It all started with an accident…

Lucy Loud was sitting alone on the floor of the attic, as she often did in the late afternoon, with a notepad in hand and a pen in her mouth, as she read over every stanza she had written down on the yellowish paper. She was pleased with the poem itself, the dark message and morbid imagery that danced off the paper appealed to her Gothic sensibilities, but the rhyme scheme… It was an AABB form, which may have been fine for seven year old Lucy, but not for a mature eight year old like her. She needed to try something more complicated and advanced.

The AAAA rhyme scheme, on the other hand... Now THAT was the good one.

Unfortunately, she was stuck on one word; tenebrous. A word that meant dark and gloomy and obscure. Lucy's lips twitched in the indication of a smile as she thought of how perfect the word was, but returned to their normal state as she began to rack her mind for anything that sounded similar.

"Breathlessness… no. How about decadence? That doesn't work. Sigh," the young girl let out a verbalized sigh as her mind churned out more and more half-rhymes. Half-rhymes were useless to a true poet. Perhaps she could have thought up of more appropriate words… were it not for the large CRASH downstairs that caused the black haired girl to jump in her place.

"Sigh. What are my siblings up to now?" she muttered, as she placed her writing utensils down on the wooden floor, and slowly stood up from her sitting spot, dusting herself and her dark clothes off softly. She then walked over to the small hatch and opened it in order to gaze upon her siblings. And who else did she see than her older sister Luan and younger sister Lana standing by a broken vase. Lucy gasped as she recognized that the vase was a gift from one of her mother's old friends.

"Oh, we're in trouble," said Lana worryingly, "Mom's friend gave her that vase. She's going to be so angry at us when she finds out."

"Angry at us? Boy, I'm really broken up about that. Ha ha. Geddit?" Luan joked to her sister, before following it up with, "But seriously, why would she be mad at me? You're the one who broke it."

"Nuh uh. You're the one who dared me to rush down the hall on all fours. So you made me slam my head into the stand."

"I just wanted to make a dog pun when you finished. You're the one who broke it with your giant head."

As the argument between the two sisters began to rise in intensity and anger, Lucy began to look a little worried. She glanced at each door in the hallway, hoping one of her other siblings would try to step in and resolve their fighting…

"Luan, Lana, what's going on here?"

The two looked over and saw their brother Lincoln standing at the end of the hallway, in front of his room. No doubt he wanted to seem impressive and heroic when he talked his sisters down, but unfortunately for the snow haired boy, he had forgotten to put his clothes back on after he disrobed to read his Ace Savvy comics, a fact his sisters took notice of.

"Nice underwear, Lincoln. They're almost as red as your face when the hot weather lady comes on TV," Luan said teasingly, as both her and Lana started laughing at him. Even Lucy, who was relieved to see her older brother step in, found herself chuckling quietly. And true to Luan's word, Lincoln's blushing face matched the color of his undergarments as he ducked back into his room, before coming back out with his usual orange polo shirt and blue jeans, before trying to address the situation again.

"Moving on from that embarrassment, why were you two yelling at each other?"

Lana pointed at her older sister. "She made me break the vase, and now she wants to blame it all on me."

"I didn't make you do anything."

"Luan, Lana, hold on a second," Lincoln said as he waved his hands, "No one has to get in trouble for anything. Did Mom find out that you broke it?"

Both girls shook their heads.

"Did Lola find out?"

They shook their heads again, and Lana added a little shudder as she thought about what her sister could do with that piece of blackmail.

"Ok. Just take the broken pieces over to Lisa's room and ask her to fix it for you two."

"Huh. That makes sense," Lana said as she rubbed her chin in thought, before looking up at Luan, "Why didn't we think of that?"

"I guess Lincoln just has the better gray matter. And the better red matter as well," Luan said, laughing at her great attempt to bring the subject of his underwear back up. Lincoln grimaced, and Luan shot him a small, apologetic smile. "Sorry, I had to try one last time. But thanks, Linc."

Lucy watched as her sisters gathered up the shards of the broken vase, carrying as many pieces as they could over to the young scientist's room. She smiled as she looked back to Lincoln, who stood there looking quite proud of himself. Lucy also felt a sense of pride for him, as he once again proved his greatest quality. Lucy had often observed him as a problem solver and a general organizer around the house, sometimes even more so than Lori, and often referred to him as a 'linc that kept everyone together.' It wasn't her best application of poetic skill, but it sung true to the boy's knack for solution finding.

