Ruby could tell Sam was having another nightmare.

He was soaked in sweat and kept tossing fitfully. She wondered if it would be kinder to wake him or to let him sleep just a little.

She decided on the later, Sam never got enough sleep. He was going to crack if he kept going like this. The work they did together was too demanding both physically and mentally for him to keep doing on too little sleep. She needed him strong.

It had been stroke of luck when Dean died. She had worried at first that it had broken Sam completely. He had been useless for weeks after burying his brother's shredded body, but with a little patience and nurturing she had singlehandedly raised him up out of his despair and was molding him into the perfect weapon.

She smiled softly and almost affectionately pushed the hair back from Sam's drenched forehead. It wouldn't be long now until he was ready.

Sam's body suddenly lurched up into a full seated position and he woke with the gasp of a drowning man.

Shh... Ruby soothed him reaching her arm up and rubbing his chest.

" It's okay Sam, just a bad dream." She whispered. "I'm here."

One of his shaking hands grabbed the hand she had on his chest and pulled it tighter against him. She could feel his heart pounding inside like it was trying to escape his body.

"You're safe, I'm here." she murmured to him.

With his free hand Sam reached under his pillow.

"Sorry." He breathed out raggedy as he produced his knife.

"Don't apologize Sam." Ruby purred as she sat up next to him and presented her wrist.

" Take what you need to feel better."

As Sam drank what he needed from her she played with his hair and smiled like a Cheshire cat.

She didn't have to waste time anymore coaxing Sam into drinking her blood. He was craving it more and more and she could tell as his appetite improved he was growing strong.

He finished and sat back against the headboard wearily.

"You need to get back to sleep." Ruby whispered in the dark.

"I can't. " Sam groaned. " These nighmares..."

"Dean again?" Ruby asked.

Most of Sam's nightmares were about Dean, either reliving his death or watching him be tortured in Hell, but Sam shook his head.

"It was my dad." Sam said, " Did you know he told Dean to kill me if I couldn't be saved? My dad probably would put a bullet in me himself if he could see me now."

This kind of of thinking was dangerous to everything Ruby had worked for.

"If your father could see how many people you are helping, and how many demons you are sending back to Hell, he would be so proud of you.

You took this part of you that you can't change, and you are using it to help people. You're a hero Sam, not a monster."

"I don't think Dean would see it like that." Sam protested weakly.

Ruby began kissing his neck and face "Dean just didn't understand. I believe in you, you are going to save everyone." She breathed out between kisses.

Ruby couldn't let Sam's mind dwell on his family for too long. Her mouth and her hands and finally the rest of her body began moving working together to distract him until he was completely spent and then finally lured back to sleep.