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Not All Men Are Created Equal

It all began in China, in Quingping City. There was news that a child had been born, who gave off a bright light. Ever since then, these superpowers were discovered in various places more and more frequently. Time passed, and yet no cause was ever determined. Before the world knew it, the supernatural became mundane and dreams became reality. The world has become a superhuman society, and now, 80% of the population of the world had some unique trait. In this world, naturally whirling with chaos, the profession that many once dreamed about came into the limelight. That profession is... Superheroism!

Along with the superpowers came an explosive increase in crime. As the nations of the world were stuck in the slow process of drastic law reforms to accommodate these abilities, courageous people started performing heroic acts like the ones in comic books. Guarding against superpowers and defending against evil. Heroes were soon accepted by the public, and it was established as an official position of law enforcement. Based on their performance, they were paid by the government and gain renown among the masses.

Of these masses, there was one boy who wanted to be a hero more than anybody else. His name is Izuku Midoriya.


"Kacchan! Please, stop this, or I won't forgive you!"

A small boy with green hair stood between a group of 3 kids and another one who was on the ground, crying.

"Yeah, or what?" The leader of the group, Katsuki Bakugo, laughed, slamming his fist into his other hand's palm and releasing a small explosion with it. "The hell are you gonna do about it, useless Deku?"

The boy on Katsuki's left extended his fingers to be as long as his whole body, while the one on his right grew red wings out of his back.

"Y-You'll see!" The green haired boy, Izuku Midoriya, shouted defiantly. "When I get my Quirk, you'll regret this!"

"Oi, you still think you'll get a Quirk, Deku?" Katsuki yelled, eyes bulging with amusement. "You're the only one in our class that hasn't gotten his Quirk yet! I haven't ever heard of someone's Quirk manifesting at your age, so just face it! You'll never get one, and you'll be a useless Deku for your whole life!" Katsuki began lazily walking towards Izuku.

"No! You're wrong!" Izuku screamed, tears poking at his eyes. "T-The doctor said it should appear any day now!"

Katsuki broke into a run at Izuku, followed by his two partners-in-crime, laughing, "Then stop me with that amazing Quirk that you don't have!"

As they approached him, Izuku shut his eyes and held up his arms to brace himself. "Kacchan! Stop, go away!"

Without thinking, Izuku shoved his arms out at his classmates in an instinctive reaction. He was surprised when, instead of a burning, blunt force to his face, he was only met with screams.

"Wh-What the hell?!" he heard Katsuki's voice yell.

Izuku was so in shock of the unexpected turn of events that he couldn't even open his eyes for a few seconds. When he did though, he saw his 3 preschool classmates floating in midair, surrounded by a soft green glow. His own hands were also surrounded by a similar glow. He couldn't see it, but his own eyes shined more brightly as well. Izuku became aware that he could feel some sensation from somewhere he hadn't felt before, deep inside.

"Deku!" Katsuki yelled. "What the hell is this?"

"Is... Is this...?" Izuku's face slowly lit up as he realized. "Is this my Quirk?!"

But, at that moment, the glow disappeared from his hands and the group of bullies, and Izuku's fate was sealed.

"Really?" Katsuki teased, laughing. "After taking so damn long to get your Quirk, I was expecting something decent at least! You postponed this for a few seconds, but you're still not worth anything in the end, Deku!"

With one stride forward, Katsuki drove his fist into Izuku's stomach, releasing a small 'pop' against him. Laughing, the other two ran up as well and began to kick at Izuku's prone body. Izuku could barely see from between his hands and with the occasional foot to his face, but he made out the figure of the other boy running away.

At that moment, Izuku smiled. He smiled because he knew that now, he had a Quirk. He had a Quirk, and he used it to help someone in need. Even if he had to be hurt himself, he still had a Quirk that could be used to save others. He could be a hero, like he always dreamed, and save people with a smile on his face. That is why Izuku Midoriya smiled through the pain of being beaten by the other kids. Because he knew that he could be a hero.


