It was a warm day in the village hidden in the leafs the sun was setting down making the whole village look red due to the glow which would look beautiful if someone was to see it from a distance and one individual was enjoying this view.

On the mountain that shadowed the village were carved the faces of the Hokage great heroes of the leaf starting with the founder Hashirama Senju who was famed as the god of shinobi, the leader of the Senju clan who with his strength put an end to the era of warring clans and laid foundation to the hidden leaf by uniting many clans and giving birth to the one village per country system.

Beside him was his brother his face as stern as his real one the Second Hokage Tobirama Senju the person who laid foundations to the rules and regulations as well as the ranks a specialist in creating ninjutsu but could not match the level as his brother, he died in the 1st shinobi war giving his life to protect his subordinates.

Then came his student whom he appointed before his death, revered all over the nations as the Professor due to his knowledge he inherited his teacher's title as God of Shinobi with his mastery over all ninjutsu in the village he led the village through 3 shinobi wars the longest raining Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime.

At last was his successor known as the greatest Hokage of all time Minato Namikaze feared over the elemental nations as the Yellow Flash who defeated 1000 shinobi at once which earned him a flee on sight order 5 years ago he died protecting the village against the 9 tailed fox the strongest creature on the planet to save the village and became its greatest hero.

A boy not more than 5 years of age sat on his head looking over the village enjoying the sight yet there was sadness in his eyes he had spiky blond hair, he wore black pants with blue sandals with a white t shirt on top which had a swirl in the centre, this was his favorite spot in the village because here he could feel peace, "I thought I would find you here" he instantly turned around and grinned "Jiji" he said making the old man chuckle seeing the bright ball of energy made the Sandaime happy "I visited your house but you were not there" he said "I was bored so came here" he replied

"I see here you go the monthly allowance don't spend it all at once" he said "thank you" he said taking it then looking back at the village "what is with that look?" he asked "no one in the village likes me, they ignore me as if I am not even there how can I ever become Hokage if they won't even recognize that I even exist" he asked making his close his eyes

"then prove them you exist" he said making his eyes wide as he looked up at the Hokage "the path becoming Hokage is not easy you have work very hard because the greatest Shinobi in the village is the person who becomes Hokage" he said "was Yondaime that great?" he asked making him chuckle "he was even a better shinobi than me which is why never give up if you work hard people will eventually recognize you and the day you are recognized is the day you can become Hokage" he said making his eyes wider

"I got it" he said with a grin making him chuckle "that's good because I don't want you to give up on your dream" he said as Naruto rubbed the back of his head "w well you know I can't even concentrate properly I am bad with reading and writing" he said "that can be solved if you meditate" he said as Naruto looked at him confused "meditate?" he asked "yes sit down close your eyes and take breaths it helps with improving your concentration you should try it" he said as he grinned "got it jiji thanks!" he exclaimed rushing away making Hiruzen chuckle again 'even with a great burden he is a bright child' Hiruzen thought looking over the village.

Naruto sat in his house 'so Jiji said to meditate eh lets do this' he thought sitting down brining him hands together and closing his eyes, some time passed as Naruto was sweating 'gahh its not helping me at all' he thought tightly closing his eyes 'hey what is that' he thought feeling the aura inside of him 'its like its stuck' he thought clenching his teeth hard trying to pull it out 'damn its tight' he thought trying more and more until it came out all at once 'woah' he thought as he felt the energy surround his body completely 'what is going on' he thought while the hidden ANBU had his eyes wide 'a child should not possess so much chakra is it the Kyubi's effect I need to inform Sandaime-sama' he thought rushing away.

'Knock Knock' Naruto looked at the door "who is it?" he muttered as he opened it "Naruto-kun may I come in?" Hiruzen asked "Jiji what are you doing here?" he asked letting him inside "I want to talk to you about something" he said "what about?" he asked "have you unlocked a type of energy while meditating?" he asked "haa how did you know wait is that what the meditation was supposed to do that blue aura would help me concentrate?" he asked "not exactly now Naruto-kun remove your vest" he said making him raise his brow "alright" he said with a shrug taking it off "now try to summon the energy" he said "I tried but I can't" he replied "make this sign" he said showing him the ram seal making him raise him brow "alright" he said making it and closing his eyes "try to summon it concentrate" he said as Naruto gritted his teeth but then finally "Alright I did it" he said making him narrow his eyes 'the seal was visible when he summoned his chakra and all that chakra its all his and the Kyubi's even at this age I guess its due to his Uzumaki heritage' he thought when he saw him stop.

