015. Marriage



Lakeworld has existed for an unidentified amount of time, and perhaps longer than the Doctor lived.

It's hauntingly and outrageously beautiful, overspread all on its surface with those shimmering, crystal-turquoise waters that never seem too hot or too cold. He's always come alone to admire the stillness and wondrous serenity of its natural formation. Maybe change might be necessary for his immediate future.

Missy sniffs delicately, twirling her black-lace parasol situated on her shoulder between her fingers, regarding the water with a faint wariness.

"This is where you wish to propose to me…?"

"And me?" the Master speaks up from next to her on the gondola, his blond, cropped hair tousled in the sea-breeze, narrowing his eyes.

"Do you honestly think I would chose something less pleasant? I know you lot strive for chaos—"

"You're so boring, love," Missy says, yawning loudly into a hand and furtively smiling when the Doctor gives her an old man scowl, dragging their row-oar through the planet's water.

"How's this for BORING?!" the Doctor proclaims, chucking the gigantic, wooden oar into the air.

Missy rolls her eyes, and the Master jerks to his feet. He stares in a mixture of awe and outrage at their smug-faced lover. "You're mad," the Master says, beginning to grin, leaning over to clutch at the Doctor's jacket, "and that's my department."

"We can share it on occasion," the Doctor murmurs, breathing in against the Master's lips.



Doctor Who isn't mine. We deserved this. I needed it. But that's what fanfic is for! I've been in love with Doctor/Master since I got into the show with Ten's arc, and then, Missy being an incarnate of the Master with Twelve/Missy but also Twelve/Master, and THEN Missy/Master were being super suggestive in the show and I know that outside the episode it would be a paradox or something for them to get together BUT WHATEVER ahhhhh. It's all so good. Thoughts/comments welcomed!