As I went to stop the train station and saw Common Gull waiting for me and she came to me and said good morning. she has seen my face was guitar lines and then i said to her, "I slept and eat that." and i started to shivering that the wind was blowing on us so we hold hands together and we walked over the streets after there was no cars coming. Black-Tailed Gull and Serval had a really good song to it and they were considered a new song that Black-Tailed Gull wrote. I shout for saying good morning and then we went to college that tells about our hands temperature and I asked them, "Do you think of a present for Fennec?" and then we went to class and then we talked about good morning to our class.

The birds announced that they will take the graduation trip to Hawaii and then we decided to take our trip too but it was too late that Serval did not think we should go. So we ended up taking a graduation trip again so we talked about graduation and take Fennec with her. Fennec walked in and we got really surprise that we did not notice she was here.

So we take anything seriously so we said Dubai, Europe, Hot Springs or London. So Fennec cannot graduate yet so we decided to take our ghost leg lottery. Once I start drawing about Europe and then we take a lesson about where we can go for Europe but I started to ran off and fell down after Fennec wants me to give my paper to her. And she takes it and looked at it. I was a little nervous and then they putting the paper into my face and make it Europe so they cannot decided that where they could go but we have a vote for Lucky Beast.

So everyone was looking at Lucky Beast and they didn't seem to bother her so we are so bored but Lucky Beast chose London for their trip and we got really excited. So we are having tea and we talked about London tea and there will be five of us so we could get two rooms. So we told Fennec to come with us but she refuses and she thought she can go to college during their trip but i beg her to come so she said "Yes." but she was checking her parents and we did the same too.

I talked to elephant that we can go to London without any harm to each other so Fennec goes with Raccoon Dog to buy some English phrase book and we take a travel counselltation and we take five day trip to London and we looked at the book and see Sightseeing for London and we got really excited about this but the lady told us i need free activity package to add to their trip but Fennec doesn't need it but me and Serval takes it over.

Continue to Day 03 tomorrow. This was made by K-ON the movie and parodied by Kemono Friends. See you tomorrow for Day 03.