes off. Grace sits in bed thinking. Last years, before the summer, keeping it a secret was easy. Even when I asked that cheerleader her number, my friends thought that I only wanted to humiliate them. But now? Half of the school was on the beach, that day. Everybody could have seen the kiss. And I'll have to face Zoë...

- I'm so happy that the principal is no longer Miss. Pills- says Maya in her childish tone of voice. - Why?- asks Zig while hugging her. -Because I wanted for so long to do this- says Maya kissing him. Tiny and Grace arrive. - Aw! Get a room, you two!- says Grace. - Grace! where have you been all summer? We need a girl talk! - squeaks Maya. - I was at school, all summer! - answers Grace. - Where were you, instead? The only bearable person in the class was Zoë Rivas! I had to spend time with her!- adds the blue-haired girl. - Then your summer was terrible, she's the meanest person on earth!- replies Zig. - She's not that bad- says Grace. - She is, she did terrible things. Did you forget about the Degrassi nudes? She is evil. While you are a good person- replies Maya. Grace nods faking a smile. She turns and sees Zoë talking to Tristan.

-You have to tell me everything about you know who- says Tristan. -There is nothing to say- answers Zoe. -But you kissed. I want every single detail- says Tristan walking into the class. - She isn't even returning my calls. For what I know, she doesn't even like girls- says Zoe following him. - Have you seen Grace? There's no way she's not into girls. Besides, you ARE into girls. You can't deny it or hide it- says Tristan. Jack walks in. -Hide what?-she asks. -This is a grade 11 classroom, you know that Jacqueline?- replies Tristan. -Why am I even talking to you?- says Jack. - Why are you here? Weren't you a senior last year?- asks Zoe. -I was not, I was just hanging out with Imogen and Becky. I was a junior, but I've lost the year- answers Jack. -And now? I mean, do you have any friends?- asks Zoe. -I was thinking about you, what do you say?- the blonde lesbian asks flirtatiously. -Yeah, sure, she'll love to be your friend- answers Tristan instead of Zoe. Then he smiled at his best friend.