A/N: This is my first original chapter for Season 3, and this one is by fan-request. The monster is one I've made up myself, as I couldn't find an unused one to match the storyline.

Inside the Youth Center, Tommy and Rocky were sparring against each other, while Billy, Adam and Aisha were doing some homework.

Rocky tornado kicked Tommy but missed as he dodged it, and then Tommy grabbed his leg and flipped him over. Rocky then got back up and spun around and tackled Tommy, catching him by surprise, but then helped him up.

"Good move." he complemented.

"Thanks." Rocky said. "Let's see what the others are doing?"

"Sure." Tommy said.

They then began to walk towards the others.

"This stuff about birds is tough." Adam moaned.

"Tell me about it." Aisha agreed. "Where's Kim and Soph anyway?"

"At the park." Billy said. "They're doing some birdwatching to help find out more about them."

"Oh, I see." Adam said. "I guess Soph's getting pictures of a few then to show the rest of us."

"Something like that." Billy confirmed.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" Tommy asked, when he and Rocky finally got to the others.

"Our homework on birds." Aisha explained. "It's really hard to tell the different groups apart."

"Tell me about it." Rocky groaned, sitting down. "It's been a bit hard, this assignment."

"I know what you mean." Tommy groaned in agreement, sitting down.

"Well, at least when Sophie and Kimberly get here, we'll have some more help." Adam explained.

"Yeah, true." Aisha said.

(The park)

Sophie and Kimberly were walking by the lake in the park.

"Why are we by the lake, Kim?" Sophie asked. "Birds usually hang around trees."

"We're heading for those trees over there." Kimberly explained, pointing to some trees by the lake.

"Oh." Sophie muttered, understandingly. "It's a bit weird you know? Having this assignment and not knowing much about birds when our Ninjazords are."

"I know what you mean, and I think Tommy would understand too." Kimberly said.

(The palace)

Lord Zedd was sitting in his throne thinking while Rita sat on an arm rest beside him, while Rito was looking through his sister's telescope.

"Hey, sis!" he called. "Take a look at this?"

"What?" Rita asked, annoyingly.

"Just take a look?" Rito asked.

Rita then got up and looked through the telescope, seeing Sophie and Kimberly alone in the park.

"The Pink and Orange Rangers alone in the park." she said.

"They're what?" Lord Zedd questioned, getting up.

"See for yourself, Ed?" Rito asked.

"It's Zedd!" Lord Zedd growled angrily.

"Oh, sorry." Rito said.

Lord Zedd then zoomed his goggles in and saw Kimberly and Sophie talking by a tree.

"Oh, you're right, my sweet." he grumbled, before removing the zoom. "That friendship those two have has always annoyed me."

"Those two really annoy you then, huh?" Rito asked.

"Not as much as the White Ranger!" Lord Zedd growled.

"Well, I think I know how to break up their friendship." Rito said.

"And how would you do that, exactly?" Goldar asked, walking up behind them.

"Well, not me personally, but I know someone who might." Rito explained.

"Really?" Rita asked, curiously removing her eye from the telescope.

"Yeah." Rito said. "Give me ten minutes and I'll be back with her."

"Go then!" Lord Zedd ordered.

"Right away, Ed." Rito said, before disappearing.

"It's Zedd!" Lord Zedd growled.

(The park)

Sophie and Kimberly were now sitting under the tree looking at the birds on the branches.

"These birds are fascinating in a way." Sophie admitted.

"I know what you mean." Kimberly agreed.

"The more we find out about them here, the better we can help the others." Sophie said. "Since every book in the library about birds was taken out."

They both then heard grunting nearby.

"Did you hear that?" Kimberly asked.

"I sure did." Sophie replied, getting up.

They both got up and ran towards where the sound came from, and saw Bulk and Skull patrolling on the road.

"What are you two doing?" Sophie asked.

"Lt. Stone has assigned the two of us to patrol the park today." Bulk explained.

"The entire park, all by yourselves?" Kimberly questioned.

