Que Sera, Sera

If he's being completely honest, Nico still wasn't quite sure why he agreed to it when Will asked him out. Yes, he was over pining for Percy. Yes, he'd promised Jason he'd try to be kinder to himself. Yes, Will was cute and funny and kind, and could be so sweet sometimes that Nico wanted to kiss every single one of the freckles that covered him like cinnamon.

But that didn't mean Nico had to say yes to the first guy he met with a smile and a rainbow flag. Which Will did have – several of both, in fact.

He didn't quite understand his own thought process, didn't know what Jason would say when he told him. In less than a month he'd literally been to hell and back, confronted a god embodying his own internalised homophobia and self-hatred, fought an angry primordial, fought a war started by said angry primordial, confessed to his crush of almost half a decade, and then decided it was a good idea to get a boyfriend.

Not that he'd actually decided to get a boyfriend. It had just sort of happened, like most of the events he'd ever been involved in. Maybe Jason would accept that as an explanation?

Maybe he wouldn't see it as yet another instance of Nico attempting to throw himself on the rebound into yet another doomed relationship, even though he had to know it couldn't last forever, had to know no one could possibly like him enough to stay that long.

But even though that was obviously exactly what had happened, Nico wasn't quite sure that was what had happened. Being with Will didn't have anything to do with being with Percy, wasn't anything like he'd imagined being with Percy to be. Obviously, they were different people, but it was more than that. Nico was a different person now too. He wanted different things, and this time he actually knew what those things were.

Being with Will was... Fun. It wasn't all sweeping romantic gestures, though like all couple they had their moments – serenades in surprisingly good Italian when they went out for dinner (which was a thing they could do!), Nico arriving back from a quest early and greeting Will at the campfire with a bouquet of sunflowers – but Nico had discovered that he liked the cheesy movie marathons and holding hands under the table just as much as he would secret midnight tangos, and they were a lot easier to organise by half.

He still couldn't shake the feeling that he was doing something wrong by falling for Will, but the more he thought about it, the more his arguments developed and the weaker the feeling grew. Maybe they weren't going to last forever, but Nico was going to make sure they worked for now, however long that might be, because he likes Will, he likes being with Will, and he's finding it increasingly difficult to remember what his original worries were.

And if he's being completely honest, even if Jason doesn't like it, Nico doesn't care.

A/n: This turned out different from expected, and Nico's using Jason as a representative of the entire human race, but it's alright. Written for Rainbow It Up In Here for Caesar's Palace and bonny-and-blythe writing contest on Tumblr, and named after the Doris Day song.