Self Explanatory, This is the ideas that I have but but failed to execute them.

Bold With Underlines: Titles

No B,I,U, Explanation and Summary

Fate: Feedback

Summary: Meh...

Simply, Abacchio With Moody Blues (or alternatively, Fugo With Purple Haze) gets Sent to F/SN. That's it, but me having no general knowledge to fate, makes my idea obsolete. (Lmao just found this fandom, just recently about 2 months)

Returning to the Point of Zero

Summary: Shirou, Failing to End Gilgameshs Life, Gets tired. Tired, Tired to the point where he wants to give up. But one certain certain gang star passes his legend to him. AU.

In this AU, Shirou get in A Time loop where if he failed to beat Gilgamesh, he gets sent back where he started. He also doesn't have unlimited blade works but a Average One in return. Giorno is also in this AU as an Old, fully fledged Leader of passione with his stand, Gold Experience and Gold Experience REQUIEM on his head (Stand Disks) with the arrow alongside him. Yet again, my knowledge made his idea obsolete in my head.

Fate: Swap.

Summary: Meh...

An AU where the main character is Shirou but instead of being adopted by Kiritsugu, he gets adopted by the fake priest. Making him a member of the church with special efficiency with black keys and swords in the future. Also, Genderbended Gil.

And I'm too lazy to even list all my fate related story ideas that I failed to execute and create because of my fucking knowledge of it which is nearly nonexistent

Ruler Class: Kishibe Rohan.

Summary: Meh

A Basic idea of replacing Jeanne D'arc, to Rohan with the OP Heavens door. Simple idea but I didn't watch the Apocrypha.

too lazy to write down other ideas.