"Nope." Bulk said. "Just this area around here."

"And over by the other side of the lake." Skull added.

"Well, good luck." Kimberly said, as they turned and walked away. "You're gonna need it."

"Those two have no respect for us." Skull said.

"Well, they were right about needing the luck." Bulk said. "Anything could happen out here, so we need to be on the alert."

"Right." Skull said.

(The palace)

Lord Zedd was now back sitting in his throne, while Rita was pacing around.

"Where's that brother of mine!" she demanded. "He should be back by now!"

"I don't think he's bringing anyone here at all." Goldar grinned.

Rito then reappeared, along with a green monster with a bow-and-arrow.

"You were saying?" Lord Zedd asked Goldar.

"Who is this, Rito?" Rita asked her brother.

"This is Angry Archer, sis." Rito said, introducing his friend.

"And what's he suppose to be good for?" Lord Zedd questioned.

"I have a virality of different arrows, Lord Zedd." Angry Archer explained. "One of those is an arrow that can make people turn against the first person they see."

"So if you hit any of the Rangers with one of them, they will turn against the others?" Rita asked.

"You got it." Angry Archer said.

"And he's never failed yet." Rito added.

"How do you know he won't fail?" Goldar questioned.

"Because he's also pretty good at disguising himself." Rito explained. "Show 'em, will you?"

"Very well." Angry Archer said.

He then walked towards a wall, and then disappeared before it.

"He disappeared!" Rita exclaimed.

"No. Camouflage." Rito explained. "Like a chameleon."

Angry Archer then came back from the wall, and his movements 'cause the camouflage to wear off.

"What do you think?" he questioned everyone.

"Fine. Get down to the park with some Tengas and hit the Pink and Orange Rangers with those arrows of yours!" Lord Zedd ordered.

"Yes, Lord Zedd." Angry Archer said.

He then disappeared.

"You sure he'll succeed, Rito?" Rita asked her brother.

"Like I just said, he's never failed yet." Rito said.

(The park)

Kimberly and Sophie were walking back to the tree, when the Tengas appeared out of nowhere in front of them.

"Tengas!" Kimberly cried.

"Ninja Ranger power now!" Sophie shouted, as they both pulled their left arms down, and then pushed both their hands forward with their fingers by the thumbs up..

They then both appeared in their ninja outfits.

"You ready?" Sophie asked.

"You know it." Kimberly replied.

They both then went in to fight.

Kimberly side handspringed and then did a few backwards handsprings, and then kicked one in the chest. She then turned around and kicked another, and then tackled another, and then grabbed a third by the arm and pulled it down. Another two then suddenly grabbed her by the arms, and then another jumped at her and tried to kick her, but she disappeared with only her ninja outfit left.

"Where'd she go?" a Tenga asked.

Kimberly then came jumping from behind them and split kicked two of them, and then tackled the third.

"Did you miss me like?" she questioned jokingly.

Sophie jumped towards a group of them, and then spun around and kicked one, and then punched a second in the face. She then saw another three around her, and then put her hands together like a ninja.

"See you later!" she called, before disappearing.

The three Tengas then ran to where she was, and then looked around.

"Where did she go?" one asked.

"She can't have disappeared." another argued.

Sophie's arm then appeared below ground and grabbed one by the leg. She then let go of its leg and it flipped over, then she emerged from the ground and kicked another with her arms out like a bird, and then landed on the ground and tackled the third.

While the Tengas were fighting Sophie and Kimberly, Angry Archer was watching from behind a bush, waiting to get a clear shot with his arrows.

"All I have to do is wait until their both in the same area." he muttered to himself.

(The palace)

Rita was looking at the battle through her telescope.

"He's just standing there!" she yelled, turning to her brother.

"He needs to get a clear shot, sis, otherwise the arrow won't work." Rito explained.

"How do you know that?" Goldar demanded.

"Someone he hit without a clear shot didn't feel the affects of the arrow, monkey brain." Rito said.

"Well, let's hope he gets a clear shot quick, otherwise you'll be in deep trouble." Lord Zedd warned.