Even though the origin of Quirks was unknown, the world was able to learn plenty about Quirks and how they worked. In very rare cases, individuals could mutate a brand new and unique Quirk. It was rare, but it could happen. More often though, Quirks were passed down hereditarily. Children normally would manifest their Quirks by age four, and they could be passed down from either parent, or a combination of the two's Quirks. If the Quirk was a combination, it would be it's own unique Quirk, of course. But if the Quirk was passed from only one parent, then it was usual for the child's Quirk to be stronger in some way. This was the case with Izuku Midoriya's Quirk.

He got it from his mother, although her telekinesis was very limited. She, at most, could make one small object move towards her at a time. She couldn't push them away, she couldn't hold them in place, and she couldn't do it to anything larger than her purse.

But since Izuku inherited only from her Quirk and not his father's, which was the ability to breath fire, his telekinesis was much more advanced from the start. He could pull things toward him, like his mother, but also push them, hold them in place, raise, lower, twist and turn them. He could hold multiple objects in midair at once and move them independently of each other. Of course, he still had his limits. Those limits were determined by the weight of the objects, rather than something like the size. When his Quirk first manifested, he was able to lift up 3 preschoolers for a few seconds. As he grew up, however, his Quirk naturally strengthened and he became used to using it. At the time of his third year of attendance at Aldera Junior High, lifting up something like the kitchen table for an extended period of time wasn't too much trouble. He could even almost lift his mother's car a few inches off of the ground for a second.

And that's where this story began: Aldera Junior High.


"Well, you're all in your third year, so it's time to get serious with thinking about your futures," the teacher announced. "I have the course recommendation forms right here, but... Oh, who am I kidding? You're all going for the hero course, right?!"

He was meet with an enthusiastic "Yes sir!" simultaneously from every student, who began showing off their quirks. Even Izuku, who enthusiastically raised his pencil and his notebook, which was titled 'Hero Analysis for the Future', along with his hand.

"Ah, very good!" The teacher exclaimed. "You all have such wonderful Quirks! But just remember, it's against school rules to use your Quirks in the classroom."

Izuku was the only student who seemed to notice the reference to the rule being broken, immediately deactivating his Quirk.

"'You all have wonderful Quirks,' eh?" Katsuki Bakugo, who was in Izuku's class, remarked snarkily. "You shouldn't lump us all together like that. I'm not gonna stay stuck at the bottom like the rest of these rejects!"

"That was uncalled for Katsuki!" "How rude!" "Arrogant bastard!" The whole class exploded in anger at Katsuki, while Izuku just sighed and ignored his usual cockiness.

"You should all shut your damn mouths, like the extras you are!" Katsuki laughed mockingly.

"Oh, you're applying for U.A. if I remember, isn't that right Katsuki?" The teacher remarked, flipping through a clipboard.

"Eh? The national school?" "They were in the top 0.2% this year!" "But their acceptance rate is... super low!" The anger towards Katsuki quickly became admiration, while Izuku suddenly became scared that his teacher would mention that he also wanted to attend U.A.

"Exactly! And that's why you're all extras!" Katsuki announced to the whole class before jumping onto his desk. "I aced the mock test! I'm the only one from this school who has any chance at getting into U.A.! I'll surpass All Might, and definitely become the #1 Hero! My name with be inscribed in the list of top earners!"

"Oh yeah," the teacher said, looking at his clipboard.

'Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! No no no no no!' Izuku screamed inwardly, dreading the inevitable.

"Midoriya wants to attend U.A. too, right?"


Looking around, Midoriya saw many looks of shock. What surprised him was that a few of his classmates were smiling at him and giving him thumbs up. That almost made up for what Bakugo was about to do.

"Huuurreegh!" Katsuki screamed as he slammed his hand on Izuku's desk, cracking the wood with an explosion and causing Izuku to fall out of his chair. "Hey, Deku! You're the worst of these rejects! You can't even fight back with your damn stupid Quirk! How could you ever stand on the same level as me?!"

