Sirens wailed.

People screamed.

Police were shouting.

That was the last thing l remember, before everything went dark, and that was the day...I lost the world as I knew it. That was the last day that I saw the world, how it was supposed to be. That, was the last day, I was just another name in the cosmos.

Let's not jump through this. I'll tell you my story from the beginning. It all started a week ago, when weird things started to happen to me.

"Mum, I'm going to the Salon with my friends!" I called.

"Ok, be home by curfew!" My mom yelled as I stepped through the door, where my friends were waiting for me.

I hopped into the car. My hazelnut curls bounced up and down as I buckled in. My brown eyes sparkled with confidence. My light tan skin shined like a thousand pearls. Yes, it was I, beautiful, fantastic Brittany. I wasn't a girl to mess with.

"Brittany," called Luna, my bestie, from the driver's seat , "Where to first? Salon, nails, hair? Where?"

"Salon, you know it's my fave place!" I mocked.

"Ughhh. Brittanyyyyyyyy!" Layla groaned. "Always with the salon! Why? Can't we just go to the mall? There's lots of cute boys there! Besides, Noah hangs out there all the time!" She nudged me. I blushed. Noah was my crush.

"Sorry! But you know, nothing is better than looking good!" Looking good and looking cool. I thought. Gotta look good for a certain someone...named-

"Okay! Break it up! If there was even going to be a fight!" Luna sighed in exasperation. "Just enjoy the special perks from Brittany's dad."

Did I forget to mention I'm a millionaire? Well ,oops, now you know!

We pulled into the parking lot and registered in. But the normal owner, wasn't here. Instead, there was a beautiful lady. She had the perfect body, skinny, but not to skinny. Her hair, was just like mine. And her eyes, were a beautiful shade of blue, but they seemed to change color as she talked to us

"Hello, honey." the beautiful woman said, staring right at me, getting beautifuller by the second.. "My name is Aphrodite. Right this way!" She led us through the normal halls we usually go to. Aphrodite? Why did the name sound so familiar? I didn't remember ever seeing this lady before in my entire life. I could have sworn Aphrodite was staring at me the whole time.

"Whoa!" I stopped dead on my tracks. This room, was newly decorated. It was all pink. The perfect shade...of...PINK! "Oh my gosh! What happened?"

"Several things, In about a week ,dear, you will know." Aphrodite said. She gave me a mysterious smile, spun, and walked away. Her heels clicking on the shiny floors.

The rest of the day was a blur. I tried to forget Aphrodite's chilling words, but I just couldn't. In a week I will know what? That Noah likes me? No one hid secrets from me!

The next six days were a blur.

But, on the Saturday after my weird...whatever it was. And that's when, it happened.

You see, every Saturday my family goes to our mansion in Florida. And like every typical Saturday, the cute boy lifeguards weren't there.