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Chapter 11 "The Talent Show"

Draco took Hermione's hand and gently led her up the stairs. He made to go directly to his room, but she stopped and he looked at her quizzically.

"Pajamas," she stated simply and he nodded.

"Don't take too long, okay?" he asked, and she smiled.

"A woman has the right to take as much time as she needs getting ready," she said with a smirk worthy of any Malfoy. He only sniggered.

"Not when you're getting ready for bed!" he exclaimed, but she only crossed her arms over her chest and gave up. "Fine, fine. Take as long as you need," he said with a smile. Hermione dropped her arms and leaned up to kiss his nose lightly. "I thought I told you the whole nose-kissing thing was my job?" She laughed and kissed his nose again.

"And I thought I told you that I liked doing it so I am going to continue to do it." He only laughed. She turned suddenly and bounded into her room. Closing the door behind her she heard his soft laughter as he entered his own room and shut the door as well.

With a sigh Hermione looked around her room. With a great sense of nostalgia she'd done it the same way it had been done during her seventh year. The carpet was offwhite and the walls were pale olive green. Looking around it was easy to imagine that she was only 17 again.

She stripped her clothing quickly, because despite her need to torture Draco a little with the thought of having to wait on her she wanted to get in there as soon as she could. Using her wand she accio'd her black soccer shorts (that were, as mentioned, really much too short to be soccer shorts) and light blue ribbed A-shirt. After dressing she took her hair down and let it fall across her back. It almost reached her elbows. She knew Draco liked it down, all though she couldn't' imagine why. It was just a mass of tangled brown curls that never did what they were supposed to do.

Just as she was about to leave she spun and grabbed a bottle of Raspberry Vanilla body spray off of her nightstand and spritzed herself once with it. Satisfied, she opened her door and walked quickly to Draco's. It was still closed, so she knocked.

"Who's there?" he asked in a comical voice. She shook her head.

"Hermione," she answered, hand on her hip.

"Hermione who?" he responded. His voice sounded much closer now and she knew he was standing just on the other side of the door.

"The Hermione you only fifteen minutes ago asked to come and have a sleepover," she said haughtily. The door swung open to reveal a Draco who was very much ready for bed.

"Oh that Hermione," he said with a smile. He stood back and, with a sweep of his arm, beckoned her into his room. She wasn't surprised to see the same dark walls and bed that had been there during their seventh year. The sight was comforting.

She turned to face him after surveying the room briefly and took a second to appraise his attire. He was wearing gold knee length balls shorts with a black tee shirt on which the sleeves had been cut off.

"You have very blonde leg hair," she noted with a crooked smile. His cheeks flushed a little, but he met her smile with a smirk.

"So you do you!" he said with raised eyebrows, and she instantly leaned over to see if she needed to make some more hair removal potion. He laughed out right. She stood to face him.

"That wasn't funny," she said, trying to become annoyed with him and failing miserably.

"Yes it was," he said as he closed the door behind him and walked past her. Without another word he plopped onto his bed, reclined against a pillow, and put his arms above his head. "Well?" he asked. His tone and smile were casual, but Hermione could tell that it was forced. He was nervous.

Taking a deep breath Hermione made her way to the other side of the bed. She bit her lip nervously as she sat down, leaving her legs hanging over the side. Without warning two strong arms closed about her waist and pulled her across the bed. She laughed a little as Draco pulled her so that she was half laying on top of him, her back on his chest.

"Ya know," he said quietly as he held her there, her hair tickling his face, "I think I could get used to this." She laughed quietly. Carefully, so as to not hurt him with her elbows or knees, Hermione managed to move so that she was lying fully ontop of him, and she flipped so that her stomach was against his. Her hair was hanging around her face and she flipped it so that it was only one side as she propped her hands above his shoulders.

With a quirky smile she said, "Me too."

Draco stared up at her, and his breath caught in his throat. Hermione had no idea how amazingly sexy she looked right then. She wasn't even trying, but the way she was laying was so erotic that his mouth felt dry.