"So what was this energy Jiji?" he asked "this is an energy present in all humans called chakra…." He explained it in full "so its basically energy that ninja use to perform ninjutsu" he said making him sweat drop 'why did I even bother to explain it in full' he thought "yes usually people who join the shinobi program are taught to unlock it but it seems you have already done so 3 years in advance" he said as Naruto grinned "see I told you I was awesome" he said making him chuckle a bit "well since you were able to unlock it on your own I guess I can give you a gift" he said "a gift really what is it?" he asked excitement 'puff' a book appeared

"this book contains information on chakra and various hand seals ninja use to perform ninjutsu" he said making him pout "I thought it would be something cool" he said "now now first you need to know about chakra before you use it and if you can't use chakra well then how will you become Hokage?" he asked making his eyes wide "alright I got it I will master my chakra" he said "that is a hard task but good luck" he said putting his hand on his head and walking out while Naruto looked at the book.

Naruto sat on the ground 'so to control my chakra I need have good mastery over it its said Chakra is all over the body and gives a ninja better strength than a civilian and even makes one faster as well' he thought.


3 months passed away ever since Naruto began his training with chakra alongside his physical training he found that if he used chakra in his legs he could run faster also we was working on his running targets he was able to smuggle a few shuriken and well as Kunai for training, right now he was meditating he found that through meditating he can get better control over his chakra and he was understand meditation a lot better now since it really helped him concentrate better.

Naruto suddenly found himself in a dark place "where am i?" he asked getting up when someone came from the shadows with dark red eyes "oi who are you?" he asked pointing at him "me I am someone that exists in your heart" he said "in my heart?" Naruto asked as the person came into view "y you are" he shuttered "I am Naruto the real one" he said with a grin, he looked at him with wide eyes "what do you mean the real one I am Naruto" he said

'Snort' "no you are just a pretender who fools everyone with a smile I am the real you I am darkness I hate everyone because they ignored me I hate them because they don't see me as a person!" he yelled as he looked at him with wide eyes "what do you mean not as a person?" he asked making him chuckle "you don't know do you the truth is that people see us as the 9 tails fox he is within us put by the person you idolize the 4th!" he yelled "n nandato" he said shuttered "you are lying!" he yelled pointing at him

"am I just think about it the attack took place on the day of our birth and the way people look at us like a disease its because they look at us as the Kyubi incarnate!" he yelled as he looked down remembering everything 'Jiji lied to me all this time' he thought "that's right even he does not trust us the people will not accept you no matter how hard you try which is why all you need to do is let me take over I will make them pay all of them!" he yelled as tears came out of his eyes but he soon looked up at him "and what will that do?" he asked "nani" he said with a glare as he wiped off the tears

"if you hate them back they will only hate us more and will see us for the 9 tailed fox I am Naruto not the 9 tailed fox!" he yelled "and to whom will you make that understand?" he asked "I don't need to talk I will prove it by my actions and one day I will become Hokage Jiji does not see me as the fox demon he sees me for me!" he yelled making him grit his teeth "you are delusional alright I will take over by force" he said "I will not back down" Naruto said preparing himself.

The two hit each other's faces sending each other back as dark Naruto glared at him "you are persistent just give up!" he yelled as he ginned in reply "give up on trying to make me give up" he said as they stood up "no matter how much you hate people deep within your heart you want to be recognized as well to be accepted as well" he said "shut up!" he yelled

"fighting you made me realize that we both are the same" he said "Don't compare me to yourself!" he yelled coming in as he punched him twice and thrice while Naruto didn't fight back "Jiji already accepted us and recognized us more people will do so as well when they see who we are because we are Naruto not the 9 tails!" he yelled "shut up!" he yelled coming to hit him but to his surprise he saw Naruto hugging him making his eyes wide "the pain of loneliness you bear it alone which is why you in pain right now" he said

"s shut up" he shuttered "we are the same you and I lets bare it together as one I am light you are darkness together we make Naruto Uzumaki I can't deny your existence because you are me and I am you" he said as the darker half had tears coming out of his eyes "and if you ignore me?" he asked "I won't, because I accept you" he replied with a smile as he smiled as well and he disappeared out of sight.

