Some people achieved a lot in their life. Some are proud for becoming artists, some for starting a multi-million dollar corporation.

Ren Amamiya was proud for being a sociopath.

That's why the moment when he noticed the school he intended to blow up "accidentaly" during the next Chemistry class changed somehow into a terryfying looking castle he immediately looked at his companion, the blonde guy who just could not shut up about some teacher called Kamoshida, realizing full well what he should do.

"Come on." he said in a friendly tone "Let's go."

The instinct told Ryuji Sakamoto to turn around this very instant and run away as fast as he could from this creepy-looking dude. However, noticing the other boy already in front of the gate he gulped and followed his steps.

He really should have listened to his instinct - right now he was laying beaten on the ground and covered in blood.

"Do you have any more money?" The other boy asked in a threatening tone.

"No..." he replied and coughed a few times "Please! You took it all!"

"Liar!" The dark-haired boy yelled and kicked him in the stomach. Ryuji grunted and coughed up some blood.

"Hey!" They heard a voice "What's all this commotion?"

"Kamoshida!" Ryuji turned to his stomach, relief clear in his eyes "Help!"

Not long after, both young males were dragged down the floor and trapped in a small, crampled space. Kamoshida, somehow dressed as a King, was observing them with yellow eyes.

"Kamoshida..." The blonde boy said weakly after reaininf conciousness "What is all this?"

"Noone is allowed to do as they please in my castle." The man said calmly, but threateningly, eyes now focused on Ryuji Sakamoto.

"Your... castle?"

"SILENCE!" The teacher yelled and kicked the boy "You have broken into my castle. The punishment for that is death."


"I'll have you executed right now." Kamoshida smiled.

The teacher turned around and noticed the dark-haired boy standing up and raising his hand. His grin widened.

"Plannin to run away, huh?"He smirked "What a heartless friend you are."

"No, I'm sorry." The boy with the glasses bowed down and replied "I was just wondering if I can maybe use the bathroom?"

The king nodded.

"Second floor,third door on your left. Next to the Souvenir Store."

The boy bowed once again and left. As soon as he was out of the field of vision, he started running - and not at all towards the toilet.

"Well..." The king smiled sadistically "As for you , Sakamoto" He lowered his sword and touched with it the boys neck. Ryuji gasped for breath. "As for you..." Suddenly the king's eyes widened. He withdrew his sword "Wait... What the hell did I just do!?"

Ren was already on the ground floor, when he heard the alarm system starting to ring. Then he heared a voice.

"Hey, Frizzy Hair!" it said "Over Here!"

The boy turned around and sawa cat-like creature imprisoned in one of the cells.

"You will never get out of here alive without me!" it said confidently "Hurry! Take those keys and free me!"

The boy turned around and noticed the keys that the creature was talking about.

"That's it! Now free me, Frizzy Hair!"

Ren thought for a bit. He looked at the helpless creature that would surely be soon executed if he did not free it. The look in it's eyes was it tried to sound confident, the creature must have been scared to death. Within a few seconds, he knew what he had to do.

"Um... Frizzy Hair?"

Ren calmly showed the cat-thing middle finger and nonchalantly threw the keys to it's cell to the river


"See ya!" Ren waved as he heard the footsteps getting nearer.

He ran towards the biggest door, with the green sign "EXIT - TO THE REAL WORLD" above them.

"You bastard!" The creature shouted after him "You cheap bastard!"

The guards entered just then - enough for them to notice Ren vanishing after getting through the door.

"Oh man..." One of them said "King Kamoshida will be SO angry."

"Well" The other one turned around and picked the spare keys from his pocket "Guess we will just have to execute the cat for now".


Ren put his hand on his knees and gasped for air. He raised his head and looked around. Everything seemed as he has escaped the threat for now. The boy breathed with relief. He noticed he still has Ryuji's money in his pocket. The boy took out his smartphone and opened the Map app. After a few moments of consideration, he entered the phrase "Liquor Store"

He picked the one that was the closest and started to move in the direction, when he heard a voice behind his back. A very angry one, at that.


Ren turned around and noticed Ryuji Sakamoto. The blonde boy has had numerous bruises, his shirt was torn, and he was bleeding from his nose.

"Oh." Ren muttered " You did not die, huh?" He was quite disappointed.

"I escaped when they mobilized their units in search for you."

The blonde boy walked up towards him and raised his fist.

"What the hell was that!?" He asked in a venomous voice " You left me there to die!"

"Yeah." Ren nodded " I know."

"Hey!" They both turned around "What's with the yelling! Are you two Shujin students!?"

The boys noticed two unfriendly looking police officers making their way towards them. Ren turned towards Ryuji and smiled.

"He was bullying me." He said, looking the blonde boy square in the eyes.

"WHAT!?" Ryuji protested "NO I DID NOT! TELL THEM THE TRUTH! There was this weird castle and..."

"Castle!?" One of the Officer's eyes widened " Kid, are you on drugs!?"

"Oh... yeah, Mr. Officer!"Ren exclaimed "He was threating me because I noticed him giving some weird substance to a elementary school kid."

"Is that so?" The second officer asked. "Hand over your "

"Wha-? But I..."


"For real?"

Ryuji had no choice but to hand over his backpack. The officer searched for about ten minutes, but found nothing.

"Happy now?" The blond boy asked angrily.

"Uh, !" Ren said " I remember now! he took the pills not from his backpack, but he had them in his uniform!

The cop did not ask anymore questions and put his hand in the boy's uniform pocket. He searched for a few moments until he pulled his hand back.

"Oh my God." Ryuji paled

The officer took out two pink pills and a small dose of a white-grayish substance. He looked at the boy without saying anything.

"That's not mine!" The blonde boy's voice was trembling and for a split second Ren felt bad about planting him Drugs when he was still unconcious in Kamoshida's Castle "Really! That's..."

"Let me guess,you were just holdin it for a friend, right?" The officer sighed "All right, you're coming with us."

"No!"Ryuji pleaded and tried to struggle " I really don't know what's happening! I am telling you, it's not mine!" he noticed a small chuckle behind his back and looks at Ren. "You... YOU! YOU SON OF A-" He screams as he is dragged towards the police car "I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS! I WILL GET YOU!"

The cop slamed shut the door behind Ryuji, who visibly was still screaming obscenities at the black-haired boy. But Ren just waves after him,like he did before with the cat looking thing and, puts up his hoodie and leaves smiling.


"Hey." Sojiro Sakura notices the young man entering his cafe " Your home room teacher called. She says you skipped half of your classes today."


"Care to explain why?"


The owner of the LeBlanc cafe looks at him, as the boy climbs the stairs to his room without saying a word

"It's not that I care about you. But remember this: ONE serious offence and..."

"And?" Ren stopped.

"And I will call your Parole officer, you punk!" Sojiro says, now clearly angry

For a few second, Ren does nothing, just stands there. Then, without turning around, he reaches into his pocket and picks up a box of matches.

"You wanna see this place burn down, old man?"

Sojiro widens his eyes, opens his mouth, but he is unable to come up with a response, as the 16-year old continues to climb the stairs.

"Goodnight." Was the last thing that Ren said.

Sojiro just stands there, with his mouth still wide open.

"Wow." Says a middle-adged man sitting by one of the tables. "This kid is crazy."

a/n. Well, that's it for now :D I don't know if I will continue the story, but probably I will, since I just started playing the game and find it defintely greatest one in the franchise.

This is a parody story, so if you feel something doesn't make sense, please don't worry about it - That said, I am open to criticism,of course.

Please post in comment if you want to read more, or if this is better left of as an one-shot.