"I am actually so bored right now." Sirius Black sighed from the back of the potions classroom, complaining to Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. James Potter was in the hospital wing from an 'accident' in the Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw Quidditch match.

"Just do your work Padfoot." The werewolf was intensely focused on the purple concoction in front of him, while Peter was cutting up the Lionfish heart, ready to add once it had been sitting for long enough.

"Can we prank Snivellus or something?" Sirius pouted at his friends, trying to grab their attention. Remus merely rolled his eyes and Peter only gave him a small smile.

"Please?" Remus sighed out heavily through his nose.

"Will you leave me alone if we do?" An evil smirk came up Sirius's lips as he leaned forwards in his seat.

"Depends. It has to be good, and I have the perfect plan." His friends seemed worried by his expression and his malicious words. They cast a slightly worried look to the greasy haired Slytherin who was standing at a desk by himself at the front of the room, stirring the solution in his cauldron, oblivious to the delinquents behind him.

"Fine." Remus took the chopped heart from Peter and began slowly adding it to the potion, watching it turn into a deep red colour, Peters face lighting up slightly in interest.

"Excellent! Now, all you need to do is distract Slughorn and Snivellus as I put this in his cauldron." He held up a small, suspiciously innocent looking white bag. It twitched slightly while being held in the long fingers of his right hand.

"What is it?" The timid Marauder showed interest in the raven-haired boys plans, while Remus continued the potion.

"Praemium Pulveris, my dear Wormtail! Or exploding powder to be less technical. Zonkos just started stocking it. Makes any potion you put it in explode on the person nearest it in 20 seconds!"

"Won't it explode on you then?"

"No, I'm gonna sneak off and it will explode on Snivellus!"

"I can't believe I'm going to do this, but get in position, I'm about to distract them." Remus took his metal rod from his potion and threw his pale arm in the air.

"Professor, I believe Peter and I's potion has too much Lionfish heart." Sirius sneaked off as the spritely Professor headed to his table, Snape turning at the sound of one of his nemeses' voice. Sirius took his chance and put the powder in the black potion.

"Dear boy it seems fine to me! The way you're going you'll be out ahead like my dear boy Severus here! Already doing an extra potion this lesson, and my, Mr. Black what are you doing over there?" Severus backed away from his potion as he saw a worried looking Sirius hiding a white bag behind his back in front of his cauldron.

"Just seeing how Sniv-Severus, was doing here." The potion bubbled but Sirius didn't move as Slughorn watched him.

"Well I would suggest you get away from that if it touches you-" A thick black liquid erupted in the air and landed on the shocked Sirius Black, seeming to burn him. He yelled out as he hunched over. Everyone stared in silent horror as their classmate was engulfed in the tar like substance. Suddenly it all seeped the floor, leaving an empty spot where the boy had once been. The class stayed as they were for more than five minutes until a tentative Remus broke the silence with a weak and trembling voice.

"Pro-Professor Slughorn, what did you say the potion would do if it touched you?" The slightly balding wizard seemed sick in shock as he stared at the spot where the fifteen-year-old Sirius had vanished.

"I was going to say that a drop would send you one day into the future."

"And-and how far would that much send you?" The rat was rightfully terrified.

"I would say about twenty odd years." Everyone paled.

"Can you get them back?"

"There is no known cure." Even Snape couldn't bear to smile at the sight before him. The bell rang but no one moved.

"O-okay, dismissed. Except for Mr. Lupin, Mr. Pettigrew and Mr. Snape, I believe you all must come with me to see the headmaster.


Albus Dumbledore had sat silently, his crooked nose gently touching his wrinkled fingers as he thought about the situation that Horace Slughorn had informed him about.

"What do you suggest we do Albus?" The wise wizard observed the students and Professor before him.

"I suggest that we try the few spells known to reverse such effects. On such a large dose though, Mr. Black may not be able to be, how should we put it, retrieved, as easily as normal. And with Mr. Snapes advanced potions skills, it may make it even more difficult." He stood and went to the golden bird perched behind his desk.

"And if it doesn't work?" He pet the bird gently and thoughtfully.

"Go to St. Mungos and tell them what happened." The bird flew out gracefully as the wizard turned again.

"There is nothing else for us to do Horace. We must just hope that he is okay."


A raven-haired boy opened his eyes to see himself in the potions classroom that he remembered being in, but no one else was in there and there was no potions equipment set up. He stood up properly and slowly went to the door. He stepped out to see a few Hufflepuff third years walking past him, giggling to each other. His class must have just left already? He continued up from the dungeons hesitantly. He didn't pass any more students as he went for the Gryffindor common room. Everything seemed slightly different, but he couldn't think of why. He heard a strange laugh coming from an empty classroom and opened the door to see Peeves putting some form of hex on the chairs.

"Peeves! How did that prank go on Filch last week? Did he end up bald?" Sirius smiled at the familiarity of the Hogwarts Poltergeist, but his relief was soon drawn back as the transparent figure looked at him confusedly.

"Is this wee little Sirius Black?" he floated over to him and circled around him once.

"You're looking awfully young for such an oldie."

"What?" he smiled at the confused boy in a wicked sort of way.

"Oooh, little one doesn't know! Go to the Great Hall, give 'em all a shock." The poltergeist winked before leaving.

"What are you talking about Peeves?" He ran out of the classroom after the figure but he was soon gone. What did he mean 'give them all a shock'? Sirius, being a stubbornly curious person, went to the Great Hall to find out. He wasn't too far away from it and walked through the doors slightly confused but standing tall ad slightly arrogant as always. Many heads turned to him confusedly, not knowing who he was. Dumbledore looked at him before quickly standing from his chair.

"Welcome back, Mr. Black." Sirius smiled to hide his nerves as he noticed that Dumbledore looked older than he remembered. He noticed McGonagall seated next to him looking pale with a considerable amount more grey hairs than she had when he had her for Transfiguration that morning.

"What's going on Dumble? Something seems different." The students seemed more confused by this again, but a few couldn't help but chuckle at the new, well, old comers nickname for the Headmaster.

"Mr. Black, perhaps you would like to come with me to my office so I can explain-" He was about to head down to Sirius until a short trill like sound came from a toad like lady dressed in a sickening shade of pink who was seated on the other side of the Headmaster.

"Albus, who is this boy?" Sirius shot the lady a confused look, but the rest of the students remained silent as she spoke.

"Dolores, if you would like to come with me, I can explain everything to you as well." He smiled kindly at the annoying woman, surprisingly not letting any hate fill his features.

"How kind of you Albus, but I believe you can tell me here." Professor McGonagall began to revive from her shock and raised her eyebrows before peering down at Sirius in an…affectionate way?

"Well of course, this is Sirius Orion Black. Due to an accident he got, shall we say, swapped to the wrong time." She furrowed her ugly face in thought.

"What do you mean Albus?"

"Mr. Black here is from the year 1975, when he was attending his fifth year." Everyone began talking and standing on their seats to look at him.

"What's the year now then?" Everyone silenced again as Dumbledore hesitated for quite possibly, one of the first times in his life.

"I'm afraid that it is 1995 Mr. Black." It was McGonagall who spoke this time, showing empathy for the shocked and scared boy as he backed out of the Hall and ran down the corridors. He knew it was a stupid reaction, but it seemed like his only one.

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