Yuno sighed. It had been Klaus's idea to have a game night with some of the members from the other squads. He would never fully admit it, but Klaus was actually quite fond of them. So there they were, sitting in a circle in one of the spare rooms in the Golden Dawn's headquarters. They certainly were an odd bunch; Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus from the Golden Dawn, Leopold from the Crimson Lion, and Asta, Magna, and Noelle from the Black Bulls. It was getting late and, needless to say, things were not going to plan. The game of Monopoly had literally gone up in flames when Leopold decided he would just conquer the board by force and Jenga had gotten too intense, they were using magic to cheat and Asta knocked the tower over with his sword because it wasn't fair. Playing Clue had gone surprisingly well and Yuno had enjoyed the intellectual challenge of it, but the others quickly grew bored. Uno ended in flames as well and Klaus was starting to get upset from the blatant disregard of his personal belongings. Magna had decided that, if he burnt the plus four card, he no longer had to draw the cards. They had moved on to Go Fish and Yuno was observing, he had said he would sit this one out because he was getting tried, how the others had so much energy this late was beyond him.

"Noelle, do you have any aces?" Asta asked. Noelle blushed slightly and handed him the card.

"Thank you. Got any sevens, Magna?"


"Yes you do! You just asked Klaus if he had any!"

"Whatever, I'm still not giving it to you."

Asta tried to grab the card from Magna's hand, but he held them out of reach and used his other hand to push Asta away. Yuno watched the two struggle and scoffed quietly. Asta turned and glared at him.

"What?!" There was a hint of playful annoyance in his voice. Yuno shook his head softly.

"Nothing." Asta returned to arguing with Magna. Klaus watched as Yuno turned his head away from the group to hide the small smile playing at his lips.

The game came to an end and they all went outside.

"That was lit, guys," Leopold called, laughing as he got on his broom. Asta, Noelle, and Magna were getting ready to leave as well. Noelle thanked Klaus and Mimosa. She smiled and waved as they took off.

"Goodnight," Mimosa said cheerfully, turning to go back inside. Klaus nodded and took a step forward to stare up at the sky. He stayed like that for a minute or so, then turned to head inside to his room. He was startled to see Yuno still standing by one of the pillars.

"Is something wrong, Yuno?" he asked. Yuno glanced at him, then quickly pulled his eyes away to look at the ground. Klaus waited a moment before sighing and continuing towards the door. He had learned by now that, if Yuno didn't want to talk, he certainly couldn't make him. He was surprised, as he walked past Yuno, by his quiet, still voice.

"Thank you."

Klaus turned to face him. Yuno fidgeted under the sudden attention.

"It was," he hesitated, "fun." Then he turned and walked inside before Klaus could respond.