Speaking of finding solutions…

Lucy quietly descended down from the attic towards her brother, standing behind him as she often did. She thought about tapping him on the shoulder, but felt that would startle her older brother, so she simply greeted him "Hey Lincoln."

Despite her intentions, the young man still jumped in the air with a loud "GAAAH!" as he often did. He turned towards her, calming slightly when he saw his Gothic sister. "Lucy, please, don't do that."

"I can't help if this is how I move through this plane of existence."

Lincoln thought about reprimanding her again, but decided against it. He simply gave her a weak yet brotherly smile, and patted her on the head. "Yeah, I guess you can't," he said fondly, his fingers raking through her dark hair. Lucy's cheeks reddened slightly from embarrassment at this public display of affection, and almost ordered him to stop, before glancing around the hallway. No one else was around them (and by that she meant no one else was around to mock them) so… maybe she could enjoy his touch for a few more seconds.

Alas, the young man removed his hand, and put them in his pockets. "So, what did you need from me?"

Lucy hummed slightly as she tried to recall the purpose of her sneaking up on her brother, before she remembered exactly why. "Lincoln, I need your help with a poem."

"Sure thing, Luce. Do you need me to come up with a rhyme for something?"

"Yes. Can you rhyme something with the word tenebrous?"

"Easy," he said with a snap of his fingers, "how about generous?"

"I need something less… positive…"

"Ungenerous?" he offered her with a weak grin. Lucy mulled it over for a second, before lightly smiling at her older sibling. "Yes, it works. Thanks Lincoln," she breathed in her usual monotone. Lincoln seemed a little bothered by her lack of enthusiasm, but remembered who exactly he was dealing with. He smiled and chuckled faintly, before responding with "You're welcome, Lucy." He pointed towards the downstairs with his thumb, saying to Lucy "You know, the rest of us are downstairs, getting ready to watch the Dream Boat marathon. You wanna watch with us?"

"Actually, I was going to go back upstairs to keep writing…"

"Come on, Luce," he begged her, "You're always spending time alone, just… writing poems and diary logs and some honestly disturbing stories…"

Lucy took that as a compliment.

"… You should spend some more time with your family. We'd love to have you around more," he finished weakly, hoping he didn't sound too desperate. He knew that, when it came to loners, it was a bad idea to prod and poke them, but his desire to spend some quality time with one of his sisters overrode that.

Lucy, for her part, considered what her brother was saying. It was true, what he was saying. She did spend a lot of her time… by herself, in attics, ducts and her room when her sporty roommate wasn't around to distract. All her time, spend in the nose of a book, either reading the words on its pages or writing her own words on them. She would be lying to herself if she said she didn't at least appreciate the time she spent with her siblings; Lori on her phone talking to Bobby, Leni with small pins trying to sew up clothing, Luna playing air guitar with whatever loud music she was playing in her earphones, Luan punning it up until they begged her to stop, Lynn running from one side of the room to the other as she threw a football back and forth between herself, Lana and Lola bickering over something minor as they always did, Lisa trying to freestyle a rap about the periodic table, and Lily giggling and running around to avoid whichever misfortunate sibling was tasked to put a diaper on her…

And, of course, her only brother Lincoln, smiling as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and drew her closer.

Though she would never say it to anyone, the scene she just imagined sounded like Hell (which to everyone else would mean it sounded like Heaven).

The young poet looked back up to the attic, thinking about her notebook of poems. She thought about the poem she was working on now, and how important it was to her. But as she looked back to her brother, awaiting her answer, she simply smiled and decided to take an off day.

"Let's go, Lincoln. I'd like to see a little more of Bram."

"And I'd like to see more of my family being together," Lincoln said with a small smirk, before Lucy turned and pointed at Lisa's door. "Shouldn't we tell those three to come down with us?"

The boy's smirk grew wider and slightly more mischievous. "Let's take our good places on the couch first. Then we can call the three of them over…"

"I still think Bronson got the raw end of the deal," Lori complained at the end of the episode, as the credits began to roll and the Louds stood up from their seats and cushions to go upstairs, "He didn't even get an appearance this time."