Naruto's eyes snapped open wide 'so it wasn't a dream' he thought looking down 'I possess the Kyubi that attacked Konoha that is why people hate me but' his eyes became determined 'I am not him I am Naruto Uzumaki the guy who will become the Hokage and I will prove it to them all' he thought with a grin.


The alarm clock rang loud making Naruto snap his eyes open "gaaah I am late on the first day!" he yelled getting up quickly, with a toast in his mouth he rushed towards the academy at full speed, in the 3 years he had grown up taller and stronger now wearing black shots with blue sandals and a white jacket on top and bag pack on his back.

He opened the gate of the class room fast "Sorry I am late!" he exclaimed as the teacher looked at him with narrowed eyes while he looked back at him, the chunin was in standard Konoha uniform with a pony tail on his back and a scar over his nose "I was about to call your name come in don't be late again" he said "hai" he replied quickly getting in and settling down "Uzumaki Naruto" he called "Present datebayo" he said with a grin "datebayo? How lame" one of the kids said ass the rest burst into laughter "not as lame as your face" Naruto replied "Nandato!" he yelled as the other burst into laughter even more "you ugly whiskered face idiot how dare y-"

"Enough!" the Chunin exclaimed when he saw Naruto depressed "is it that ugly?" he asked 't that is a 360 character change' Ino thought with a sweat drop as did everyone "mah sorry sorry I am just protective towards my verbal tic its not under my control" he said laughing out loud making even the guy sweat drop 'he's weird' Choji thought 'and un-cool' Sakura thought "anyway we will begin from here my name is Umiko Iruka and I will be your sensai from now" he said.

They were all outside "today we will learn Shinobi Kumite and how it is done Mizuki sensai lets show them" Iruka said "alright Iruka lets go" he replied as they showed it to them as they all went on to fight one after the other "Uchiha Sauske V Uzumaki Naruto" Iruka said as the two stepped up "He's Sauske Uchihs he's so cute!" "and cool as well!" "there is no way he could lose to that idiot!" "Go Sauske-kun!" while the two went inside the circle "oh omaiwa Sauske ka nice to meet you" Naruto said with a grin while he had a bored expression on his face

"that stupid expression on your face and that outfit totally lame" he said depressing him 'h he really gets depressed easily' Iruka thought with a sweat drop "is it that lame?" he asked "just get up so we can start already" Sauske said with a scoff as the fan girls squealed "yosh ikazo" Naruto said with a grin making the seal of confrontation as did Sauske "Shinobi Kumite hajime" Iruka announced.

Sauske came at Naruto to punch him in the face only to see him duck under it as he used his leg to trip him only to see him do a back flip landing on his hands as he kicked him under the jaw making all eyes wide as they saw Sauske go up in the air while Naruto came back at him feet quick jumping above Sauske who had his eyes wide as he was punched in the face sending him to the ground "no way" Sakura said with a grasp seeing Naruto over Sauske with a fist over his face 'he's good those reflexes are not normal' Iruka thought "alright that's enough winner Naruto" he said 'how could he beat me like that' Sauske thought with wide eyes as Naruto got up.

"that guy I thought he was a total loser because he got depressed so easily but look at him" Kiba said "he's more troublesome than everyone thought" Shikamaru said 's sugoi' Hinata thought "man just two moves and he did him in" Choji said.

Sauske gritted his teeth glaring at him "well I looks like I am better at fighting than you" he said "You want me to punch you loser!" he yelled depressing him again making him sweat drop "I I didn't mean to hurt you alright then" he said "enough make the seal if dissalusion" Iruka said "forget it" Sauske said with a huff walking away while Naruto shrugged walking the other way.

