Please post in the comments what you'd like me to write about! I would prefer it to be fart-fetish related, but you may suggest non farting-related stories if you'd like. You can even suggest more chapters to a story that I've already started!

A few rules though!

1. I will not write a story containing scat. I'm sorry, it's just not my thing. :/

2. Please be specific when suggesting an idea. (i.e "Do tinker bell" by itself is not a story suggestion.)

And yeah, that's it! I'm pretty open to new ideas. Also don't worry, I would never not credit someone who gave me a suggestion.

If you suggest a story to me, and I would like to use it, I will message you and you will be credited before the story begins.

Thanks for reading! I really want to see what everyone would like me to write, because I'm writing these stupid stories mainly for you guys! I highly appreciate your guys' feedback on my work, it means a lot to me.

Comment away!

- Fluffinfly