Toralei clutched her books tight to her chest, the normally fearless bully, nervous. Her route to school took her straight through the most hostile of the Normie communities. Normally she would have Purrsephone or Meowlody with her but they had been kept after hours for detention and would be for another week. Keeping her senses primed she just tried to move as fast as possible without running. Predators can sense fear, her heart leapt as she saw the boundry that marked her reentry into the monster world, but it was not to be. As a large male shape moved in front of her.

"Hey look, I found a stray cat. Where you running to little pussy?"

Halting she looked up towards the much larger teen, "I'm just passing through, please just let me pass."

She shuddered to think what any of the other girls would think. She was being both submissive and respectful. The teen snarling down at her.

"Kitties aren't supposed to talk freak!" Shoving her roughly, the teen laughed as Toralai's ass hit the cement sidewalk. She let out a mew of pain, which only served to make the bigger teen laugh harder.

"I think maybe we need to tie paper bags to your feet, maybe get you declawed, how about a trip to the river? Hey pussy, any of those sound good to you?

Trembling and, to her shame, mewling in terror, Toralei shook. The cold Cement providing no comfort.

"That's the sound Kittens make, not words, HAHAHA!"

A slow, mellow, somber voice was heard over the other teens laugh.

"Is there a Problem here, Beauregard?"

To Toralei's surprise Beauregard's laughter stopped, perspiration soaked his t-shirt, his eyes glued to a spot just behind Toralei, she was sure had been empty. Glancing at the bully she noticed he'd started shivering despite the sweat, her cat senses picking up the smell of ammonia. The sight of Beauregard's pants becoming damp confirmed the source. The Bully that had so easily pushed her down, was so terrified of this newcomer, he had wet himself in terror.

"Ms. Toralei, might I have the honor of helping you up?" A thin fingered, pale hand placed itself next to her, a tattoo of a line with alternate branching lines upon the back. Taking it, she was surprised at the warmth of it and then it's strength as she was helped to her feet.

Turning to face her savior, she saw a sunken eyed teen of about her own age. He had an abnormally thin frame and a hooked nose, almost a beak. His hair was wild and unkempt, a silver, grey white, yet he was completely smooth shaven. His blue eyes twinkling. He was dressed in a black, pinstripe suit of victorian finery, complete with pointy shoes. In his other hand he bore a cane, on it's head a distorted pentagram with that same tattooed symbol in its center. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously, "How did you now my name?"

Laughing, he shook his head, "Forgive me, Ms Toralei, it appears I have you at a disadvantage."

Bowing low, he introduced himself. "I am Herbert Randolph Lovecraft and as for how I know your name, I live in that crooked house with my aunties over there." Pointing Toralei saw what was indeed a crooked house, grey and morose. With how much stark contrast it was with every other house she wondered why she had never noticed it before. "You have been walking through this neighborhood for several years now. I would be an idiot not to have learned your name."

Toralei nodded, then realizing she had yet to let go of his hand, heat rising to her face she pulled it back. Wait, how had he kept a hold of it when he had bowed? That didn't seem possible. looking again at the young man before her, she found herself curious.

"Why did you help me?"

Herbert chuckled, a sound that caused a delightful shiver up her spine, "It is the duty of every gentleman to asisst a lady, for whatever she needs." A playful smirk formed on his face and his next words brought the heat back to her face in force, "Besides, I must admit to a special fondness for cats, especial orange ones."

Looking behind her, he seemed to remember something. "Beuragaurd, did you need something else?"

Spinning, she saw that, sure enough, during their exchange she had forgotten the bully that had started this whole scenario. However, as she saw that tears had begun to stream down his face, his nose running as he sobbed in silence, so utterly terrified was he, she couldn't help but feel bad for the poor normie.

"NNNNNNNo" the big teen managed to get out.

"Then you can be dismissed, I will be seeing Ms Toralei the rest of the way to school, that is, if she consents? I apologize if I am being too forward, Ms Toralei, I just thought it might be easier if I escorted you through here from now on." He paused, looking disappointedly upon the other male teen, "It will be easier on everyone involved, Right Beauregard?"

"Absolutely, I'm going to run in panic now, if that's allowed."

"I did say you were dismissed, so go ahead." Before Lovecraft could finish the sentence Beauregard was gone, dust settling in his wake.

Toralei smirked. "I think that you walking me through here would be nice, HR." Smiling for the first time that day, she strutted on towards her destination. Hearing him catch up to her, she once more stole a glance at the one that had stuck up for her. Seeing that he was blushing at her half lidded eyes, made her shiver. With perhaps an extra skip in her strut then was strictly normal she made her way to Monster High. A puzzle wrapped in a cute boy shaped box walking at her side.