Chapter 1 : Peaceful Days

Two months since the incident with Feida and El Dorado has passed the timeline are now in sync and has begun to rebuild it's self with our savior team the Chrono strom a.k.a the Raimon Eleven after the incident while Zanark and Fei goes back to the Jaggerwock user Torb goes bck to his era it was peaceful enough to say the least and our main prontagonist and the Captain of Raimon now preparing for practice although he was late due to duty of cleaning the class

"Whaa-! A boy with whirldwind brown hair wearing a raimon jersey is walking exceptionally fast to the soccer field as a captain he can't be late at all cost but today was an exception every one week he always had this to do even the soccer club seems pretty busy after they won the holy road and things seems busy for him anyway

"Captain you're late…" The one that talks to him he has a blue light hair that covers his left eye, his skin is tan and also he has black eyes although he is the second shortest member at the team

"Sorry Kurama-Senpai!" The boy shouted

"I'm just glad that you can make it… Tenma…" The other one that talked to him is also his senpai and former captain he has short, wavy grayish brown hair and brown eye with a black touch

"Shindou-senpai…." Tenma smiled a little

"Tenma this is bad!" Aoi shouted as she was a manager on the team and the same grade as tenma while her appearance changes with a more shorter hair she still retains her blue color and blue eyes she still wears the same clothes she usually wears as a manager

"What is it Aoi?" Tenma asked

"Just come with me!" She said as she holds tenma's hands and they go into the second building since there is so much application of members they had to build a new building thankfully it was fast enough to be ready

At the second building

"Follow your orders like heck I will just because you are captain of the second team tsurugi!" The former captain of unlimited shining and Zero he has a long platinum hair with silvery ponytail in the back he also had a reddish-brown hair

"Hakuryuu-san…. Tsurugi-kun what is it this time?" Tenma sighed as Hakuryuu just moed 2 months back and didn't seemed to get along with Tsurugi, He has short spiky navy hair with awkward curled pony tail on the back and curled spiral shaped ringlet at the side

"Tsurugi always plays by himself he didn't even pass the team like he always does and makes the same mistake as he did with facing Feida…." Hakuryuu sighed

"What did you say?!" Tsurugi shouted

"Yeah that's what I said!" Hakuryuu shouted as they were both short tempered at one another

"Please don't fight.. Hakuryuu is right Tsurugi… I've seen some of yesterdays plays you're still playing on your own" Tenma said seriously

"Yeah I do agree on this…" SHindou sighed

"Hakuryuu is just remembering you since thatis what you lacked at…" Kurama sighed

"Both of you are short tempered if I want to I'll beat you two up as your senpai…" He said seriously

"Sorry Kurama-senpai…" Tsurugi and Hakuryuu said in unison to their senpai

"Next time…" Hakuryuu growled

"hakuryuu today you can be the captain…" Tenma smiled

"What?!" Tsurugi shouted

"Yeah… I want to see the two of you which is fit to lead the second team.." tenma smiled again as he sit at the coach bench as he let himself go a little he has gained a lot of confidence since then

"Very well you're on!" Hakuryuu shouted

"Ha! In a million years!" Tsurugi shouted

"I thought bringing tsurugi-kun to the second team would benefit us but it seems that it was a waste…" Shindou sighed

"Not a total lost.." tenma smiled as he saw both of them

"They both are good friends after all…" The practice begins and Hakuryuu is giving off a good team gesture and acts well as a captain

"Tenma…" Shindou said

"I thought I find you here!" Another boy at his age the captain of Arakumo Gakuen and former of Arakumo Gakuen he has bright orange hair and dull blue eyes…

"taiyou-kun!" Tenma shouted

"I try to find with others on the first team and they say that you're at the class and when I asked your class he said you're going to the soccer field but then I find him here…" Taiyou smiled as he was with Kirino his appearance is that he has rose pink hair tied into two pigtails and sky-blue eyes and often miss by many people as a girl.

"Tenma, Shindou did you forget what today is?" Kirino asked

"AH yeah I forgot! Taiyou-kun I forgot that we're gonna have a practice match…" Tenma face palmed as he forgets that today he has a practice match

"That's fine…." Taiyou smiled

"Well did your team arrive yet?" Tenma asked

"I was the first so…" Taiyou sighed

"It has been a while hasn't it?" Tenma asked again

"Yeah although not everyone remember it…" Taiyou smiled

"That is true…" Tenma smiled

"I think I'll be able to fully play without any hesitation…" Taiyou smiled

"SO that means!" Tenma shouted

"I'm back with full power." Taiyou said seriously

"It seems you're doing well despite that…" Hakuryuu said to taiyou as the team takes a breath

"So you transferred here now after against feida…" Taiyou said to him

"Yeah although someone stills annoy me a little.." Hakuryuu growled at Tsurugi

"What did you say?!" Tsurugi shouted as they begins to fight with each other again

"Stop it both you…" Tenma said seriously as he gets annoyed that makes shindou and taiyou a bit surprised

"Tenma are you okay?" Taiyou asked

"Yeah sorry about that… I think I need some rest… there re lots of paperwork… " Tenma sighed

"Paperwork? Wow that's really busy for a junior high…." Taiyou said

"Just some application of new comers and well tenma had to see that everyday sometimes he lets the coach decides…." Shindou sighed

"Yeah and please tsurugi… Hakuryuu-kun don't make so much trouble in here… I always heard from the second team…." Tenma sighed as he wanted to get up and suddenly felt dizzy all of a sudden as Taiyou catch him but Tenma saw an image but it's still blurry