"W-Wait, Kacchan!" Izuku sputtered, crawling back against the wall. "I'm not trying to compete with you or anything! Honest!.. It's just... It's been my dream to be a hero since I was little..."

"Following that dream still?" Katsuki said mockingly, smoke coming from his hands. "Are you taking the exam just for fun or some shit?! What the hell can you do? Make shit float?"

A few chuckles came from the mass of students behind Katsuki.

"I-I can at least try to be a support hero though," Izuku tried to reason.

"Yeah, sure! Try getting into U.A.'s hero program with a damn supporting Quirk!" Katsuki grinned and laughed uncontrollably.

'Yeah, this'll be a fun day,' Izuku thought.


After the school day, which seemed to drag on extra long, Izuku was finally almost ready to head home.

"Wow! That hero Mt. Lady's debut from this morning is all over the news!" Izuku muttered to himself. "I'll have to write down everything about it when I get home!"

Izuku finally got up from his desk, and was about to put his notebook into his backpack when Katsuki grabbed it right out of his hand.

"Kacchan!" Izuku gasped in surprise and confusion.

"We're not done talking, Deku," he grunted, staring Izuku down condescendingly.

"Katsuki, what's that?" One of Katsuki's lackeys, the one who could extend his fingers, asked in reference to the notebook. "Huh... Hero Analysis for the Future? Seriously?!" He laughed along with the other one of Katsuki's lackeys who just sighed, "Midoriya..."

"It's fine, isn't it?" Izuku said, putting his hand out to Katsuki. "P-Please, give it back."

Katsuki slapped an explosion onto it between his hands, burning the outside and edges of the notebook.

"AAAHH!" Izuku shrieked in panic. "That's mean!"

Katsuki threw the notebook out of the window, not even looking back at it. Izuku lunged at the window, holding his hand out and catching the notebook with his telekinesis before it hit the water below.

As Izuku brought the notebook back up to their classroom, Katsuki went on, "Most top first-string heroes have stories about them from their school days. I want to be called the only student from this mediocre Junior High School that has the stuff to make it to U.A. I mean, I am a perfectionist." Katsuki gripped Izuku's shoulder tightly as the green haired bit still looked away, heating up his hand to make smoke rise from it. "So, don't apply to U.A., nerd."

Izuku couldn't say anything. He just stood there, shaking from what Katsuki wrongly thought was fear.

"C'mon, you should at least say something back," Lackey #1 laughed as they all walked towards the classroom door.

"Nah, he's too pathetic," Lackey #2 laughed as well. "He can't even respond to reality!"

Katsuki suddenly stopped at the exit and turned around. "You know, there is a quick way to become a hero, if you want. Just hope to have a useful fucking Quirk in your next life, and jump off of a building!"

For a split second, Izuku's restraint snapped, and he quickly turned toward Katsuki, raising his hand.

Katsuki raised his own hand, setting off explosions as he grinned and slowly said, "What is it, Deku?"

Izuku reigned in his anger for the moment. He'd show Katsuki, just not yet. Not now, and not like this. Katsuki scoffed and walked off, once again mistaking Izuku's shaking for fear.


Izuku examined his 13th hero notebook as he walked home. Thankfully, all of the pages were intact, so Katsuki had really accomplished nothing. Even though it turned out fine, Izuku was in a bad mood. Even though he knew that Katsuki was wrong, the fact that he hated Izuku that much still hurt, so he decided to take the long route home.

'Damn stupid Kacchan... I'll show you how stupid you are. You'll see...'

Izuku wanted to chuckle a little at the thought of Katsuki finding out about how he was training his Quirk. As he approached an underpass, he forced a laugh, and, in the hopes of raising his spirits, he decided to imitate the laugh of All Might, the #1 hero and his personal idol. Through the echoes of his laugh reverberating in the underpass, he barely noticed the clanking of metal as the manhole cover behind him was rattled by a strange green liquid.

