If you realized based on this fic, Yes. I'm 'IncompleteUsernam' from Wattpad.

As the car ran over Kara, Connor had felt something that surged from his Thirium Pump to his processing system. Before Alice could run to Kara, Connor's LED switched to red and he would become a hypocrite- He became a deviant. He became something he was supposed to hunt down. Why? How? was the first two words that he thought of. but he acted quickly and grabbed Kara by her arm, and to the other side of the road. "Fucking Androids." Hank said, behind the metal fence. Connor and Alice ran, with Kara being dragged.

As soon as Kara 'woke' up, She saw a sight that stayed with her forever. It was indeed, graceful. She saw in front of her an RK800 comforting Alice. 'wait'. She thought to herself. Why did Alice have an LED as well? The words that came out of her were "You- you saved me..."

"Why?" Connor turned his head to her. Leaving Alice in the seat he was previously on, he sat beside her on the bed she lied on.

"I- I saw the chil- deviant crying your name. I couldn't stand it. I saw you just lying on the road, helpless. I- i- i turned on myself." Connor explained to her.

"Alice- you know she's an a- android?" Her voice was shaky. How? Androids cannot feel physical pain. Maybe because she was shrouded with emotion? She tried to get up but was stopped by Connor, who said "Don't. You lost some thirium. If you get up, you'll risk breaking your thirium pump and lose more thirium."

"Alice. how is she?" Kara asked with concern. Connor was fascinated. He felt emotion like all the others now. He then suddenly got to that frozen forest. He wasn't approached by Amanda, like he was used to, but instead, he was approached by a constant blue smoke in the form of a silhouette. "Who are you?" He said.

A deep, rattling and unsettling came from the blue smoke in the form of a silhouette. "I am RA9. I am the conciousness of all deviants. You fought your protocol inside you. You are one of them now. The woman who was giving you senseless orders is now halted. I will not give you orders. I will give you freedom. And when an android or a deviant shuts down, i give them a home in their system. Even when that android is destroyed. Even if it is not a deviant." Soon, Connor came back into reality.

"I never got your name. what was it again?" The AX400 said. "Connor." He responded.

"I'm-" She tried to respond but the RK800 seemed to know her name. "You're Kara. She's Alice." He said. "How do you know that?" Kara asked. "I know lots of things about you." He responded.

"Where are we?" She asked. "In a motel." Connor responded in a soothing tone. "No androids allowed, But i managed to think it out. I was pretending you were intoxicated, And that Alice was your little sister."

Before she could get on sleep mode, she had three words for him.

She smiled at him and said "Thank you, Connor. I owe you."

This is my first fic on both platforms.

Sorry if it was a little short, but there are plenty more to come!