Hello all those who happened to stumble across this story! My name is Kelly and I am here to write the remake of Kelly and Victoria's Vampire Adventures. Victoria and I haven't written for our original in such a long time and I really wanted to write for it again but life happens and we aren't able to write anymore. If you want to read our original I'd recommend it. It's just a bunch of derpy weirdness that still makes me smile after all this time. I hope you enjoy the remake!

"We're telling the truth!" Kelly snapped glaring up at the Reiji. Laito, Subaru, Ayato, Kanato, Shu, and Yui watched from behind interested in what was going on.

"Impossible. Do we seem animated or fictional?"

"Yes!" Both girls snapped exasperated. Kelly started to pace back and forth grumbling to herself about idiotic vampires who won't even listen. Then again their case was on the crazy side.

"Listen. We're telling the truth. Where we're from this…" She waved her hands around the entirety of the house including the boys and Yui. "Is all fictional. We were headed to the store then somehow we ended up here."

"Everyone in the room thought the two girls were delusional. Must have been from the fall. As in the girls literally fell into their living room as soon as they walked in. A small trickle of blood was drying fast on Kelly's head while Victoria was bruising in various places.

The scent of blood is what brought them to the girls in the first place. Starting this whole endeavor. "I just don't understand why we were brought here. Was it a technical malfunction? No…Are we asleep? We did share a dream that one time…" Kelly muttered staring at her best friend

"I don't think so, this seems way too real to be a dream." Victoria muttered facing Kelly. It was true they weren't imagining this. They really were in their favorite anime's. Actually just waiting for the next season to come out.

"It all started out with the two girls going out to a store, Kelly was driving and Victoria was in the passenger seat. The two of them were just talking about it because Kelly found a rumor that the newest season would be out soon.

The two girls were beyond excited what with the mention of the new character Kino might be in it. They were headed to Barnes and Noble to just look at the books when it got fuzzy. Like black out fuzzy. Victoria was the first to wake up.

Her body aching in areas like her skull, her back, even her leg. Her ankle was inflamed in pain. But one look around her surroundings she knew this place looked somewhat familiar. Dazed she forced herself to stand.

A few feet away was Kelly. Some of her blonde hair was covering her face. Hobbling over to her took some time but soon they were together. Victoria shaking her shoulder. Some of Victoria's brunette hair would slosh around her frame

"How did you get in here?" Ayato's demanding tone circled the room.

"Uh…" Victoria tried to respond only she didn't know how to. Ayato Sakamaki was standing only a few feet in front of her. His glare directed right on her. "Uh…."

"My fucking head." Kelly moaned sitting up slowly clutching her skull. She made a small hissing sound pulling her hand away staring at the blood. "Fuck me…"

"Only if you ask nicely." Laito chuckled to himsel. The room slowly filled with the wonderful vampire owners of the home.

Soon enough everyone's eyes were on the two girls, surprise, rage, confusion, and even curiosity spread through the small group. After trying to explain what happened and how they actually got in their home they were deemed delusional, insane, crazy, all of the above.

"How can you expect us to believe you 'fell' in the middle of our living room? You should know better than to break into our home and spell off some half assed story." Reiji sighed pinching the bridge of his nose. He couldn't understand that the girls were telling the truth. The story they were spouting couldn't be true. Dimension hopping? The idea was barbaric, no one could travel dimensions. The only way that could happen was if you were in a story. And this wasn't a story.

"What could they do to prove it?

"How are we supposed to prove it? I'm covered in bruises and her head is busted open!" Victoria exclaimed throwing her hands toward her best friend.

"Not so loud my skull is killing me," Kelly hissed touching the back of her skull slowly feeling around for any damage. "Why don't you just give us a lie detector test? I'm sure you would have one somewhere in this place."

A low grumble echoed through the halls around them

"No, there is no need." Shu spoke for the first time that night. Victoria let out a small squeak of excitement. Back home Shu was her 'adorable sleepy baby' she's always fancied him even though she had the hots for Laito the most whenever Kelly or Victoria talked about Diabolik.

"What! What do you mean?!" Ayato shouted glaring at his eldest brother, grinding his teeth together in his anger.

"They're telling the truth." His voice was so soft but it was like it echoed around him in loud waves.

"At least Shu sees we're telling the truth!" Kelly snapped cringing when she found the tender spot on her head. Still wet.

Kanato practically appeared right in front of the girls staring them down searching for something. Anything. Victoria's blush engulfed her face. No boy has ever been this close to her face before, well besides her brothers.

"Come with me." Reiji announced grasping Kelly by the wrist forcing her to follow after the tall butler like man.

His large hands easily circled Kelly's tiny wrist in a tight grasp. Where was he taking her? Down these mile long halls she didn't know. Victoria quickened her step to stay with Kelly. Not wanting to be left alone with a room full of angry vampires. And Yui.

A bathroom. Reiji took the girls to a bathroom. He turned Kelly around facing the mirror, forcing her to have her back to Reiji. Victoria watched curiously as he poked and prodded the back of her skull till he heard her hiss. Kelly's eyes were clenched tightly shut while her knuckles turned white.