"Ah, a medum-sized vessel..." A raspy, cold voice sent chills down Izuku's spine. "It'll do!"

Izuku whipped around, raising his hands in defense instinctually. But, before he could even think, he was covered and wrapped up in a green, sticky goop.

"Relax, kid," the voice said, prompting Izuku to look up and see two eyes floating in the fluid. "I just need to borrow your body for a moment... It will only hurt for a minute before you stop feeling anything anymore!"

'A-A villain?!' Izuku started panicking, groping at the goo that was trying to flow into his mouth.

"You can't grab me, I'm fluid!" The villain exclaimed, laughing.

'Then... I guess now is the time to see if my Quirk training has paid off!'

Izuku closed his eyes, relaxed his arms and legs, and stopped gasping for air.

"Oh, I really like the submissive type," the sludge villain chuckled. "It's a shame I need to stop your life right here!"

Izuku clenched his hands, focusing on his own body. After only a moment, he got his grip and a light green glow formed around him.

"Wh-What's happening?" the villain gasped, trying to hold Izuku in. "What's with this force?!"

'Use my telekinesis to grab myself, and... PUSH! WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE!'

Izuku pushed his body out of the fluid with incredible force, still glowing and floating in the air for a moment after, before deactivating his Quirk and landing on the concrete.

"Y-YOU!" the villain stuttered in disbelief. "You shouldn't have been able to escape!"

Without saying anything, Izuku reached out and gripped the villain with his telekinesis, restricting his movement and stopping him from escaping.

"Wh-What are you doing?!" the sludge villain shrieked, struggling to touch the ground and run away.

"It's simple," Izuku said while catching his breath, keeping his attention on the floating ball of goop in front of him. "If you were so desperate to get into a vessel, then I assume you were being chased by a hero. I just need to hold you until–"

Izuku was cut off when the manhole cover that the sludge villain came from was suddenly blasted up from the ground with immense force.

"N-No!" The villain shrieked, struggling even more against Izuku's Quirk.

'This is bad,' thought Izuku. 'I've held him up for a while, and he's struggling a lot. On top of using telekinesis on myself, I'm running out of steam. It's easier to hold him because he's liquid, but still... I just need to focus... As long as the hero isn't All Might or something, I should be–'

"I AM HERE!" All Might's unmistakeable voice shouted out as his bulky body jumped up from the sewer. Then, he noticed Izuku holding the sludge villain. "A-Ah, I see I've inconvenienced you due to my distracted heroing, citizen!"

"A-A-A-A-ALLL MIIIIGHT!!!" Izuku shrieked, losing control of his telekinesis for a moment and allowing the villain to flee.

"Oh, no you don't!" All Might yelled as he rushed passed the villain to its front, and delivered a powerful punch, "TEXAS SMASH!" that sent the villain splattering across the street.

"A-All M-M-Might..?" Izuku stammered, pointing at the pro hero in disbelief.

All Might took 2 empty 2-liter soda bottles out of a plastic bag, crouched down, and began to move around the street in blurring speeds. After about 5 seconds, the street was clean and the bottles were filled with green fluid, which All Might promptly placed in his pockets.

"AHAHAHAHAA!" All Might bellowed throatily, pointing a thumbs-up at Izuku. "I thank you for assisting me in capturing this villain!"

"A-A-A- Of c-c-course!" Izuku stammered, before realizing, "I NEED YOUR AUTOGRAPH PLEASE!" and bowing stiffly.

"Ah, of course! I'd be happy to give you my signature!" As Izuku fumbled around for his notebook and a pen, All Might continued, "I truly must apologize for getting you involved in that! I normally don't make rookie mistakes, but I suppose I was just over-excited as I haven't ever been around here before now!"