"Whatever you say. As long as my main Blaine still has a chance, I'm good," Lynn said as she stretched slightly, before looking to her Gothic roommate, "Alright, Luce. I'm going to be heading to bed now. Don't make too much noise when you come in, okay?"

"I think you're forgetting which of us is the noisy one," Lucy shot back, with her older sister shrugging it off. "Just makes me a real, genuine Loud," Lynn responded with pride as she slammed a fist to her heart.

For a split second, all of the older sisters tensed up, including Lynn herself, whose facial expression went from a look of pride and glee to one of shock and guilt. She quickly looked towards the ground and muttered a quick and shaky, "Sorry. Goodnight" to a confused Lucy before she rushed away from the rest of her siblings and up the stairs, out of sight. And perhaps Lucy was imagining it, but she could've sworn that Lori and Luna were glaring at the jock as she speeded away.

The moment of tension seemed to pass, as Lori swallowed and put on a calmer expressions. "Well, you should all do like Lynn and get to your rooms," she said. Of course, when none of her younger siblings got up to leave, a look of annoyance and anger crossed her face as she barked out "Did I stutter? GO!"

Everyone scrambled, rushing as they went up the stairs. Lynn was the most competitive of them, but that didn't stop everyone else from trying out small games and competitions. As she ran up the stairs alongside her sisters and brother, even Lucy got involved in the sport of it, grabbing Luan by the ponytail enough to pass her, but being slowed down by Lisa wrapping her small hand around her foot. It was all in vain, as Luna leaped to the top of the flight of stairs, and looked down at her siblings with victorious glee. "Call me Rush, because I have One Little Victory," she said as she stuck her tongue out at the rest of the Louds, still fighting on the stairs. Eventually, more and more of them made their way to the second floor, and they all turned back and yelled, in unison, "Goodnight, Mom and Dad!"

"Goodnight, kids!" Lynn Sr. yelled back at them.

"Sleep well, all of you!" Rita added, as the siblings all turned and headed off to their rooms to get changed for bed.

"Hey, what happened to the vase?" Lucy heard Lola ask Lana behind her, and the stoic girl simply smiled as she imagined what her twin was going to answer. Regardless, it didn't concern her. What did concern her was when she opened the door to her room, and her roommate stopped throwing her tennis ball at the wall to look at her, her eyes wide with… sorrow, for some reason.

"Hey Luce," she said softly, "You remember that thing I said downstairs?"

Lucy nodded, wondering why Lynn was bringing that up. The jock girl swallowed, before she continued with "I-I didn't mean what I said. You're a Loud… no matter what anyone says…"

Despite Lucy's penchant for poetry and writing, words seemed to completely fail her at that moment. She didn't let it show on her face, putting on her usual expression of deadpan disinterest, but the eight year old girl was completely bewildered by Lynn's words. Since when did Lynn apologize for teasing her? She teased everyone, and never said sorry for it. And come to think of it, weren't all of her older sisters reacting in a bizarre and confusing way, after that little crack Lynn made? Lucy had no idea what to make of her sisters' off behavior, so she simply responded the way Lynn would expect her to; "I know."

That was it. Two simple words, uttered by a confused child. But they seemed to help the older one relax, as Lynn sighed heavily and smiled, before going back to throwing the green ball against the wall.

"Lynn, can you look away?" Lucy said, as Lynn nodded and grabbed her small green ball and covered herself with her blanket. Proper roommate protocol; one sibling wants to change, the other looks away. Lucy took off her black dress and striped socks, replacing them with her usual night attire; a plain white t-shirt and long, striped pants. After she finished putting on her shirt, she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. If there was one thing that differentiated her from her siblings (aside from the raven hair and the knowledge of the occult) it was her skin. Her skin was far more… pale, than the others, especially when compared to her roommate, whose extensive time in the sun ensured her a more tan complexion than the Goth. But still, Lucy felt it odd that she would be so porcelain, especially when compared to Lincoln and Lisa, who probably spent more of their free time indoors than even she. At least she occasionally wrote in her book under the tree…

Lucy gasped. Her book. She left it in the attic.

"Sigh," she… sighed, as she looked back to Lynn, still covering herself with the blanket, "Lynn, you can look now."