"Got it, Ed." Rito said.

"It's Zedd!" Lord Zedd yelled.

(The park)

Sophie and Kimberly were now trapped together, with the rest of the Tengas around them on all sides, while Angry Archer watched from behind the bush.

"Now I have the prefect shot." he said.

He fired the arrow from his bow, which hit Sophie in the arm, and knocked her out.

"Sophie!" Kimberly cried, grabbing her as her ninja outfit disappeared.

Angry Archer then fired another arrow which hit Kimberly in the back, and then knocked her out, and then her ninja outfit disappeared.

"Now to get outta here." he decided.

He and the Tengas then left, and then Sophie opened her eyes and then got up and looked at Kimberly.

"What is your problem?!" she demanded.

"What do you mean, camera geek!" Kimberly shouted back.

"I had those Tengas handled, and then you had to ruin everything!" Sophie shouted.

"Oh, like you didn't need it!" Kimberly mocked. "You're terrible out there, Sophie!"

"Like you can't do better, you gymnast geek!" Sophie yelled, before walking off.

"You're absolutely terrible!" Kimberly yelled, before walking in the other direction.

(The palace)

Rita was looking through her telescope and had seen the whole argument.

"Yes!" she grinned, removing her eye from it. "He's done it!"

"Done what?" Goldar questioned.

"Angry Archer has manged to ruin Sophie and Kimberly's friendship!" Rita cheered, turning around.

Angry Archer himself then appeared in the room.

"Good work, Angry Archer." Lord Zedd said.

"Thank you, Lord Zedd." Angry Archer said, bowing to him.

"If you can hit the rest of the Rangers with your arrows as well, then the whole team will fall apart!" Lord Zedd laughed.

"I'll do it, Lord Zedd." Angry Archer said.

"You'll have to wait for tomorrow though, Ed." Rito said, before realizing what he said. "Uh, I mean, Zedd."

"What do you mean?" Rita asked.

"It takes a full day for me to make new arrows acquired for the task, Lord Zedd." Angry Archer explained. "Those were my last two to make people turn against each other."

"What?!" Lord Zed exclaimed. "Oh, very well. Get to work then fast!"

"Yes, Lord Zedd." Angry Archer said, before walking off.

"Did you know he had to do that?" Rita asked her brother, suspiciously.

"No, I didn't, sis." Rito replied. "I'm serious. I haven't seen Angry Archer in years, so I wouldn't know."

Rita then groaned as Lord Zedd growled.

(Angel Grove High)

The next day at school, Adam and Tommy walked down the hallway towards Kimberly by her locker.

"Hey, Kim." Tommy said.

"Hi." Kimberly said, grumpily.

"What happened yesterday?" Adam asked. "I mean, you and Soph were meant to meet us at the Youth Center."

"That camera geek." Kimberly mocked, as Rocky entered the hallway. "I think we're better of doing the homework without her."

"What did you call her?" Rocky asked, walking towards her.

"Camera geek, cause that's what she is!" Kimberly mocked, as Billy and Aisha walked down the stairs.

"You can talk, you stupid gymnast!" Sophie shouted from the other end of the hallway.

Everyone then looked as Sophie left the hallway, as Bulk and Skull walked round a corner.

"What's going on here, people?" Bulk asked.

"Yeah, we heard some shouting?" Skull questioned.

"Um... it was nothing, just..." Tommy stuttered.

"Well, speak up?" Bulk asked.

"Just someone acting mad about something..." Kimberly said, before Aisha covered her mouth with her hand.

"Not being able to practice for something." Aisha finished, cutting her off.

"Oh, right." Bulk said. "Very well then. Carry on."

He and Skull then left the hallway, and then Aisha removed her hand from Kimberly's mouth.

"What was that for, Aisha?" Kimberly demanded.

"So you'd stop mocking your best friend." Aisha explained.

"She's not my best friend." Kimberly replied rudely. "She's more of an annoyance."

She then walked past the others and then left the hallway.