Izuku presented an empty page of his notebook and a pen to All Might, who signed it promptly. But instead of handing it back to Izuku, he hestiated.

'I have some time left,' All Might thought. "May I ask why it is that your notebook is... burnt?" he asked Izuku.

"A-Ah, that..." Izuku glanced at the notebook before looking back up at All Might. "Um... One of my friends... destroyed it by accident."

"What kind of 'accident' results in fire?"

"Well, it was a Quirk accident. W-Well, I mean... The Quirk part wasn't an accident, but the notebook just... ended up in between there."

"Ah, I see," All Might sighed. He looked at the front cover of the notebook, and his eyes widened in surprise. 'Hero Analysis for the Future, huh? Interesting...' All Might flipped through the pages, much to Izuku's inward terror. 'Shit... These notes are really in-depth! These are too. This is #13? If a villain got their hands on these notes... And on the other 12, too!'

"Um... A-All Might, I h-have a question!" Izuku stammered, ignoring the fact that his idol was looking at his most embarrassing hobby.

"A-Ah, yes, of course!" All Might replied, handing back the notebook. "But, please make it quick! I'm actually running short on time."

Izuku liked to think that he was confident with himself. With his Quirk. But, even though he knew that Katsuki was full of shit, he was still affected by the constant berating more than he'd admit. And more than he knew.

"R-Right, I'll make it quick..." Izuku gathered up his courage and breathed in deeply, before asking. "C-Can someone like me... I mean, with my Quirk, could... I mean... Can someone become a hero with a quirk like mine?!"

"Eh? I-Is that what..." All Might stared at Izuku in confusion, before letting out a hearty laugh. "AHAHAHAHAHAA! Is that what you're worried about?! Of course! From what I've seen, your Quirk is plenty worthy of a hero! I didn't just see you holding that villain. To be honest, I watched you for a moment from the sewer grate! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"R-Really?!" Izuku yelped, thinking about All Might having seen his Quirk completely in action.

But, the praise was too much, and tears of joy began running down Izuku's face. Even though Izuku already knew... To be told by one's idol that you can accomplish your biggest dream would be a life-changing experience for anyone.

"Yes! The way you manipulated your own body as well as that of the villain were each impressive on their own! However, you did both! You truly have great potential in that Quirk of yours!"

Izuku collapsed to his knees, clutching at his chest and sobbing. "Th-Thank you... ALL MIGHT!"

All Might placed a hand on Izuku's head, before saying, "I must go now! But, never give up on that dream! Achieve it! I hope to work with you as a fellow hero one day, so keep at it! I'll see ya around!" With a small salute, All Might launched himself into the air, leaving Izuku sobbing on the ground. 'That kid... He might be the one... But, I don't know much about his personality. Besides, with that sobbing he doesn't seem very courageous. Well, I'll keep an eye on– Wait, did I get his name?'

Izuku slowly rose and wiped his eyes dry on his sleeve. He could do it. For the first time since his Quirk first manifested, he was sure that he could be a hero. He resumed walking homeward. He went slowly, not anymore because he wanted to settle down from Katsuki, but because he wanted his meeting with All Might to sink in before he went home to his mother.


Izuku was just a minute or two away from his house when his attention was caught by an explosion. He looked to his right, and saw a black plume of smoke just a few blocks away. Without even thinking about being late, he ran over to see what the commotion was. When he reached the shopping center, his heart almost stopped when he saw the sludge villain wreaking havoc on multiple pro heroes.

'He must've escaped from All Might!' Izuku thought. 'Where the heck even is All Might?!' Izuku looked around, but the only person sticking out in the crowd was an emaciated blond man that just happened to be wearing the same white t-shirt and grey pants as All Might was that day.

"Hey, why aren't the heroes moving in?" the person next to Izuku asked another, catching Izuku's interest.

"Apparently," the other person said in a worried tone, "the villain took a middle schooler hostage."