Hiruzen sighed looking over the all seeing ball 'his antiques are so much like Hashirama-sama that's not even funny' he thought looking over the village from the window 'maybe he just might become a shinobi like him' he thought with a smile.

Naruto returned from the academy and rushed to his training ground where he usually used to train as he stood in the clearing 'yosh I'll try it' he thought with a grin making a ram seal as chakra cloaked his body and he gritted his teeth while sweat ran down from his forehead 'alright I can do this' he thought when slowly he saw Chakra in its form as it came off his back and formed a hand as big as his own making his eyes wide as he grinned "alright I did it" he said with a grin but as soon as he lost concentration it disappeared again 'I see to maintain it I need to concentrate a lot' he thought.


Time passed but the Village hidden in the leafs remained unchanged a certain blond now sat in the last benches of the academy, Naruto had grown up a lot in 4 years both physically and mentally standing at a height of 5 feet 1 with a good lean body he wore black pants which were tucked under shinobi combat boots over that he wore a navy blue t shirt whose collar covered his entire neck and the sleeves stretched till half of his fist and over that a white jacket with a red Uzumaki swirl on the back and there were black stripes on the sleeves and the collar was high and the jacket unzipped his hair had become spikier as well.

"For the final exam you must al generate a clone wait until your name is called and come next door" Iruka said 'its time to become a shinobi' Naruto thought with a grin, he stood in front of Iruka and Mizuki who had headbands on their desks making a half seal "Bunshin no Jutsu" he said creating 4 clones "alright Naruto you pass" Iruka said as he grinned "come take your head band" Mizuki said with a smile "thanks sensai" he replied taking one and tying it over his forehead 'damn it he passed I was expecting him to fail at performing the bunshin' Mizuki thought.

The newly graduated genin came out with to see people waiting for them, Naruto saw this and was saddened a bit when he felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned around "I see you passed Naruto" Hiruzen said "ah I did Jiji" he replied "well done I wanted to join you for ramen but-" "its alright I understand you are the Hokage with a lot of stuff to do" he said "suman no" he said "yea don't think much about it I am an adult now" he said pointing to the forehead protector with his thumb "I see" he said with a chuckle "ja see you later" he said walking away 'you can fool people with that but not me' Hiruzen thought.

Naruto was walking through the street whistling "Naruto" he turned around to see "Mizuki-sensai what are you doing here?" he asked raising a brow "I finally found you" he said with a grin "huh you want something from me?" he asked.

Night fell over Konoha as Naruto sneaked inside the Sandaime's house "Naruto what are you doing in my house in the middle of the night?" Hiruzen asked from behind him making his eyes wide as he made a ram seal "Orioke no Jutsu" he said turning into the naked blond making Hiruzen's eyes wide as he was sent flying with a nose bleed while he sneaked inside the scroll room and took out a scroll "got it" he said with a grin rushing to the forest as he sat down "hmm lets see what should I learn Taju Kage bunshin no Jutsu looks like an interesting jutsu" he said reading the scroll.

Iruka was sleeping 'knock knock' he went to the door "What's up Mizuki?" he asked "its Naruto and its bad" Mizuki said "w what did he do?" Iruka asked "he found about the forbidden scroll and stole it" he said making his eyes wide, "he has gone too far lord Hokage" one of the chunin said "the scroll he has taken is too dangerous that the 1st Hokage sealed it away if misused in the wrong hands it could be deadly" Hiruzen said "it was taken 3 hours ago we need to find him" he said as they rushed away.

Naruto sat with the scroll on his back "Hey its you Iruka-sensai" Naruto said with a grin "Naruto do you know what you have done!" he exclaimed making him raise his brow "huh what do you mean wasn't that the mission?" he asked "Mission? Naruto do you know what that scroll really is?" he asked "Mizuki-sensai told me this was a secret mission given to a few genin every year to test their stealth if they could sneak inside Jiji's house and take a scroll if one manages to take it he might learn a jounin level jutsu from it?" he asked making Iruka's eyes wide 'Mizuki' he thought when Naruto narrowed his eyes quickly taking out Kunai and throwing them to deflect the incoming ones.