"What's happened to her?" Rocky questioned.

"I don't know." Billy replied. "But I think Sophie's feeling the same thing."

"We'd better keep an eye on them." Tommy suggested.

"I agree." Aisha agreed.

Outside the school, Sophie was standing by a tree.

"Who does that girl think she is, calling me that stupid name." she muttered. "Oh, I'll get her for this."

(The park)

Angry Archer was now hiding behind a big tree, waiting for the Rangers to arrive.

"All I have to do is wait." he said to himself.

People kept walking by without seeing him, as his green look made it hard for them to see him, as if it was camouflage.

"I guess the other Rangers are getting suspicious." he muttered. "I hope they're not long if that's the case."

(Angel Grove High)

Sophie was still waiting behind the tree, just as Kimberly came back out and began to walk towards it, while the other Rangers all stood by the door.

"That stupid camera girl." Kimberly muttered. "Who does she think she is?"

Sophie then grabbed her from behind and pinned her against the tree.

"You ever call me that again and I'll punch your lights out!" she growled.

"Like you could anyway?" Kimberly mocked.

Sophie then growled, and was about to punch, when Adam ran towards her from behind and grabbed her arm.

"What's going on here?" he asked loudly.

"I'm getting even with this gymnast for calling me a geek!" Sophie said, gritting her teeth.

"Like you could hit me, you geek!" Kimberly called.

The rest of the Rangers then ran towards them.

"I think something's happened to you two." Tommy suggested.

"This is not you two at all." Billy added. "I should know 'cause I've know you both the longest."

"You might say I've changed then." Sophie scoffed rudely.

"I think you two need to cool off." Aisha suggested.

Their communicators then beeped.

"Now what?!" Kimberly exclaimed, as everyone else checked to see if anyone was around them.

"Go ahead, Zordon." Tommy answered, once they saw no one around.

(Command Center)

"Teleport to the Command Center immediately." Zordon instructed.

(Angel Grove High)

"We're on our way." Tommy told him, as Sophie and Kimberly stared at each other.

"We'll finish this later." Sophie rudely said.

"Fine!" Kimberly agreed.

They all then teleported.

(Command Center)

Alpha was working at the computer when they arrived.

"I'm glad you're here, Rangers." he said. "We've got trouble."

"Observe the viewing globe." Zordon instructed.

The Rangers then did and saw Angry Archer hiding behind a tree.

"This is Angry Archer, a old friend of Rito Revolto's." Zordon explained. "He can fire different types of arrows out of his bow."

"What kind of arrows, Zordon?" Adam asked.

"Fire, mind control, smoke, exploding and hate arrows." Zordon explained.

"Hate arrows?" Rocky questioned.

"Yes. Once hit, it makes the person see the first person they see someone they absolutely hate." Zordon explained. "That is what's happened to Sophie and Kimberly."

They then saw Sophie get hit by one of the arrows in the park.

"Now we now why they've been acting weird all day." Billy realized, as they saw Kimberly get hit by one.

"How do we break the spell?" Tommy asked.

"The only way to break the spell is to destroy Angry Archer's bow, and it must be done by those that have been hit by it." Zordon explained.

"This is just like Slippery Shark all over again." Billy moaned. "Remember, Tommy?"

"Yeah, I do." Tommy confirmed.

"Sophie, Kimberly, you two must put aside your recent dispute in order to destroy Anger Archer." Zordon explained.

"I can handle this thing by myself." Kimberly argued.

"Don't even think about it, pinky." Sophie argued.

"It's morphin time!" they both shouted.

"Orange Ranger power!"

"Pink Ranger power!"

They both then arrived at the park.

"Why don't we make this interesting, camera geek." Kimberly said. "If I get the archer first, I take over as joint second-in-command with Rocky."

"And if I get him first, you leave the team and join your mom over in France." Sophie said rudely.

"Fine!" Kimberly said rudely.

They both then ran off in different directions.

(Command Center)

The others all watched the argument in the viewing globe.

"I don't think this is gonna end well." Rocky admitted.

