I didn't know I was going to find the right girl for me. Love is a human thing, the only bit of humanity I have in me is my face and nothing else.

The Magic Railroad (2000)

I was going down the track after disappearing down a hole and then I saw her. She was a tank engine like me, but she was Victorian styled, she was a reddish purple color and she had beautiful gold parts all over her. She created gold shavings as she chuffed forward. I got out of the buffers and she was in front of me. But then, that heavy metal monster, Diesel 10 came. I had an urge, to run! She and I puffed down the tracks I decided to help her. We thankfully escaped that evil bully, he fell into a barge! As Mr. Conductor got his gold dust back, I thanked her for her help. And then, she disappeared. The railroad still needed her power. I jerked a tear out of my eye as she disappeared. I thought I would never see her again.

Tidmouth Sheds, 10:45 PM(2005)

I was sleeping well that night all was going well, I had a strange dream, I was in a strange mountain heaven of sorts. I saw Rusty, the narrow gauge diesel from the hills and then all of a sudden, there she was! She was the one to convince me that steam engines and diesel engines need to work together. We helped each other that day and no one regretted any choices.

Brendam Docks 9:23 AM (2018)

I headed towards the dockside to pick up trucks to take to Vicarstown, the last main station on Sodor. I saw a ferry approaching I thought it was some sort of foreign engine but it wasn't! There she was again. I was honestly quite surprised. She had been gone for several years. How long, ask her, not me! She was to help with my delivery and I did something I hadn't done in years, I actually blushed. She was helping me, being a back engine to make sure that she could slow me down when the trucks tried to push me. I knew then, she wasn't just my friend, she was my destiny.

Bluff's Cove (sunset)

That same day, she was there on the left track in front of the buffers. I was on the opposite track, also in front of the buffers. She went and did duties on my branch line, while I sorted trucks in the yard. At first I was concerned but she promised to take care of Annie and Clarabel. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. She said those 3 words, that was all I wanted to hear. And I said those 4 words to her, I regretted nothing that day. Absolutely nothing!