'fast' Mizuki thought 'he deflected them all without having to look' Iruka thought looking at Mizuki drop with a fuma shuriken on his back "I am impressed you managed to know where to go" he said "I see that is who it is" he said with a glare "The scroll Naruto give it to me" Mizuki said "Naruto don't let him have the scroll protect it with your life its more dangerous than you could think it holds a number of forbidden jutsu Mizuki used you because it wanted it for himself!" Iruka exclaimed making him narrow his eyes "Naruto even if you read it you won't get a thing let me show you" Mizuki said making Iruka's eyes wide

"Shut up you fool!" he yelled "you know what really happened in the incident where the fox demon was sealed up again 12 years ago don't you?" he asked "since that incident the people of the village have been bound by a strict decree" he said making Naruto narrow his eyes further "Shut up Mizuki!" Iruka yelled as he began to chuckle "that no one must tell you that you are the demon fox" he said "Stop! Iruka yelled while Naruto's eyes shadowed

'in other words it was you that murdered Iruka's family you are the 9 tailed fox that destroyed the village!" he yelled "until at least our Hero Yondaime Hokage bound you to this form" "Stop it!" Iruka yelled "since then you have been made a fool of by everyone in the town it was strange wasn't it to be despised everywhere you went? If he were honest the noble Iruka would admit he hates you too!" he yelled throwing the fuma shuriken at him

"No one will accept you!" he yelled as the shuriken came close while Iruka got in front of Naruto to protect him closing his eyes but the pain never came while Mizuki was shocked beyond belief while Iruka's eyes opened as he looked behind with wide eyes to see a big blue hand that had stopped the shuriken 't that is chakra' he thought then he looked at Naruto as it came off his back 'no way he has that much control over chakra it should not be visible' he thought 'he has been hiding his skills all the time' Mizuki thought.

Naruto looked at Iruka in the eyes with a grin making his eyes wide as the arm disappeared and the shuriken dropped "I knew that I held the 9 tails since I was 5" he said shocking them both "Naruto you mean you" "ah I knew the reason for everyone's hatred and I knew that you hated me since day one" Naruto said looking at Mizuki whose eyes were wide "I also knew this was a farce but what I wanted to know was the reason behind it was it out of hatred towards me or was it treason" he said making their eyes wider "if it were out of hatred I would have even forgiven you but you betrayed your home and your comrades that is something that is unforgivable" he said "stop talking down at me you demon no matter what you say you will always remain a demon" he said.

Naruto grinned looking at him "its not a face that makes one a demon but the choices they make I could say the same for you I am Naruto Uzumaki of the hidden leaf the guy who is going to become Hokage while you will be rotting in a prison from the rest of your life" he said "I'd like to see you make me!" he yelled throwing the shuriken again as two blue arms of chakra came in front of Naruto stopping in track 'that is yang release itself he is manipulating the shape of his chakra to such a degree that it became visible in shape of hands Naruto were you hiding your true strength all this time' Iruka thought "Mizuki you told me to master a jutsu right so to go along with the play I did its over" he said making a cross seal "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he exclaimed summoning a 1000 clones all at once as they surrounded Mizuki who was stunned while Iruka was shocked as well as he saw the royal beat down.

"Taijob ka Iruka-sensai?" he asked "a ah" he said "good then lets go back the old man must be having a fit by now" Naruto said with a grin while Hiruzen smiled looking at this from the all seeing ball 'it was a gamble but he worked it out excellently' he thought 'not to mention his mastery and control over his chakra even I can't use Chakra in that form he has lived up to his promise' he thought with a chuckle.