"I know what you mean." Billy admitted. "I saw this happen when Tommy and Jason fell under the same effects."

"Don't remind me." Tommy told him, wanting to forget that incident.

(The park)

Angry Archer was hiding behind the same tree via his camouflage technique.

"Where are those Rangers?" he asked himself, getting bored with waiting.

He then saw Sophie running nearby.

"The Orange Ranger?" he questioned himself. "I've already got that one."

"Where are you, you camouflage creep!" Sophie shouted, looking around. "I know you're here!"

"I'll have to hit her with one of my other arrows." Angry Archer muttered.

He then loaded up one of his exploding arrows.

"Over here, Ranger!" he shouted, firing it at her.

Sophie turned and moved just as the arrow landed on the ground near her, the explosion knocking her into the air, where she then landed on the ground hard.

(Command Center)

The others all looked in shock and worry as they saw her go down.

"I don't think Sophie's having a good time." Rocky said.

"Unless Kim gets over there to help, she's in trouble." Aisha told the others.

"I know what you mean." Tommy said. "I went through the same thing with Slippery Shark."

(The park)

Kimberly ran towards the explosion, and saw Sophie lying on her chest on the ground.

"Having trouble, camera girl?" she asked sarcastically.

"Why don't you bug off!" Sophie yelled, getting back up.

"What's the matter?" Kimberly mocked squeakily. "This guy too much to handle?"

"Why don't you find out yourself!" Angry Archer shouted, reappearing and getting their attention.

He then fired another arrow at them, which then sent a smokescreen up near the two Rangers.

"Where'd he go?!" Kimberly yelled, as the smoke reached them.

"I don't know!" Sophie shouted, as they tried to make their way out.

Angry Archer then fired an explosive arrow at the smokescreen, which then landed somewhere in it, and knocked the two Rangers out of it, where then they rolled over on the ground.

(The palace)

Rita was looking down at the battle through her telescope.

"Your friend Angry Archer seems to be doing well against the Pink and Orange Rangers." she told Rito, taking her eye out.

"He sure knows what he's doing." Rito said.

"But why isn't he dealing with the other Rangers?" Lord Zedd asked, getting up from his throne.

"Because they aren't at the park with the others." Rita explained.

"What?!" Lord Zedd exclaimed. "Clever, Zordon." he clutched his fist. "He must have kept the rest in the Command Center to make sure they wouldn't get infected by Angry Archer's arrows."

"That means that unless Sophie and Kimberly are taken care of, the others won't come out." Rita realized.

"Oh, just great!" Lord Zedd moaned.

(The park)

Sophie and Kimberly both moaned as they got up.

"This is getting us nowhere." Kimberly moaned, getting to her knees.

"I agree with you on that." Sophie moaned, getting to her feet. "Unless we stop fighting and work together, that thing's got us beat."

"I know what you mean." Kimberly said, getting to her feet.

"How 'bout we finish this creep off, and then we go back to dealing we with each other." Sophie suggested, before holding her hand out. "What do you say?"

"Deal." Kimberly agreed, shaking it. "And I have an idea."

Kimberly whispered something to Sophie, as Angry Archer creeped towards them both.

"Now what are they talking about?" he asked himself.

"No!" Sophie then yelled. "That's a stupid idea!"

"Well, you got something better?" Kimberly asked, rudely.

(Command Center)

The other Rangers, Alpha and Zordon all watched what was going on in the viewing globe.

"What are they doing?" Adam questioned. "Arguing at this time?"

"If they don't destroy that bow and arrow soon, I'd hate to think what could happen." Billy admitted.

"You must trust them, Rangers." Zordon told them, as they turned to him. "I have a feeling they know what their doing."

"I hope you're right, Zordon." Rocky said.

"You're not the only one." Alpha admitted.

(The park)

Angry Archer moved closer to Sophie and Kimberly as they kept arguing.

"Why don't you try and scare that creep off!" Sophie yelled at Kimberly.

"I'll have to fire another arrow at them both." Angry Archer decided.