"You did hit your head on something. Here." His long arm stretched beside Kelly in front of the mirror cabinet pulling out a bottle of what looked like advil. "This should help." She knew Reiji liked to poison Tea, but would he poison her? She didn't know him. Outside the story line no. She only knew bits and pieces from the manga and the show. She never got to play the game.

"Thanks…" grabbing four pills she risked the chance of being poisoned and downed them with some water. If she was lucky the aching feeling would help. Victoria and Kelly glanced at one another for what seemed like hours. This couldn't be happening. How was this real?

Reiji waited for both girls, an irritated look on his features till they decided to follow. Rushing after the tall dark haired male they returned to the living room where they met the others again. /span/p

"What are your names?" Yui asked softly trying to be a nice one of the group.

"My names Victoria and this is my best friend Kelly." Reiji's hawk like gaze never left the girls as they looked around the room.

This place was much bigger on the inside then they thought it would be like. Cream colored walls, white carpets, white couches, wow everything just screamed sophisticated or high class. There were a few dents in the walls from Subaru most likely.

Kanato seemed to be sitting on the floor playing with his Teddy, Ayato and Laito stared down Victoria and Kelly smirking to themselves.

Shu appears to be sleeping at first glance but looking closely anyone could tell that he is paying attention.

Subaru was off on his own side of the room glaring at them if they even looked at his direction. All this attention could drive anyone nervous. Victoria started at the floor playing with the hem of her shirt nervously while Kelly was playing with her necklace while staring at a wall off in a daze.

"How much do you know about us? If what you said is true, which I highly doubt, but how much do you know?" Reiji demanded his chilling voice sent shivers down Kelly's spine. Kelly always had a small crush on Reiji when home, now that she's met him face to face it just expanded her crush. The Sakamaki boys were incredibly attractive.

"You all share the same father," Kelly started out going with obvious facts first.

"Ayato, Kanato, and Laito share a mother. You and Shu share a mom. Subaru is the youngest." Victoria continued.

"Yui was sent here as a sacrifice, the fan base likes her with Ayato for some reason." Kelly shrugged touching her chin in thought. "Not really sure why, I guess they can be cute together."

Victoria shrugged. "They have their moments."

"Okay enough." Reiji growled. "Until I know what to do with you, you two will stay here."

That shocked the girls. "Holy crap seriously?"

"We wouldn't have had anywhere else to go anyway…" Victoria muttered low enough that barely anyone heard.

"What?! Why do we have to take in more girls!" Subaru snarled slamming his fist into the wall creating another dent. Kanato started to giggle his large purple eyes practically stared into the girls souls.

"Teddy and I think it's a great idea! Don't you Teddy?" Kanato giggled again making the teddy bears head bob up and down as a yes.

"At least they're not flat chested like Chichinashi over here." Ayato smirked. Kelly threw her hands up to her chest trying to cover her breasts as much as possible while Victoira flushed in embarrassment, making Laito snicker

"Ara~." Ayato walked closer to the two looking them over and making it very obvious much to the girls discomfort. "I'm excited, aren't you Bitch-chan?" Yui's discomfort showed exactly how excited she was that Kelly and Victoria were going to stay

"You'll have some new friends, isn't that great Bitch-chan?" Laito continued. Yui smiled nervously already knowing the dangers these girls were in.

"Starting first thing tomorrow you will be enrolled in our school, if I cannot keep an eye on you someone else will." Reiji informed coldly. Victoria and Kelly glance at one another before facing the group.


"A couple more pretty girls around the house won't do any harm." Laito snickered smiling mischievously like the Cheshire cat that he was.

"Victoria tugged on Kelly's shirt sleeve, blushing madly. She was trying to contain her excitement. "Did you hear that? He called us pretty! Laito called us pretty!" She gushes, practically bouncing on her feet.

"Mil-nin I tell you that all the time," Kelly smiled very amused with her best friend's happiness.

"Yeah, well…" Victoria muttered looking bashful, never believing anyone when it came to her being pretty.

Both girls were beyond excited to be here, hopefully they would be able to meet the the Mukami's and even the Tsukinami's. Perhaps even Kino himself! Though both girls were excited they also wondered how the plot line would shift now that both Victoria and Kelly were there. Would it be the same? Would it alter to affect all three girls? Or would it be the same? Who knows. Only time will tell. The girls were just excited to have fun with their favorite characters and cause a little trouble.

So here's the new remake of Kelly and Victoria's Vampire Adventure. Victoria and I haven't had the chance to write for the original in a long time, we had talked about doing a remake but with our busy lives we had to stop. I decided to try a redo. There was no way I could have continued the original since I had no idea what Victoria had planned for her portion so I figured I could rewrite some and see how it goes. I'm sorry it's not like the original, i'll try adding as much fluff and randomness as before . Please leave a review in the comments and I'll be sure to try and fix anything that looks bad or I messed up for you guys.