"What?" she asked, seeing the strange expression on his face. Her smile fell, afraid she did something wrong. She moved to get off of him, but his hands on her waist stopped her.

"Please don't move," he said softly and she nodded.

"Well, tell me what's wrong," she said just as softly. He laughed quietly.

"Wrong?" he asked with a quirk of his lip, "I can't honestly say at this moment in my life Hermione that nothing is wrong. Absolutely everything is perfect." Without giving her time to explain Draco used his grip on her waist to pull her down to him. She easily complied, but before she could lay her head down on his chest he captured her lips.

Given their current positioning Draco assumed their kiss would turn heated, and he was fully ready to respect her wish and not let any "funny business" ensue until she was ready. However this was not the case.

Their kiss was passionate, yes, but it wasn't heated. Each movement of their lips was slow and deep. He felt her hands creep up into his hair, and felt her fingers tangle themselves in the strands. In return he let his own hands wander just a little. He rubbed her back, up and down, enjoying the feeling of her body pressed against his. He let his hands move under the curls of her hair, and was happy to see that she'd left it down for him.

What seemed like hours later, their kisses stopped. Hermione once again leaned up and looked down at him. The way she felt for him was burning in her eyes, and he only hoped that she could see his feelings as well.

"Well," she said, suddenly sounding very shy, "goodnight Draco." He smiled, knowing that this time he said goodnight he wouldn't have to watch her walk away.

"Goodnight love," he said in return. With a flick of his wand, which he retrieved from the nightstand, the lantern in the room was extinguished. Hermione let herself gently fall onto his chest again, her hair as it hit him set a poof of air over his face, and his senses were enveloped with the scent of Raspberries. He inhaled deeply and then sighed.

The next few days were a blur of activity. Each day the four alumnists went to classrooms and observed their former teachers. Harry and Ron didn't provoke them anymore, but there was lots of knowing smiles thrown their way, and that in and of itself was more disturbing than the insults and sneers. Hermione didn't seem to notice, but Draco did and he made sure to stay with her whenever they weren't in their common room.

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"Draco," Hermione said with wide eyes as she clutched his sleeve. They were standing backstage. Her hands where she grabbed him were shaking and her breath was faster than it should have been. Draco laughed lightly and let his arm fall over her shoulders. He hugged her to him and kissed her curls.

"You'll be fine love," he said as he held her trembling form against his side.

There was generous applause as McGonnagal walked around the curtain from the stage. She was smiling. Going with what she knew she'd transformed into her cat self and back numerous times, in mid air and on a stool. The younger students had been awed.

"Your turn Mister Malfoy," Professor McGonnagal said with a small smile and Hermione squeaked in fear. He chuckled and kissed her head one more time.

"Don't forget to watch me, okay?" he said and she nodded, her eyes still wide with fear.

"Now, I would like to introduce the first of our assistant teachers," Professor Dumbledore's magically magnified voice said, "Mister Draco Malfoy!" Draco smiled roguishly down at Hermione.

"Watch," he whispered into her hair, before releasing her and walking onto the stage with a strut worthy of his Malfoy name.

"Mister Malfoy, what are you going to be doing for us?" Dumbledore's voice rang out. Hermione sped to the edge of the curtain on the side and peered around. Draco took out his wand and put it to his throat, muttering the charm that would magnify his voice.

"Well sir," he said with a charming smile, "I thought I'd sing something from a muggle band that I'm quite fond of." Hermione saw Dumbledore, on the side of the stage, smile and nod once.

Draco turned and smiled right at Hermione, who blushed. She couldn't help but notice how odd, and yet somehow right, he looked. His jeans were dark blue, with rips in the knees, and extremely tight. His Chuck Taylor's were clearly visible at the hems of his pants which hugged his ankles. He'd kept his shirt simple, a black tee shirt with white birds in the upper righthand corner. His hair was expertly messed up and fell into his eyes.

