"Hmmm...?" Relena slowly brought her attention to her mobile phone which indicated notifications from the illuminating light. She propped herself up to reach for her mobile which was positioned on her nightstand charging. Opening her device she pressed the home button and saw that she had new messages. Clicking the message icon, she smiled to herself. It was her good friend Hilde Schbeiker from school. "You never seem to get away from work. Do you even sleep? Anyway Duo and I were hoping to see you. Call me or text me when you read this message." Closing her device she leaned herself back on the headboard and sighed. "Doctors never have a chance to runaway from work." Thinking it would be best to reply to Hilde. Relena picked up her device again and called her dear friend. "RELENA!" Hilde's voice bellowed through the phone. "Hilde, hi I received your message." "How's United Sphere Alliance's most eligible doctor doing?" Hilde joked. "Busy as always Hilde, I hear there's a chance our military may deploy soldiers into war again." Relena said sadly. "Unfortunately Relena those rumours are true. Duo and I are preparing ourselves in case our battalion will be activated." Relena knew how much she wanted this war to come to cease. "Hilde, you said you wanted to meet some time soon. How's tomorrow sound?" She new that time was never on their side when it came to war. "Relena that sounds perfect, our comrade from our battalion will be joining us as well." Relena couldn't help but smile. She knew her friend would be delighted to meet sooner. "Sure, the more the merrier. What's your comrade's name?" Hilde smirked on her end of the phone. "Heero Yuy."