"alright say cheese" the photographer said as he grinned giving a pose 'click' "alright done" he said "thank you" he replied taking the picture and walking towards the Hokage's office, "hmm did you have to give a pose?" he asked "what is wrong with it?" he asked "it looks weird" he said depressing him "I is it that weird?" he asked making him sweat drop "n no I guess its fine" he said as he grinned "mah it does not look I am constipated like your face on the mountain" he said making his head drop as he laughed 'are you haunting me from the grave Shodaime-sama' he thought "On guard Ol' man right?!" the brat came rushing in 'if its not one its another' Hiruzen thought

The jounin opened the door as the kid fell tripping himself "I get it it's a trap right!" he exclaimed "Honorable grandson are you alright and I don't see any traps" Isobu said "ah so it was you who tripped me right!" he yelled pointing his finger at Naruto as Naruto picked him up by the back of his shirt looking at his face "you stepped on your scarf idiot" he replied "Unhand him Naruto that boy is the grandson of the 3rd Hokage!" Isobu yelled "So? Take your best shot I dare you! You are too scared of me like the others aren't you!" he yelled only to be smashed on the head "Like a care idiot!" he yelled back "what!" Isobu exclaimed 'this kid' Naruto thought.

Naruto's eyes twitched as he saw Konohamaru following him "Stop following me I can see you right there!" he yelled pointing his finger at him as he came out with a smirk "so you managed to penetrate my disguise? The rumors of your prowess don't lie teach me your skill I will become your disciple" he said "huh?" he said in confusion "you got to teach me that Orikai no jutsu you used on Jiji!" he exclaimed "right Boss!" making Naruto blink 'call me a bastard for torturing jiji at an old age but who cares' h thought "Alright come along I'll teach ya" he said with a grin.

After a lot of practicing they were sipping tea at the stall "by the way what is your beef with the old man?" Naruto asked "my name is Konohamaru my grandfather names me after the village he said it would bring me good luck but even though people in the village know my name they don't call me by it, its always Honorable grandson no one ever sees me as I am just who I am related to and I hate it! But its gonna be different when I become Hokage which will be real soon" he said "and even if you become Hokage why would anyone respect you?" Naruto asked "huh?!" "its too big a name for a little guy" Naruto said "what!" he yelled "you idiot it won't be easy becoming Hokage but if you want to become Hokage that badly…" "well! What!" he exclaimed as he gave him a feral grin "you'll have to get past me first" he said making his eyes wide.

"There you are!" they looked up as Isobu looked down at them 'Damned fox Naruto' Isobu thought making him narrow his eyes "and now honorable grandson its time to return" he said dropping down "no way! Not yet first I have to kick the old man's butt and become the next Hokage get lost!" he yelled as Isobu began his lecture "Behold!" he yelled making the ram seal "Orioke no Jutsu" Konohamaru said turning into the beautiful raven haired beauty making his jaw drop

"why won't it work?" he said transforming back "wha wha what a disgraceful jutsu not fit for a gentlemen's eyes and I will not fall for it!" he yelled pulling Konohamaru "Honorable grandson if you lower yourself to consort to a creature of this sort you will descend to his level only through my teachings will you ever inherit the name of Hokage!" "No let go!" "Kage bunshin no Jutsu" Naruto said creating many "whoa that is cool!" Konohamru exclaimed "ha child's play it might be enough to take down Mizuki but not me!" he exclaimed taking a stance

"are you sure?" Naruto asked with a grin as they all used henge turning into the mass of blond beauty making Konohamaru's eyes wide while the 3rd face palmed as Isobu was sent off flying with a nose bleed "ha I call this one Orioke Harem no jutsu" he said with a grin "he combined the shadow clone with the orioke no jutsu? Again instead of using his talents he uses useless jutsu but even I could have succumbed to the jutsu" Hiruzen muttered "damn it I can't even beat my 4 eyed sensai all I want is a name that everyone would respect and I want it now!" he exclaimed

"you think wanting it is all it takes? Dream on" Naruto said hitting him over the head as Konohamaru looked at him "even I want what you do but you don't become Hokage for recognition you become Hokage because you already are" he said making his eyes wide as he walked away "you need to work hard that is the only way to becoming Hokage and no other short cuts do you understand?" he asked "haa why are you lecturing me you are not so hot! Right? I am not going to be disciple anymore!" he exclaimed as Naruto looked back at him "for now on we are rivals" he said with a grin making Naruto smile while Hiruzen looked over them with a smile as well.