Once a Pirate

"Captain Jack sparrow" announced the butler in a high pitched voice.

Elizabeth could not believe what she had just heard. What in the world was Jack doing in London. He could have at least sent a letter ahead of time. But that would have been so unlike the Jack she knew. Always one for surprises, she thought to herself.

She awaited eagerly to see him, hiding her excitement. She often wondered what the years had done to Jack. Nothing could have prepared her for the man she saw step through the doorway.

Jack was dressed in the latest fashion. His hair cut and slicked back. His face clean shaven. Beside him stood a young woman ten to fifteen years his junior. Jack whispered something to her and she laughed.

Elizabeth stood in a stupor. Unable to believe or recognize the former pirate. Jack had remade himself into a gentleman.

Jack spotted Elizabeth staring at him, a grin flashed across his face. It was still jack alright, Elizabeth thought to herself.

"Margaret darling, meet Lady Elizabeth" Jack said to the woman with him as they approached Elizabeth.

"It's a pleasure your grace, Jack has told me so much about you, he said you two used to know each other, years ago." She asked.

"Our paths crossed more than once in the past, but we have both moved on" Elizabeth said looking Jack up and down.

For a split second she saw a light flicker in Jack's eyes. As if her words had awoken something he was trying to bury or forget.

"I can see we have both done well for ourselves, have we not lady Elizabeth. This is a lovely home you have, and it would seem anyone of importance In London is here." Jack said looking around.

"Spoils of the past so speak, a drink perhaps," Elizabeth said as she waved over one of the footmen.

"I would love one" jack said as he grabbed a glass of champagne from the tray the Footman was carrying.

"So Jack, what brings you to London this time around?" Elizabeth asked as she watched Jack sip from the glass, studying his refined manners.

"I have recently purchased a humble estate outside of London, Margaret and I are going there tomorrow." Jack said as his eyes met Elizabeth's once more. Lingering there, memories rushing over him like a wave.

Margaret darling, I feel like I need some fresh air, I'll be out on the balcony, in the meantime why don't you introduce yourself to some of these fine people here." Jack squeezed her hand as he headed for the balcony.

Once outside Jack exhaled deeply and looked up at the sky. As he had done so many times before, but on the seas the stars were different, somehow brighter and offering more comfort.

Jack heard footsteps behind him. He knew who it was. Somehow he knew she would follow him.

"Jack, it really is good to see you, you are like a breath of fresh air in this city" Elizabeth said as she came up to jack and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"And you look as lovely as ever, this kind of life suits you, I see" Jack said looking Elizabeth in the eyes.

"I've adapted, we could not stay in the past Jack, and we all had to move on" Elizabeth said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"It's all for the better, I keep on telling myself, maybe one day I will believe it," Jack said taking Elizabeth's hand.

"It is Jack, But enough of this reminiscing, I want to hear all about Margaret, and your new estate, How I've missed you. Come inside and dance with me, Captain Sparrow" Elizabeth said as she led Jack back inside.

"I've missed you too Lizzie, believe me, I've missed you too." Jack whispered under his breath, but loud enough for her to hear.