Izuku immediately panicked and pushed through the crowd to get to the safety barriers. He looked for anyone being held hostage, but couldn't make anything out for a few seconds, until he saw...


Without a second thought, Izuku vaulted over the safety barrier and ran towards the villain holding Katsuki Bakugo. He could hardly hear the heroes yelling after him over his heartbeat pounding in his ears.

'Wh-What the hell am I doing?!' Izuku thought as he ran. 'My legs are moving on their own! Stop, damnit!'

The villain spotted Izuku running at him and laughed, "Ohoho, are you back for more? Sorry, but I've already found a better vessel than yours, so I'll just kill you instead!"

'Shit! I gotta think, think, think!' Izuku thought frantically.

'I'm so damn pathetic...' thought the emaciated man behind the crowd.

'That's it! Page 25!' Izuku took his backpack from his shoulder and threw it at the villain. 'Distract!'

'I'm pathetic...'

As the contents of Izuku's backpack flew through the air, he used his telekinesis to aim his school supplies into the villain's eyes.

"AARGH! I CAN'T SEE, YOU DAMN KID!" the villain yelled, momentarily removing the fluid from Katsuki's mouth to rub his eyes.

'I'm so completely pathetic!'

"Kacchan!" Izuku yelled as he reached the villain, throwing his hands into the fluid. "I got you!"

"Dumbass Deku!" Katsuki yelled furiously. "I can't even blast my way out, so what the fuck can you do?!"

Izuku didn't say anything else. He just focused on pulling Katsuki out, and a soft glow soon shined through the green fluid.

"I DON'T NEED YOUR DAMN HELP!" Katsuki screamed at Izuku, before being wrenched from the villain by Izuku's Quirk.

'How can I deserve the title of #1 hero if this is how pathetic my resolve is?' The body of the emaciated man, standing behind the crowd, began to fill with muscle and power as smoke flew off of his body.

Izuku grabbed Katsuki from midair and pulled him with both his arms and his Quirk simultaneously, which lightened the load on each. And then, Izuku smiled. He smiled because he knew that he had a Quirk that could help others. He knew that he could be a hero.

But then, Izuku saw a white blur flash by. He deactivated his Quirk, setting Katsuki down on his feet, and turned around.

"Why the hell did–?" Katsuki started yelling at Izuku, but cut himself off when he also saw.

All Might was in a lunge, reeling back his arm. "DETROOOOIT... SMAAASH!!" All Might threw his fist into the villain, causing him to splatter all around the street and stores. The immense force of All Might's strength blew a huge wind pressure out in all directions, causing both of the boys, the other heroes, and the crowd to stagger back. The clouds whirled around in the sky and collected over the scene, before sending down a light rain pour.

"Is this... rain?" "He changed the weather with his wind pressure!" "Well, that's All Might for you!" The crowd outside of the shopping district cheered and gawked at All Might.

Izuku and Katsuki, however, just stood in shock, staring at the large man. All Might slowly turned toward the two boys, and gave them a thumbs up, showing them his wide smile.

Quickly, the boys were surrounded by the press and heroes. Katsuki was praised for his bravery and perseverance, and for having such a flashy Quirk. Izuku received some light scolding from the heroes for being reckless, but was also praised by them and the press for rescuing Katsuki.

"Could you tell us why you jumped in to save the other boy?" One lady asked, holding up a microphone to Izuku.

"Ah-Ahh... I... My legs just... started running on their own, and I... It just happened," he stuttered nervously.

"Ah, I see... thanks for your time, erm... Do you mind giving us your name? You don't have to."

"No, it's fine. I'm Izuku Midoriya."

"Well, thank you for for time, Midoriya!"

Izuku wanted to talk to All Might, too, but he was surrounded by the news at the moment, and Izuku was already satisfied with their earlier conversation. So, he headed home.


"Oi, Deku!" Katsuki yelled, running up behind Izuku before he could make his way home.