"Tenma are you alright?" Taiyou asked to him

"I think we should postpone the match…." Shindou said

"Postpone the match… but…" Tenma looked at Taiyou

"I'm fine with it your health is what matters since the others aren't here yet I'll try to contact with the others to reschedule…" He smiled

"Taiyou I'm sorry…" Tenma said to him

"don't worry about it tenma-kun…." Taiyou smiled as when he was still ill the first one that show him how fun soccer is him

"but what's with that image.." Tenma thought

"I'll let the coach know that you're going early today…" Shindou smiled

"Let me help you get home…" Taiyou smiled

"In that case stay for the night since tomorrow is Saturday…"Tenma suggested

"Nice idea… very well I'll let my parents know first they are always over protective of me…" Taiyou said as he hands out his cell phone

"Yeah.." Tenma smiled

After a little while Taiyou gives an approve

"Um okay… my mother said I can be at your house for the nght…" He smiled at Tenma

"Okay…." Tenma shouted

He and Taiyou leave immediately as Hakuryuu and Tsurugi being ignored

"Well that was a good show right tsurugi?" Hakuryuu said to him

"Yeah well it was scripted anyway I want to see tenma when he was angry… Not what I expected…
Tsurugi said

"He can't be very mad at us can't he.." Hakuryuu sighed

"Well let's continue the practice…" Tsurugi said seriously

"Yes, yes… captain…" Hakuryuu sighed

That night after dinner tenma and taiyou went out to see the stars at the Inazuma tower

"Wow it's so cool at night don't you think so?" Taiyou asked him

"Yeah it has been a breeze without fighting but sometimes it bored me…" Tenma sighed as he saw the stars

"Well then what is your wish?" They saw a shooting star

"My wish is to make this work and there would be excitement…" Tenma said calmly

"Well my only wish is to play soccer with you or against you whichever works…" Taiyou smiled


The shooting star turns out to be a meteor that landed further fom the city

"So this is the timeline…." The first guy appeared in hood and their leader

"Yes…." The girl with hooded appearance smiled at him

"well let's raid and find him…" The leader stated as there is 11 of them including the two of them.

"Yeah!" the others shouted as they split up

The next day,

Taiyou received a call that early in the morning from Nebuchi Umitomo

"Captain…. be careful…." He shouted and it sounded like they were being challenged by someone

At Amakumo Gakuen

"Ah so this is Amakumo Gakuen…" The leader of the unknown team said

"What do you want?!" The light gray with two horns hair said as he was the forward of the team

"Well I just want to warm up and I thought this was the best place one of my teammates said it

"Shhh shhh well let's play soccer …." One of the eleven said as he was laughing maniacly at them

The game begins with them facing each other (thankfully it was Saturday and no one is at school except the one that do extracurricular

"Let's play soccer shall we…" The leader stated as they have a game

The game ended very quickly with 5-0 score and no come back

"Ah that was a good warm up…" It is shown that all of them are injured pretty badly

"We're looking for a boy name matsukaze tenma… just let your captain know all of this…." They disappeared instantly while the leader laugh evilly

"So he is targeting Raimon…." Nebuchi said as all of the team collapsed in one place

At Aki's residence

"I'm worried about my teammates…" Taiyou said seriously

"Well we better go there.." Tenma said to Taiyou

"Very well…" He said as he wears his jacket but then he got a call from the coach

"It's the coach" He continued and picks up the phone

"Your coach?" Tenma asked

"Yeah…" Taiyou said as he puts the phone at speaker

"Taiyou! This is bad!" His coach said in an urgently timing and it's voice looks like a girl

"What is it coach?" Taiyou asked

"When I arrived at school for our daily practice I've seen the team got injured pretty badly" The coach said to him

"Very well, I'll go there immediately…" Taiyou said seriously as he hangs up the phone

"What is it taiyou?" Tenma asked

"My team just got attacked I think…. That's why Nebuchi said that we must be careful…" Taiyou sighed

They hurriedly then go to the hospital instead

As taiyou saw all of his team injured in one room but Tenma didn't want to get in it's his private time

"What happen here?!" He shouted

"Sorry we weren't strong enough…" Nebuchi said

"Well tell me what happen…" Taiyou said to them

"Well one thing for sure they aren't from our era…" Eichi one of the team members said

"Not from our time then?" Taiyou asked

"They said they are from the future.." Meiji (one of the team midfielder) said but he can't move

"Future? Could it be the,?" Taiyou asked to himself

"They were stronger than us by long shot even when we se our keshin the goal keeper just catch our shot easily without a breaking a sweat.." Kida said to him

"And also I've got one message…. They said they are after matsukaze Tenma…." Nebuchi said

"They are after tenma-kun?" Taiyou asked

"Yeah…Errggh.." Nebuchi said he felt the pain again

"Nebuchi don't move too much…" Taiyou said seriously to them

"Yeah we'll rest up.." They smiled at him and believe at their captain

Outside Taiyou talked to Tenma

"Tenma?" Taiyou asked

"So what happen?' Tenma asked

"I think someone is after you…" Taiyou said

"After me but why?" Tenma asked as the time stops suddenly and taiyou also stopped

"What happen here?!" Tenma shouted

"Ah it seems we meet for the first time…" The hooded guy appeared in front of him as he pick his scent

"Who are you?!" Tenma shouted and looked at him with surprised but with more determined than before

"Hahaahaha! Well let me say just this one thing…" The hooded guy seriously stared at tenma

"You know who we are matsukaze tenma… Maybe Saryuu Evans rings a bell to your head,,," The hooded guy said to him giving him a chilling vibe

"Second Stage Children!" Tenma said as he was alerted by him

A/N: Side note I'll try to bring both manga and anime version together but taiyou is still at his school and Hakuryuu transfer at raimon at some point