Hello! So, here's another book from me! It won't be my main story, and, to be honest, it's not much of a story, more of a guide full of headcanons about the different elements.

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So, ya know the book in my main story? Fixed Faces? The Elemental one? So whenever I reference a chapter or something, it'll be in here! LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT?

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Fire, earth, lightning, ice, darkness, and air are the main elements. These six have been genetically modified over time however, to create numerous variations, including the prized element of energy, the most powerful of all, gifted to the descendants of the First Spinjitsu Master.

The elemental masters were chosen by the First Spinjitsu Master himself, to guard and protect Ninjago. Their descendants are most likely possessors of the elements, but it can skip a generation, giving for unplanned or unknown elementals.

Fire: The ability to control, possess, or withstand flames. Usually held by a male, although a female master of fire is possible. Also lends to the personality trait of a quick temper.

Earth: The ability to control and possess earth matter, mainly rocks and boulders. Also, beholder is quite strong, and able to lift many times their body weight. Lends to the trait of leadership and levelheadedness.

Lightning: The ability to control, possess, and generate lightning. Is usually held by a quick witted and lighter person. Lends to the traits of speed and humor.

Ice: The ability to control, possess, and withstand ice. Beholder is usually intelligent beyond normal matters, and lends to the trait of calmness under pressure.

Air: The ability to control, possess, and move air. Beholder is usually light for their size, but strong. Lends to the traits of lightheartedness and creativity.

Darkness: Usually an evil element, this one is the rarest of the original, but just as powerful. Beholder is usually infested with darkness, but the advantages of this element are quick thinking, wittiness, and intelligence.

Energy: The most prized of all elements, beholder is able to master all six of the original elements, then opening possibilities to train for the modifications.

The variants of the elementals are many, but very few people actually hold an element, instead, magic can be used to look like an element. The way to tell if an element is real or fake, is simply to place vengestone on them, in the form of handcuffs, and if their power is still able to be used, it's fake. Real elementals cannot work through vengestone, a stone mined originally in the Caves of Vengeance, hence the name.

The elementals of today are hidden, usually preferring not to be noticed.

Variants of Air

Form: Ability to take the form of others, and mimic voices.

Light: Ability to control light, owner is usually female, though male beholders are possible.

Invisibility: The ability to become entirely invisible.

Gravity: The ability to control gravity. Is also referred to telekinesis.

Wind: The ability to control, move, direct, and withstand wind.

Variants of Earth

Nature: The ability to possess or control elements of nature, including plants, animals, and weather.

Animals: Beholder is able to communicate with, and if powers are strong enough, turn into, animals.

Metal: Strength and the ability to be plated in metal armor.

Sound: Ability to control and direct sound. Beholder is normally blind.

Variants of Lightning

Speed: The beholder is capable of going extreme speeds, and is usually held by a male, though female beholders are still possible.

Thunder: The ability to control, and possess thunder, which can interfere with, if being used alongside a master of lightning.

Electricity: The closest variant to lightning itself, the only difference is lightning as a form cannot be generated by the beholder of this element.

Variants of Darkness

Shadow: The beholder is able to turn directly into shadow, if entirely still.

Poison: The rarest form of any of the variants of darkness, beholder is able to control, possess, create, and withstand poison.

Deception: Masters of deception are the most common of all variants, despite darkness being the rarest element. Deceptionists are able to confuse, gyp, and manipulate people with ease.

Mind: Includes the ability to manipulate what is being thought, as well as being able to read minds, or search them for information, if strong enough.

Variants of Fire

Smoke: The beholder has the ability to turn into, control, or possess smoke.

Lava: Beholder can control, possess, and withstand magma. Rarest form of fire.

Variants of Ice

Water: The ability to control, possess, and direct water. Beholder is normally female, although male beholders are still possible.

Snow: The ability to control, move, and form snow.

Rain: This element is much like the water element, but the element of rain cannot control large bodies of, or standing water.

Note: Each individual can bend, modify, or enhance their elements in some small way, depending on genetics and pure chance.

And, there are more elements, though not original, they aren't a variant of an original element. These elements include:

Time: The ability to control Time, which includes the pausing of, slowing, reversing, and speeding forward in time. Element is usually held by twins.

Healing: The ability to heal, with a heightened sense of empathy.


Amber: The rarest of any element (Other than Energy), the beholder, if she/he has touched another elemental, can then use that element. I.e., if the beholder of Amber touches the elemental master of Fire, she/he can now use Fire a an element of their own.

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