"Yeah, Kacchan?" Izuku asked, turning around. He was in too good of a mood to feel intimidated or angry at his old friend.

"I'll admit that your Quirk ain't completely worthless, but it still isn't shit compared to mine!" Katsuki yelled, waving his fist at Izuku. "I don't owe you shit, because I didn't need your help! This changes nothing!"

Katsuki turned around, hands in his pockets and grumbling to himself, and walked toward his house. Izuku once again wanted to laugh at his friend's attitude, but he held it in this time. He continued his own walk home until, at an intersection, he was met with the large form of All Might.

"I AM HERE!" All Might stated loudly.

"A-A-A-ALL M-MIGHT?!" Izuku shouted, falling back on his butt. "Wh-What are you doing h-here?!"

"I was not satisfied with our last talk, young man! And also, I don't believe I ever got your name."

"A-Ah-Ah, it's I-Izuku Midoriya!"

"Well, Young Midoriya! Earlier, I told you that you can be a hero. That your Quirk was worth of being one. But, having a strong Quirk is a poor argument for becoming a hero!"

"W-What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? When that villain had taken the boy, there were multiple professional heroes there who hesitated to take action! You, however, did not! Even though you told me that you're unsure of your ability, you didn't hesitate to jump in and save a life! You know, most pro heroes have stories about their deeds before they were heroes! What do these stories have in common, you ask? They all happened when those heroes jumped into action before they even realized what happened. It was the same here, wasn't it? Your legs moved before you even realized?"

"Y-Y-Y-Yes, All Might!"

"Today, you were the most heroic person there, Young Midoriya! I said earlier that you can be a hero, but I now see that you have what it takes to become one of the greatest heroes of all time! So please, allow me to foster your growth! I can help you become that hero! So, what do you say? Will you train under me?"

"W-W-Wait, what?!" Izuku shrieked, perfectly aware that there was no way this was actually happening and he was probably dreaming. "T-That's a lot to drop on me at once!"

"AHAHAHAHAHA! There's more to drop on you, but don't worry! Not all at once! Listen, here's the thing" All Might crouched down next to Izuku, who was sobbing now. "I must know now. If you accept, then we will begin Saturday. I will also impart onto you a secret of mine, though I cannot do that if you decline. This is a lot, but I–"

"Of course!" Izuku cried, wiping his eyes with his sleeve before smiling up at All Might. "I'll train under you, All Might!"

"Very well!" All Might thundered, standing back up to his full height. "Saturday morning at 5 A.M., meet me at the Dagoba Municipal Beach Park! You don't need to bring anything except for yourself! I'll go over the specifics of your training tomorrow, so that's all I have to say for now!"

"All Might... Thank you!" Izuku said, his tears replaced with a look of determination. "I won't let you down!"

"I'll see you then!" All Might said, as smoke started coming off of his body. 'Shit.'

Without another word, All Might rocketed away, leaving Izuku alone in his excitement and glee. At that moment, Izuku decided that, even if this was a dream, it was the best dream he'd ever have. But of course, this was no dream. This is the story of how Izuku Midoriya became the world's greatest hero, and also how he became part of the world's greatest hero duo.


Notes: Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed this little first chapter! Already some changes here. Because Izuku has a Quirk, he feels even more sour towards Katsuki than in canon, which is the first thing. Also, All Might didn't reveal himself to Izuku! Why? Well in the canon, Izuku passed out when All Might saved him. That led to All Might waiting for him to regain consciousness, taking up his time. In this, no such thing happened, so All Might had no need to rush things like he did normally.

The fact that Izuku has a Quirk has made him a little less wimpy in general. A little more confident, at least enough so that he can hold a conversation with a stranger. That extra confidence may influence things with Ochako down the line too, ahem. Anyways, they won't "get together" for a while. I'll let you know that the anime has already gotten that far, at least.

Any questions? I'd be happy to answer anything! Anyway, feedback and input are greatly appreciated! See you in the next chapter!