That evening after they had dined, and returned to the inn, a letter sat waiting for Jack on the writing table. The maids must have brought it in jack thought to himself. He knew the moment he saw it who it was from.

"See Jack, things are looking up for us here, soon it will feel like home. We've also been invited to a ball Lady Fairfax is throwing, we should go, and Lord Fairfax is one of the most influential men in the city. What do say Jack?" Margaret said coming up to Jack and leading him to the window just as the sun began to set over the city.

"Aye we can go luv, these formal gatherings do involve drinks, do they not?" Jack asked with a teasing smile.

"Jack you know you need to be on your best behavior" Margaret said as she took Jack's hand and pressed it to her pale cheek. Just one of the things she did that had so endeared her to him.

"Your hands are still rough, like those of a sailor" she whispered to him.

"Don't you mean pirate?" Jack asked as he wrapped his arms around her and watched the setting sun bleed over the great city.

"Once a pirate, yes, but no longer Jack" She replied.

"The past cannot be put away neatly in a drawer luv, some things haunt us forever," Jack said as he thought of the letter that he put away in the drawer.

"Enough of this reminiscing, a drink perhaps" Jack exclaimed.

"Who was that letter from Jack?" Margaret asked

"Just business luv, some final arrangements that need to be made for the house." Jack replied as he poured a glass of wine for himself and Margaret.

They sat and talked about their future. Mostly Jack just listened. The way she described it made jack feel as if he were in a dream. One of the pleasant ones. He found her voice soothing, much like the sound of waves.

"I think I'm going to turn in for the night Jack," she said as she kissed Jack tenderly on the cheek.

"The sweetest of dreams to you luv, I'll turn in a little, just have to scribble a few letters."

"Don't stay up too late Captain, you need your rest, we have a lot to do in the next few days" Margaret said as she headed off to bed.

Jack removed the letter from the drawer. He handled it with caution. He recognized the writing as Elizabeth's. Something in him told him that once opened there was no going back.

Jack opened the letter, it was short and to the point. Elizabeth congratulated jack on the purchase of the purchase of the viscount's estate. It was the ending that interested Jack. Meet me by the water's edge in view of the tower tonight.

Jack looked at Margaret sound asleep. Somehow the letter started to feel like a burning coal in his hand and he threw it on the table.

Jack got up put on his overcoat. Stuffed the letter in a pocket and headed out. By the water's edge in a view of a tower. Jack guessed that it had to be The Tower of London. Margaret had pointed it out to him on their arrival in the city. She loved this city, and knew the names of many of the shops, the streets, and the homes of the nobility.

Jack stepped outside, and to his pleasant surprise the streets were still full of life. It almost reminded him slightly of Tortuga, only on a grander scale. Jack made his way to the river and followed it until he could see the tower.

There she was, alone. Jack was surprised, yet the Lizzie he knew was always foolishly brave. She turned, hearing his footsteps.

"Somehow I knew you would come Jack, there was so much left unsaid that night at the dinner," Elizabeth said, her eyes beaming with joy at finally being able to be alone with Jack.

"Am I really that predictable Elizabeth" Jack said with a smile.

"You of all people I have never figured out Captain." Elizabeth said.

"When you do, do let me know, because I can't seem to figure me out most days." Jack said with a smirk as they set out walking along the street.

"Jack, it really is good to see a familiar face, you would be surprised how lonely it can get even when surrounded by so many people." Jack sensed a hint of sadness in her voice.

"I know the feeling, I usually drink it away, though Margaret says that I have her now, so the drink is now unnecessary. When has drink ever been unnecessary? You and her have that in common, she would have no doubt burned the rum too, given the chance."

They both laughed, but behind the laugh was a sense of melancholy. They were both silent for a moment.

"What's become of the pearl Jack, and the crew?" Elizabeth asked out of genuine curiosity.

"The Pearl is now in the hands of Gibbs, who in turn is a Privateer, there are multiple vessels in our little Caribbean endeavor now. Business is good, but all good things come to an end. I must plan for that as well. Soon perhaps the ships will become merchant vessels." Jack said with pride in his voice.

"A proper businessmen jack, I would have never guessed" Elizabeth said. Truly impressed with the man she saw before herself. There was still something of the old Jack there. That sparkle in his eyes when he talked about the Pearl, or the past.

"I would have never guessed myself, but circumstances force us to change, all of us" Jack said wondering where this conversation was going. Surely she did not call him here just to talk about the past.

"Time does not change everything Jack, surely there is still something in your heart for me?" Elizabeth said looking Jack square in the eyes. There was something painful in her voice.

"You will always be a part of me Lizzie, it's because of you I became who I am, and you told me once that I was a good man underneath it all, I believed you, I hated you at first for telling me, but I believed you." Jack confessed to Elizabeth.

"It was there all along jack, I just believed in you" She said taking his hand. Her touch sent shivers through him. A man who faced death before. A man who's seen countless battles. Yet the touch of this woman threw his entire existence off balance.

"Then you will forgive a good man for what he is about to do" Jack said as he pressed his lips to hers.

Elizabeth did not resist Jack's kiss. She found herself powerless in his presence. Just like that night on Rum Runners Island. Except now she had given into temptation, and she enjoyed every moment of it. Though she was no longer the same girl that was infatuated with Jack Sparrow the infamous pirate. Now she was enraptured with the man he had become, the man she knew he would become.

That night when Jack returned to the inn during the early hours of the morning, there was a letter attached to the door of his room. Jack looked around him cautiously and went in.

He found Margaret just like when he left, sound asleep. He poured himself a drink and lit a candle. He read the letter.

You have something of great value that is mine by right Captain Sparrow, I wish it returned to me, or I will use all the means at my disposal to get it back.