As Lynn peaked her eyes over the blanket, Lucy quickly said, "I left my book in the attic. I'll go get it quickly."

"Uh… sure. You want me to come with?"

"No thanks, Lynn. I can handle myself in a dark attic."

"Bet you would live up there if you could," Lynn scoffed, as Lucy shrugged, somewhat agreeing.

The dark haired girl peeked into the attic, and threw a small pebble into the darkened part of the house, and listened for any sounds. Now that she knew there were no raccoons, she lifted herself into the top part of the Loud House. If it had been any other sibling, they would no doubt have needed a flashlight to search for whatever they were looking for, but Lucy, even through the long hair that covered her eyes, could see.

Of course, it wasn't perfect vision, as the young girl accidentally kicked a small box on the ground. She bit her lip and cursed internally, bending down to hold her hurt toe. As she did, however, she noticed the contents on the box she had jabbed her toe into. She squinted, but managed to make out that it was a box of…

A box of binders and books, with stray photos and pictures spilling from the pages of the books.

Lucy grimed as she looked down at them with complete disinterest, and was about to stand back up and go over to the corner to find her notebook of poems when one photo caught her eye…

She reached into the box, past a book of Lynn Sr's recipes and an orange baby book that presumably belonged to Lincoln, and grabbed the lone photo. She pulled it out of the box and brought it as close to her eyes as possible.

The picture's subject were three people; a baby and a small toddler playing with each other and a woman laughing in the background. The children Lucy recognized as herself and Lincoln; that white hair and goofy smile was unmistakable. But it was the woman… it was the woman that caused Lucy's skin to crawl as she felt goose bumps emerge on her arms.

The woman… looked almost exactly like an older, adult version of her. Tall, slender, long dark hair flowing from her head, so long it covered one of her eyes. This woman looked… looked exactly like her.

"It's… it's just a trick of the light," Lucy said to herself, a bit unnerved by what she was seeing, "Maybe I do need a light glow."

She took the photo back down to the second floor and stood in the hallway, turning the lights on, much to the groaning annoyance of her siblings. But she barely heard them as she looked over the picture once again. If anything, the light made this older woman look more like her, as Lucy could now see the pale, light skin tone of the woman… matching hers exactly.

Lucy flipped the photo over, trying to get a sense of what was going on, and saw writing on the backside. Her mother's handwriting, as she could recognize. And what she read caused the eight year old a deep sinking feeling in her stomach.

Lincoln on a play date with the

neighbor's girl, Lucy.

She had to have read that wrong.

Lincoln on a play date with the

neighbor's girl, Lucy.

Maybe there was a word or letter she wasn't seeing.

Lincoln on a play date with the

neighbor's girl, Lucy.

Lucy felt a cold sweat break out on her back, as the words finally ingrained themselves into her psyche. She felt a strong sense of nausea, and felt as though the whole room was spinning.

"What is going on here?" she breathed out.

"Lucy, what's wrong?" Lucy looked up and saw Lori standing behind her, suddenly looking concerned. When she saw what the young Goth was holding, her face paled and her eyes widened.

"Oh no," she said in a hushed tone.

"L-Lori, what is this? Who is this woman?" Lucy said, not at all like her usual unemotional self, as she sounded absolutely horrified.

Lori swallowed, and tried to answer. "Lucy… you… you…" she choked on her words, feeling a lump form in her throat before she could answer the young girl, but, unfortunately for the both of them, Lucy was a smart girl. The combination of what she learned from the picture and her sister's reaction spoke more than words ever could. Lori didn't need to tell her anything.

Lucy didn't cry. She didn't scream or yell or faint or question. All she did was slide down against the wall, and watch as her paren… as Mr. and Mrs. Loud rushed up the stairs and slowly come to realize, to their horror, that young Lucy discovered the truth…

A while ago, I wrote a small one-shot about Lucy discovering she was adopted, and Lincoln trying to convince her that she was a part of the family no matter what. Ever since then, the idea has been stuck in my mind as a story worth expanding on, and turning into a multi-chapter fic. I tried to ignore it, as I know some people think the adopted "genre" is oversaturated, especially when it comes to Lincoln and Lucy being adopted, but I couldn't resist. So here's my version of the adopted story/genre.

And don't worry; no one will be born in President Bush's limo.

I hope you enjoyed reading.