"Oh, that's it!" Kimberly yelled. "Let's settle this once and for all!"

"For once I agree!" Sophie yelled.

They both then turned around and walked away from each other.

"What are they doing now?" Angry Archer asked himself.

He then got to his feet, as his camouflage moved slightly, and then Sophie and Kimberly turned to each other.

"On the count of three!" Sophie yelled.

"One!" Kimberly yelled, as they reached for their Blade Blasters.

"Two!" Sophie yelled.

"Oh, I'm gonna like this." Angry Archer muttered.

"Three!" the two Rangers shouted in unison.

They both then brought out their Blade Blasters, but then turned and fired at Angry Archer, hitting him and knocking his bow out of his hand.

"What?!" he yelled in shock.

The two Rangers then fired at the bow, destroying it.

"No?!" Angry Archer yelled.

"That's what you get for trying to ruin our friendship!" Kimberly yelled.

"Nobody messes with us, right Kim?" Sophie asked, as they high-fived each other.

(Command Center)

"You said it, sis." Kimberly said.

The other Rangers all then smiled.

"They did it!" Rocky cheered.

"Now that the bow has been destroyed, the spell over the two of them is broken." Zordon explained.

"Let's get down there and help finish him off." Tommy decided.

The others all nodded in agreement.

"It's morphin time!" Tommy shouted.

"White Ranger power!"

"Black Ranger power!"

"Blue Ranger power!"

"Yellow Ranger power!"

"Red Ranger power!"

They all then arrived at the park and ran towards Sophie and Kimberly.

"Nice of you to join us." Sophie grinned.

(The palace)

Rita and Lord Zedd had both seen the whole thing and looked furious.

"Some friend you've got there Rito!" Rita yelled at her brother.

"But... I-I... d-d-don't..." Rito stuttered.

"We'll settle this later." Lord Zedd growled.

He and Rita then crossed their staffs/wands over each other.

"By the power of force and lighting, make my monster grow!" they shouted in unison.

Lighting then came out of the wands/staffs.

(The park)

The lighting then hit Angry Archer, and then he grew giant.

"What do you think of me now, Pink and Orange Rangers?" he asked, laughingly.

"Power Rangers!" the Rangers shouted, as they all put their hands together in a circle. "We need Ninjazord power now!" they all shouted, holding their arms up in the air in the middle of the circle.

"Orange Ranger, Eagle Ninjazord power!" Sophie shouted.

The Orange Eagle Ninjazord then flew out from a could and screeched.

"Black Ranger, Frog Ninjazord power!" Adam shouted.

The Black Frog Ninjazord then jumped along a road near a harbour, ribbiting as it went, and then jumped again.

"Pink Ranger, Crane Ninjazord power!" Kimberly shouted.

The Pink Crane Ninjazord then flew past a could.

"Blue Ranger, Wolf Ninjazord power!" Billy shouted.

The Blue Wolf Ninjazord then howled from on top of a building, and then jumped off it and ran along a bridge.

"Yellow Ranger, Bear Ninjazord power!" Aisha shouted.

The Yellow Bear Ninjazord then growled, and then walked through a construction site.

"Red Ranger, Ape Ninjazord power!" Rocky shouted.

The Red Ape Ninjazord then ran down a street.

"White Ranger, Falconzord power!" Tommy shouted.

The White Falcon Ninjazord then came out of the sky and screeched.

They've got a power and force that you've never seen before

The other Ninja Zords then moved along together, the Crane and Eagle Ninjazord's flying, the Frog Ninjazord jumping, while they others ran.

No one can ever take them down

The Crane Zord then changed into a head shape.

The power lies on their s-si-si-side

The Bear and Frog Zords jumped up and changed shapes too - the Frog into a set of legs, while the Bear into a chest. The Ape and Wolf Zords then changed into a arm shape each, and then attached themselves to the Bear Zord - the Wolf on the left and the Ape on the right, while the Crane Zord attached itself on the top of the Bear Zord, making the head.

