"Piper was coming in from a day of reporting on the new stories she was coming up with only to realize that she was locked out of the great green jewel: Diamond city. "Hey it's me piper! Can you open up!?" She shouted into the intercom. "Sorry piper, but mayor McDonough is real steamed about your new paper. The whole city is in a tizzy..." Replied the security guard. She growled at the intercom and the poor guard on the other side but then heard footsteps behind her. I lone man wearing a vault suit and leather armor was walking up to the gate and let out a groan. "Psst. You want into diamond city right?" The man looked over to piper and gave small shrug. "I just got here, but yeah..." I responded holstering his gun and walked next to her. "Shhh ok follow my lead..." She said as she started up a back story.

""What...? You're a trader up from Quinsy? You can keep the general supply store stocked for a whole month!? Huh..." She lied with ease as she turned back to the intercom. "Hear that Danny? You gonna open up, or will you be talking to crazy Merna about missing out on all the supply?" The poor guard just groaned at her lie and the gate shuttered open. "Geez don't make it personal piper!" Pouted the guard through the comm as they prepared to walk. "Thanks. Best head in before Ol'Danny catches up on the bluff." She said with a smirk that made the dweller smile. "You first" He responded sarcastically as they moved in. "Piper!? I told Sullivan to keep the gate shut!" Growled the mayor as he watched the reporter.

"The dweller tilted his head as the two began to argue. He kinda tuned them out as she began to tinker with his pip-boy. He was than snapped out of his focus as Piper asked him a question. "What about you? You support the press? Because the mayor is threatening to throw free speech in the dumpster!" She complained in a oddly reasonable and cute way to the dweller. "Always supported the freedom of the press." Replied the dweller earning a smile from the reporter, but the mayor quickly intervened. "I'm so sorry sir. Ignore this ramble rousing hooligan. No... You look like diamond city material!" Said with a attempt to win over the dweller, but the survivor wasn't having it as the mayor wore the truth on his sleeves to him. "This hasn't been the friendliest welcome..." He said with a slight growl to his voice.

"See McDonough. Not everyone is won over by a shark smile" Said the snarky reporter as the mayor gave a humph and turned to her. After warning her about anymore "accusations" he stomped away with Piper throwing insults back at him. "Geez. Elect ONE person and they apparently think they have the biggest balls in the world." she grumbled as she looked over to the dweller, He was zoned out as he tuned and played with his pip-boy holo-player. "Umm hey you ok?" she asked snapping him back to her as he smiled. "Yeah just trying to fix this thing..." He said as she looked over to see him shuffling some parts and rewiring the player. "Well I'm heading in. If you want information than come with me and we can trade: An interview for info." She said as the dweller nodded turning his attention to the task at hand

Now inside the city he looked at the shanty town and muttered under his breath. "My favorite ballpark became a shanty town... What's not to love?" He mutter sarcastically. He then looked down the stairway to see the reporter's back in he began to view her clothes of choice. She wore a red trench coat and a green scarf. He kinda blushed when his eyes went a little too far down viewing her behind. "Nora would kill me" He thought, but then his thoughts returned to his now murdered wife. He felt tears fill into his eye. He shook his head trying to get the thoughts and wiped his eye with his sleeve. He then looked up only to see Piper in front of him. He gave a yelp as she smirked for second. She then lean forward as she observed his eyes.

"Are you ok? You were just crying now." She said looking at him with worry. He shook head and stood up and wore a smile on his face. While she still looked concerned she turned back to the Publik Occurrences. After greeting/warning Nat about the mayor. Now inside she collapsed onto her couch and looked to the dweller. "So you holding up blue?" He tilted his head as she chuckled at his confusion. "Just a nickname. Not everyday you find a vault dweller." She said as she patted the seat next to her. He than sat next to her and she pulled out a pencil and notebook. "Ok you want to do the interview so you can get help?" He nodded as the reporter started on questions. "First can I get you real name?" The reporter asked. "Jack, or Mad Jack as my army buddies called me..." The dweller chuckled nervously as she smirked a little. "Army buddies? Where you NCR or Brotherhood of Steel?" The dweller shook his head at both guesses. "United States Army" He responded as she looked at his suspicious. "Enclave?" Instantly Jack tilted his head confused. "Enclave? No, pre-war military. My vault ice boxed me."

Instantly her jaw dropped at the reply. She than wrote down the words so quickly it wouldn't be surprising if it looked like chicken scratch. "S-so you were on i-ice?" She stuttered in surprise as she looked at him closer. "Y-yeah. I'm over 200 years old." He said with a slight shudder as he surprised the reporter revealing his age.