Chapter 2

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As we arrived to there base i realize there was a gate that led underwater

"Underwater base?" I ask

"Yup, our monsters can't go in water" dana said I nodded it was clever, we pulled in and when we entered the base I saw a bunch of scientist walking around and checking things out I looked around and was impressed there was weapons in progress on a counter and they were working on them

"This place is cool" I say Joel walks next to me

"I know right? It's like the perfect place" he says I nod and follow them we go into a corridor and a room

"This is the ranger lounge, girls rooms are that way" Carter says pointing to a door "and boys room is over there" he says pointing to the other door I nod

"Sweet, so your rangers" I say they all nod

"That explains the training in the woods" I say they all look at me wide eyed

" saw that" Carter said I nodded

"Yeah, but not like I'mma go telling people where you train, I'm a ranger to I know that feeling of secrecy" I say they nod and we sit down

"So, I suppose you want to know about why I'm here and that monster" I say the all nod

"Well, I'll start from the beginning then" I say I sit back and look at them

" I'm from the year 2018, that monster is cruel and strong, his name is Malestros, he was the leader of the monsters that attacked our city, me and my team where chosen to defeat them. But on our final battle Malestros's brother gave his powers to Malestros temporarily making him unbeatable, while I was taken down a couple monsters my team went at Malestros, he killed them I tried to save them but I was to slow. I was so angry I summoned as much energy as I could and attacked as I was about to deliver the final blow he jumped through a time gap I followed him through, I made a vow to beat him and get revenge for my team and to protect other teams from his wrath" I say I look that them again they all have mixed emotions

"I am the wolfagon ranger, meaning wolf and dragon hybrid, my team was hybrid spirit animals my colors are purple and black, black wolf and purple Dragon" I say

"Wow, I'm sorry for the loss of your team" Dana said putting a hand on my shoulder I smile

"Thanks, it's hard when you lose a team it's like losing your family" I say sadly I hear an alarm go off and the others stand up

"Monster attack, you wanna come with" Carter says and asked I nod and follow them they run up to a screen

"What is it captain" Carter asked

"Monster at the city, one I've never seen before" I look at the monitor closer

"Malestros" I say the captain looks at me confused

"Explain later, let's go handle this guy" Chad says they start running

"WAIT!" I shout stopping them

"What" Kelsey asked

" You can't go out there, stay here I'll handle him" I say rushing past them of course they followed as we arrived on scene I look at them

"Stay here" I say turning back around

"We are gonna help" Chad said I sigh

"He's to strong.. if I need help then help deal?" I ask they nod but I can tell they don't like it I morph and run out facing Malestros

"Hello there Malestros" I say he turns and looks at me

"Well, well, well look what we have here" he says I grip my sword

"Aw is the poor ranger miss her team, the team she couldn't save" he says laughing I charge at him and start slashing I get a few good hits when he strikes back he gets one of his special attacks on me and sends me flying into a concrete building

"Ow..." Is all I say before I slam into the cement sidewalk I demorph I can barley move

"Kiersten!" I hear several shouts I manage to get into a crawling position Dana and Kelsey help me up

"You okay" Kelsey asked I nod but wince

"Walls... Hurt" I say coughing I hear Malestros laugh I look at him

"Ranger, don't tell me that's all you got" I shake my head and push Dana and Kelsey away and remorph

"You know better then that Malestros" I say and charge at him I get struck back again, only this time i flew into the water I come up to the surface and I see the lightspeed rangers fighting him, I climb into the dock and try to catch my breath

"he was never this strong" I say I stand up and go help the other rangers after about 10 minutes the battle is going no where till the lightspeed rangers use there V-lancers I decided to use my wolfagon blaster as well we all hit him at the same time blasting him back he managed to rise to his feet

"This isn't over rangers" he says disappearing

"Coward" I mutter I taste something metallic and realize there's blood in my mouth

"Great" I say while demorphing I stand and watch where he last disappeared when the others come up from behind me.

To Be Continued

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