Go, go, Power Rangers

The Ape and Wolf Zords animal heads then were covered by metal gloves. The Bear Zord then landed on top of the Frog Zord, and then the Eagle Zord wrapped its wings around the legs, forming the Ninja Megazord.

Go, go, Power Rangers

The Ninja Megazord then landed on the ground ready to fight Angry Archer, and then the Rangers appeared in the cockpit.

"Power up!" they all shouted.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"You really think you can stop me with that?" Angry Archer asked, sarcastically.

He then charged in and got ready to punch the Ninja Megazord, but then then grabbed his arm with its wolf arm.

They know, the fate of the world is lying in their hands

"Huh?" Angry Archer muttered.

The Ninja Megazord then punched him with its ape fist, knocking him back.

They know, to only use their weapons for defence

Angry Archer then got back up, but then the Ninja Megazord punched him with the wolf fist.

"Ah!" he moaned, as he went back down.

No one will ever take them down

The Falconzord then screeched and then the Ninja Megazord jumped up.

The power lies on their si-id-id-id-de.

The Ninja Megazord then glided in the air as the Falconzord flew towards it from behind, and then attached itself to the back, forming the Ninja Megafalconzord.

Go, go, Power Rangers

Angry Archer got up and looked at the Ninja Megafalconzord as it flew towards him.

"Uh-oh." he muttered.

Go, go, Power Rangers

The Ninja Megafalconzord then punched Angry Archer in the chest with both fists, sending him flying away from it.

Go, go, Power Rangers

Angry Archer then got back up, but then fell down and was destroyed.

You Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"All right!" the Rangers all cheered.

"Yes!" Adam cheered, punching his fist down.

"We did it!" Aisha cheered.

(The palace)

"No!" Lord Zedd yelled, turning around on the balcony. "Another brilliant plan ruined!"

"I thought you said he could beat him?" Rita questioned her brother suspiciously.

"I thought he did." Rito replied, looking confused. "I don't understand it."

"Well, you better think of something fast!" Lord Zedd yelled at him.

"But I-I..." Rito stuttered.

"Oh, shut up!" Rita yelled, touching her head. "I've got a headache!"

(Youth Center)

Following the battle the Rangers all went to the Youth Center to finish their homework assignment.

"I'm glad you two are back to normal, Soph." Billy admitted, looking at Sophie and Kimberly. "It was weird seeing you both go at each other like that."

"Tell me about it." Kimberly agreed, as Tommy patted her shoulder.

"You can say that again." Sophie said, as Rocky patted hers.

Bulk and Skull then walked in and over to the table.

"Do any of you guys know anything about a missing book do you?" Bulk asked.

"What do you mean?" Adam asked.

"Someone stole a book from the library." Skull explained.

"We didn't know about that." Aisha told him.

"What did the book look like?" Rocky asked.

"A big book with green lining around it." Bulk explained.

"Like that one over there?" Sophie asked, pointing to a green book on the table behind them.

They both then turned and picked it up.

"A-ha." Bulk grinned. "We found it."

"Let's take it back to the school library." Skull suggested. "We might get a medal from Lt. Stone."

A boy with brown hair then walked towards them.

"What's are you doing with my book?" he asked.

Bulk and Skull then turned to him.

"You're under arrest for stealing." Bulk told him, as Skull brought out some cuffs.

"What?!" the boy exclaimed. "What did I steal?"

"This book." Bulk explained, showing it to him.

"I didn't steal it. I checked it out." the boy said.

"Nice try, but it won't work." Bulk told him, as Skull opened the book.

"Uh, Bulk." Skull said.

"What?" Bulk asked, rudely.

"He did check it out." Skull said, showing him the book.

Bulk looked at the open book, and saw it'd been stamped out.

"Oh, no." he muttered.

"Maybe you should have checked to see if the book had been stolen before you declared it stolen." Sophie told them.

The others then all laughed at the two embarrassed cops.

A/N: My next original chapter will introduce Sophie's successor, and due to her leaving in this season, I won't be making a new love interest for her.