"Would it be all right with everyone if I were to invite someone out here on the stage with me?" He winked at Hermione. The crowd applauded. "Miss Granger," he said, sauntering with a wide grin towards her. Hermione started to back away with a panicked look, and when Draco saw this he laughed and jogged to get her. He took her hand, and she tried pulling away. At this Draco only laughed harder and pulled her to the center of the stage where the magical spot light was. He put his arm around her shoulders.

"I'd like to dedicate this song, which I assure you will be amazing, to Miss Granger," he said with a wink and a few of the older girls started giggling and holding onto each other. The sight made Hermione smile, despite the giant butterflies threatening to burst from her stomach.

"This is a song by Relient K called, My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend," he said, with a quick glance at Harry, who stood beside the stage. Draco took out his wand and flicked it once. Speakers appeared on either side of the stage, and with another flick the music began to say. He took a step back from Hermione, making sure to hold onto her hand. He squeezed it and began to sing.

When he was seeing her

He could see he had his doubts

Now he's missing her because

You know hes missing out

Now its haunting him

The memorizes like a ghost

and he's so terrorified

Cause no one else even comes close

He's a guy that you should feel sorry for

He had the world but he thought that he wanted more

I owe it all to the mistake that he made back then

I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend

So then, along comes me,

This undeserving mess(undeserving mess)

Who would believe my life

Would be so blessed(life would be so blessed)

Two years ago

He left all that to breath(left all that to breath)

Who would of known

It would be everything I need

He's a guy that you should feel sorry for

He had the world but he thought that he wanted more

I owe it all to the mistake that he made back then

I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend

If it wasn't for him

I would still be searching

If it wasn't for him

I wouldn't know my best friend

If it wasn't for him

He would be able to see

If it wasn't for him

He would be as happy as me

She and I settled down you can bet

Fatty is going to have to settle for less

He's someone that I would hate to be

I got the girl and he's left with just the memory.

He's a guy that you should feel sorry for

He had the world but he thought that he wanted more

I owe it all to the mistake that he made back then

I owe it all to my girl's ex-boyfriend

If it wasn't for him

I would still be searching

If it wasn't for him

I wouldn't know my best friend

If it wasn't for him

He would be able to see

If it wasn't for him

He would be as happy as me

The whole time Draco sang he held Hermione's hand. At one point he pulled her close and spun her around, making her hair spin out and making her laugh. She put her hand to her chest as she fought the urge to cry or laugh with mirth. When the song ended applause erupted. Little girls were screaming.

Hermione didn't hear any of this. She was standing there, her hand still over her chest staring at Draco. He beamed at her, before bowing once towards the crowd. With a final wave he led Hermione off stage. When they were safely behind the curtain Hermione threw arms around Draco's neck with a tiny shriek.

He laughed and picked her up so that he was standing upright. She hung there in his arms, and bent her knees so that her calves were parallel to the floor. She buried her head in his neck. He laughed until he felt a warm wetness where her head rested.

"Hermione?" he questioned, and she pulled her head back to look at him. Tears were leaking from her eyes, but she was smiling fully. He looked concerned, but his fears were quickly dashed when she pressed her lips against his. She pulled away a little too quickly for his taste and he couldn't help but smile.

"That was wonderful," she breathed as she put her face against the side of his. "Just… wonderful." His smile widened. She put her head back on his shoulder and kissed his neck once. Chill bumps erupted all over his body. She pulled her head away and looked at him, her lips quirked. Her tears were gone. "Thank you," she said and he only nodded. She leaned forward and captured his lips again.

More applause sounded from the other side of the curtain.

"Will Miss Granger please come onto the stage?" Dumbledore's voice said. Hermione smiled into Draco's mouth before releasing her hands from around his neck and falling to the ground.

"Wish me luck," she said with a smile before walking purposefully onto the stage with a swagger and a playful wink back at Draco. He moved so that he could see her act, and while he watched her conjure fireworks worthy of Fred and George's, all he could think about was that kiss on his neck and how thrilling such a small act had been.